BJ and Jamie - DeMarcus Ware Robbery Update - 10/27

Thursday, October 27th

BJ and Jamie update us on the DeMarcus Ware robbery where his Super Bowl ring was stolen.


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Vijay and Jamie there's an update here out remembered DeMarcus Ware head and Super Bowl rings stolen. Yes three guys three thugs a thug life. They broke into his play well and cherry creek I'm confused Jamie okay they've caught the dice but they caught two. Where is that there are one or is there only two I think there's only to love them we had three pictures the year was a decent guy okay. Think I don't know I think you're right I think you're OK so so the two guys and what did they think construction workers they look like more of Jordan and Ed polo shirts three buttons. Down the publisher of this here at a source close to a CBS full war. Props to them against. Let's see while the Broncos are quite a Texas the men entered Weyers cherry creek apartment and don't say where you have just. Stole a safe old witness and he left he lives in the cherry creek apartments which went well they don't give the apart I'll. There's a ton of up to its. They took the Super Bowl fifty championship worrying it and let's see here in camera suspects. What do the front door by no means which means they pried it open. Oh but they caught him they were wearing gloves we got the ring back to solid sense. Kind of funny though they look and 45 year old dude that there these chubby white dude and they're both like forty plus second foot. And talent like anything that you can't you need to get teenager so like that but not these fat 45 year old dude. They don't look like career criminals they don't look like they knew what you were doing in fact one of the guys I mean you couldn't have my name. Kelly isn't Delhi's all you got more details in me or else what else. What is forty year old Allen the late and the other is 31 year old does Sergio. Yeah Sergio Billy yeah Sergio duck and I don't know I think this is Billy I think Sergio maybe the guy on the left here but look look at Delhi. Billy looks into the camera like a deer in headlights yeah again you couldn't take a better sell for you yourself and has a mullet. With the fact that Philip that's billion with a mullet right at the let's get right. Here's what the Marcus we're said that in the he got his audio yesterday after the caught these clowns. I don't know if we unloaded. And I wasn't and then you stand to lose really limited. Oh where it's. Can you imagine Billy and Sergio come bursting through the house are there to rob the place it just so happened to mark just didn't go to the game. In the Marcus ware who's like six point seven I killed a huge man come walking out of the bed robe yelled. What do you do about reason could he would have set he says sacked live he would add. Healed because the DC addiction or a billion Sergio honest to god they are like there about four foot five. The Bill Hemmer in my short little weed box to tough day for these troops that both of them with his finger in not to my power and I swear you. I don't know if he's on Motorola. You know as well as an and then UNL central. They are lucky wasn't there do we know anymore about Billy and Sergio like diet got there they are. I what they do for a living but I didn't even know the Sergio and they'll you have wasn't even a part of this time it wasn't you know again. But it caught the guys I mean they just don't look like. Hope they look like little short golf first era didn't they look like a couple of guys step plywood in the back to their pickup truck yeah. Yeah driving down the road maybe aren't hand hanging in there. If they don't look like. Know your criminals. I didn't have Adam handled worlds change pretty groundstrokes and Jeanine what type posts to song yesterday yes. Maclin more I love McLemore I am a huge fan so this cold drug dealer. Have you heard. I'll know because the last Sunday did he was on a little scooter. Oh he was yet that little scooter song. Good yeah he's really good Jack or. Ran on scooter I like humor I'm with you I think he discreet so and it was a really Samsung it was about me you know remember armor actually know that one where you got an. The girl got in the back of the scooter yet that that song well that was the last what they did it was like really fun song and now he's doing. Here's one called drug dealer and every now and then and I think it was mentioned. This to you off the air but only if you remember with Eminem used to come out those songs and in the works were so powerful. That you would go wow how did he think of the how are you going through the you write songs that are that powerful writing yes especially that one about his ex wife where asks yeah hole in his daughter he had his mother to do it and Eminem is like do that guy's a lyrical genius. Wait till you this year drug dealer Bob McLemore. This thing will stick with you in had an impact on me yesterday. Eagles from singing and battle cat. None of it Democrats are what do you think that it was rent a scooter great question that the greater question to that is when. We'll play you clip of this it's cold drug dealer it's all about doctors prescribing. Prescriptions to two people pain pills bogeys and that's how the drug epidemic in this country have started. That's what this is about in million does it at all it's unbelievable. Just the core C it's uncle. I heard is I ask you this move get heavy we'll play you a piece of it into your chance sort of thousand dollars it's all next to each inch weekday mornings.