BJ 7 Jamie: Keys to living to 100 years old. 1/3

Wednesday, January 3rd

Jamie has the list of what you need to do to stay young. Brain exercise, Little Red Wine at night, Become a Vegan, Volunteer, drink Greek Coffee, find inner Peace, Stay Social, do new things a rut will kill you, Olive Oil will clean your soul and embrace cold weather it burns calories and makes your body work.   


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Vijay and Jamie. What's better. And what's at the top timlin is there live to hundred all again again again yet. Jamie. She's got some tips for you for the new I. Ultimately it's their way. Well I'm sure they're right there who'll let me explain yeah there are people this world that live. Lone lone long. But over a hundred years old fault they give out their secrets of what it takes to live can be a hundred years old actress. OK if you'd like to live that long well possibly these. Are some of the examples of your lifestyle leash now is it really scientific this is just like flat and I it's scientific they took like 36000. People and study and over years and years and years until these are. I mean like this is the final this is the most comprehensive study ever done yes with elderly people that have lived long lives. And what it took for him to get their health wise I am giving you that bill. A long Denard looks it okay never when you need to do Newt tropics but that. And it's for example it's like twelve inches equal once but three feet equal 36 inches. How many feet. Obama. It's no traffic is like use your brains or think Aaron the exercise your brain right so we're so twelve inches aren't drove it just didn't get twelve inches equals one for one thought yeah three feet equals 36 engines trying to make media. You that's right. I was I thought that I consider it. Now yeah. They. They got hundred year old person and it doesn't get tricked the BJ is going to our. I'm Helen zone and game show last. I hop action immediately. I fell from Allen Davis Dylan realized after and quickness and opera and I didn't follow it poured down. And yeah. Up to go get it back I. At that cowboys last night he'd get in an all old but but it it it. It was right to do the math and everything and he's still even after that and Paula Jones slime or whatever you did. Didn't know the answer I don't know so that had nothing to do in this hole out to be a hundred years in the tropics it which is brain exercise all of that but I just threw my Julia market oh god I. I'm a red wine every night. Matters right now I know about red wine committee you can have them just. Produced. The same though. But because of our. I ate a bunch of grapes yesterday good job at Williams I think it would be good snack right. And go begin I had great yesterday they say that meat eaters. Don't live as long in elderly that mediators diet that begins live for ever time on done. Big and I'm done in. I'm not giving up meat I'm not do it close you're gonna die a death doesn't have cashing out right now aren't all of its. Give me a burger on the way out it's as most people think old people saying. Yeah you know I smoke drink or I wish it would smoked and drank and you know just ate what I want and what that story about. And by the issues eat that chocolate blah blah blah whatever you know just because you're gonna die anyway right. But apple people say they wish they would it done the opposite they will ship would have treated their body. Like they needed it for a hundred years. It you know who don't have a team that's just kept just saying that there isn't Libby says about your body's a temple. And that they wished that the only regret life is they did eat a cheeseburger they did it yeah yeah. Because I can't imagine living from from now let's say I'm promise he would have that right away healthy. They did yeah that's I don't know it's that I used at Brighton yeah. But when you so when you get older you with my god it was it would take him. That's their number wings regret. In ads as folder. People who volunteer as older people. They they live 44% longer than people that don't volunteer and get shelter. That's good for you yet because cement the illusion it just it's it's a good it's a very positive energy for your body. Now either but all these people in Greece lived to be ninety may be limited Starbucks. Green company in hasn't been bad greens staff paints a Greek coffee and again these are the ways that people that she and studied at ever done. On the elderly and how they live longer and you need to find your. Inner peace. And it is possible now. Inner peace get rid of what every stresses you out out I don't have inner peace with. If she is Iraq now it's inevitable on it would later racket put your that is what he avenue like that stress and everything everything your life distress you need to get rid of the might creates a. We think about my limelight and I dynamite into my house. Everything is stressed that are my card it says find it otherwise you're gonna die. Killings desolate it stressful Julia inner peace and I'd always heard that stress. State social go out there and do things. Took. What do you live now I know I I don't mind I mean I. I am booking all the trends on the same stage social do new things tried different things don't eat in Iraq and look Killian I. I can though entire weekend and beyond and never leave the house recognize me you're dead does me. It's it's it's as if he if you stay in a I brought Kelly we made that mantra right mind run at willow kill me. And fun. Mind that would really kill me. So every time he says that her client that somewhere. And chairman and that is an admin move like he used to worsened to India. Living that way if you're an uncomfortable stool he won't stay there. Exactly you think probably okay the problem recliner and he gets yeah. How is met Luc you know and then. And you don't wanna do that child I don't wanna die. I think I don't doubt. Doyle in no matter what this action been around forever and well we'll clear out your soul bloom. Okay don't you like give me that when I just bought this brand new olive oil over the weekend and then finally the last one which really goes Schiffer come and it says please embraced cold weather. Cold weather is fantastic for you because your body has to heat itself up move it burns calories and get to go and it's very invigorating to cold don't just failed warmed up put your cookies and milk and stay in their right out there and. You know I'll just keep doing the olive oil. And I'd. American billionaire title just a dream come my olive oil straight. Like we're on the rocks I think if you drink street when that just make you you know you know it doesn't get put on the air now on the list and put on there. Retiree. I think people that retire. Died earlier I agree with that I really do I think the longer you work that's part of staying active is part of the social thing but I think it. People that that he'll wait for retirement when they get to be 65. They're gonna I'm gonna hang it up and I'm tired of working all you're doing is waiting to die at that point. That's basically the way I feel. And that's what they'd they retire for a little bit then you'll find that they like we're looking for something to do yes yeah yeah because it will kill you all you do and she's sitting around you're right you're doing everything. Out so. I never pin on retiring on some forced. I. Don't you can force now I'm just tell you waiting to die in your own world with their. Run. Well Channing and. Moon. UDM me your changes you when general people engine you need. Every set require much offered twelve hours your run Lou can you in. Moved up go to best round I get out yet Mort he I'll get upping its and we each. Britain Sweden should the things. I've moved around. I'm just this this is my opinion. Total lot more exciting life do you give me credit too yeah I do. Agree I do. I know you do your axe. Up up up up up up up up up up. But she should to should. Appeal. In the immortal John Ellis. I night.