BJ And Jamie: Jamie not sending her son on Overseas school trip 9/26

Tuesday, September 26th

Jamie’s son is going overseas for a school trip, but Jamie doesn’t want him to go to Paris.


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Vijay and Jamie are blue now let's move on to what Jamie she complimented me this morning he's probably one of the biggest greatest compliments I've ever had. From JB the pillar of parenting is an exciting I am the pill. Parents. I've belt. Jamie had a dilemma. It was a little until I got enough. Fluids you got off site near the other day is crazy it's. It's going to be that we are not matter vacations and I said. Oh my gosh I'm not sure what I'm gonna do better vacation because usually I take my son and some incredible vacation right every summer. So I said it's going to be and it's going to be the first year I'm not gonna take him on an incredible vacation because it's. Near nightly at school list. And as of ram and two champs and they're taking one is to Peru so mention them to Peru and then the other one is France or parents in Barcelona. Which is coming up first ranked that's the first leg of the trip Zack says Paris and Barcelona. And that's a separate trip from her so Paris and Barcelona. And then he's we will have. Does he actually listen that day it was a weird mood. I was tuned in. How long as I said I'm sick and why the parents of Barcelona with a group but it's all right so so it's a school trip yes I'll do a lot of kids his age and of course shipper. Right yet but you're going to parents. And Barcelona yes. And I said dude noon or noon news. Yeah I. Do think it takes NATO. Please. Get involved here 5105. Not in my right ear or wrong but that I would not. Today. Send my child on a school trip to Paris. Barcelona. They have their moments him yet but you're not going married with but I just don't think that. Things are right enough in that part of the world for the school trip. And so here's the weird part is I wasn't really thinking about it because we travel all over the world and we don't. We always do then nothing's gonna stop us we're not gonna have fear kind of thing except for that time he went to Turkey I was very fearful when include Turkey. And I said to you I said Jamie I honestly I think warned Turkey because you got family. Going to Turkey is safer than going to parents right now yeah. What do you know to kids on a tour group they weren't they had acid thrown on their faces. So then I might I called the teacher said okay and why didn't you have my. As I just know aren't going to be off past or her early she goes oh no we're good every single tourist site in. In France every single one of them. The hotspots. Like we're not going to be afraid when it's your time and your time and we're not going to be afraid of the Eiffel Tower which holds little all the time. She senate Alan French dynamic in the machine where they were going back and all the hot spots on her. Let doubt get raging Libyan. Visual signals will only have a whole whole whole. And sell. So then. I said to my son. Last night I did mediate Eric's as they entered our lives. Yes I did I entered yeah did I put my opinion out there and I think it's that silicone that so I said but. Listen I think Peru is cool we move go to Peru it's fine but because it in view. Engineers. Said BJ and I were talking and maybe. Parents right now at this time of our lives is in the best place for you to. And look I'm not trying to be an alarmist I'm not trying to be opinions about it I'm not saying you should shelter your lives and it and not go anywhere because of fear. But you gotta use of competence. Not you not you are talking about. People when you make decisions in life. You gotta have some common sense and common sense right now tells me from you might be thinking completely different than it doesn't matter this is my. My opinion is sir couple spots right now. And Germany humanity throw in there but London and Paris. Have been under attack. Have an act and I think that to send an eleven year old there that you're not with him and be with them it's gonna you're going to be terrified. And guess what. I read the somewhat agree with me PGA and everybody. Had a did right this is the weirdest thing my kids act. I go and I'm not gonna be lithium and he said but this is so crazy. I today and I'm not going to be with you and tell that you know he goes oh yeah you know what now they think given mom although some chaperones. Are gonna grab their kid first not just be in the park now but what does said that. Well I would send the ship Roger gonna worry about their own children and arrested just. The I had my I hope he does yes there's a woman apart he doesn't kind of grabbed me this is good rather don't get. That's ready you're good enough that it wouldn't know where. You know I think the chaperones will do their job no probably not I think they think I am glad I think they do grab their own kids burst and that you that I. I don't know that's crazy because. I said I'm not gonna be there with you and so that really troubles me and that's what is it yeah there's about Bard they're gonna grab her own kids first I just wanna get a gauge on just 51059. Serious here. 5059. Yes or no. Paris. And I said yeah I don't listen you know especially in a group and I don't want to take away from all the kids that are going but I didn't group of Americans. You know in a group bald he's like why didn't know where Americans and that. A trip raising. There ya I'll speak in English but rather you look America and the men you are amerigas yeah that blue hair to put a that's American. Red and blue yet at the beginning here you speaking English and does what we I'll speak French if it can feel a little while the courage that. I don't think my daughters though it doesn't get these children that they give everything ago but I. And just say and that that in if you wanna syndicated news that that's a new coach rod hit into. I'm just in my personal opinion and I was trying to give that information or that advice to Jamie is like this don't know. Great. No other time in my life that I ever felt this way. Thoughts Paris London yet so he can go to Peru I don't there's rule would be fun that they eat and pigs. Well but he's not a Guinea peers who. About my neighbors and good. Exactly welcomed the not a mistake you knew where he picked it like chicken yeah. And try it. It's like I guess he Ralph we do it but I have a question. Jamie little kangaroo. Who want the how can we just don't go with him as a chaperone because I can't get off work. Look yeah it's over spring break. It little bit different due she went yeah we don't because she's going to be a basket case I agree and we put put yeah you know where and when he was in Turkey. This. Case I tried to save our lives now. And how well I'm just trying to you know when to her own sanity why you wouldn't just say I am going. On that trip I want to go net it's. Right when we came out. Yeah that we can our vacation is not where we don't do expert where adults and it gets pretty. In the chips fall and the difference again not a good area. For with the kids but not about 25. Did not sound odd to me Ali it's a blast I would near and a. But still waiting to get sick handed out of what can and terrific filly and it's. Anywhere in the world views. In importance on Alex.