BJ and Jamie: Another Air plane Rant this time its a lady 04/21

Friday, April 21st

Woman freaks out on a flight in San Antonio. They were on the tarmac for a while and she wanted something to drink. When the cops come on board she changes her attitude. The captain asks everyone to get off the plane.

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Vijay and dream and here we go again another rant on an airplane. Ladies told to get off the plane in San Antonio she doesn't wanna go was they United's lead again no I I think this one was. No I don't think it's united Kagan I'm not sure we'll just have had no luck at all. Our here's the lady she's ought to fly in San Antonio she's cause and or Iraq as I guess that there on the tarmac for awhile because he had some problems okay so everybody's a little heated to begin to indirect. I don't know I think she wanted to cocktail. Which kind of makes it makes engines you know but I hear she is Shawn did you get all the F bombs out of this. Yeah. You share your. It was as well earned fueled great Alltel it's Jamie and my name on the show the so if you ran an F bomb to get us fired so you can take over the show which you have before. We understand what's going on here on my bottom. Means to. But here we go with a rant on a played. You. I don't know we. Event trying to keep me up and you bet I bet he hopes it's thought actually that it isn't but that's probably didn't help lead back. Right yeah. And I know. You might wanna get these big. But I guess that yeah you guys did not to. He's got an athlete yeah what about yeah over. Today that's parents going to be behind him seemed crazy. It is they are getting more attention because the founder of these cameras for years now I I just seemed right. All of the above at one point in the conversation the lady says something about treat me like that guy that doctor Dickey threw out the playing. I don't know here's what I cannot I EVP and for the lawsuits I do. And I do I think people have seen that video the united video. And they're saying you know once you can't just throw us off of playing we can fight back I dare you try to throw me off and if something happens. You roughed up in anyway you're gonna say. I think the people are looking at it felt like now this lady. When the cops come on board which the doctor with the united flight didn't listen to what the cops said does that he fought back and he saw yet. But to write his teeth knocked out of compassion this lady. Completely changes her tune Jamie. There are no bleak sadness when because she is a nice general idea because this cup means business. It's the pilot's plane and you are getting off this flight are. Yeah they're letting the early hours. That's the best that I. Leave until whenever I'm whenever they're on it do you claim here I have never voted you played air service I beg you kept hanging. Take what the road at all. They line. That's the way you turn the tables right is like everybody off the got says they don't learn from this doctor I'm telling you the police say hey look. It's got nothing to do with the that they have flight attendants it's the captain's blank he can put on this plane whomever he wants and captain comes on as a. Our our regard if they ever hours at a time Barbara Starr are not possible. Which is a great way to handle. Well yeah because it means people blur for her for a little bit. And it like yeah we have the wave for a long time yes it is hot on his airplane yeah we're trying to make the message that he says a bag of never and not get there we are Galileo. An achievement and I think part of it was this and I'll I'll try to back it up out of the folks on the right spot or not. I think the pilot. Actually heard her say that it doesn't even know what do you know he's do it. If that's what he said OK I've had an idea I had enough of this lady. We're. Hoping that lightning probably how it won't picture of the best that. Yeah. Blaze until it happens time and that's gonna wanna deeply and I have you ever order you played aircraft bargaining agreement. And knowing where is he her. In the importance on Alex I.