BJ and Jamie: One Power Ball winner in California retierment community 06/12

Monday, June 12th

Lottery Winner wins big in Sun City, CA. The area in Sun City is known as leisure world.

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Vijay and Jamie. Breaking news on CBS two news at eleven California lottery sell one ticket from Riverside County. 'cause one tonight's 447. Million dollar powerball jackpot. I hate California. Why is talking and talking somebody in Akron and went. On me and then yeah. Breaking news on CBS two news at eleven California lottery sell one ticket from rip I don't know it's like to give the tournament with what is that it's that dom. Like drawing going on behind his news or policy they're playing it in. Bonus and so it's all confusing one. When there wasn't mistaken powerball winner and it wasn't even a pull its one individual. Not cool you're the winning numbers. Can I always feel like they would have been mine numbers include both the numbers for me. He would have done the. I like to pick him sixes I would depicted money for our loved one when you that I will follow 666 after that. 26. Told you to and I did six more to have what would you get 32 AM I did six more what would you get 38 cent added twenty I get a beer you know my. My Brothers aged 58 exactly is what he is and then guess how many kids I have. Eight thank you Oprah book club and our. He choose his. I am no brainer folks and an ID OX 323858. Injury I feel like all of us we had some kind of connections with those numbers. Yep so why not person end up in person the pay out. 279. Million dollars. Is why he won't do it or foresee. I'm in now it said it was in Sun Valley I think now I believe that's where leisure world list. Leisure world leisure world is leisure world all the RV to face it kids. It's the Mecca of people are are big places I think they have apartments do all this his your morals at least I think they have I think you could park in our veep but you can also like red you know retirement home it's leisure world and everybody drives in golf cart. So it ninety year old person has won 279. Million dollars that would suck at life would. Don't way if you put all your life didn't hit ninety got to figure that your days are numbered right I mean we all are about eight at night it's even more so. And they he hit the 279 million you don't have time to spin that. It's as leisure world is the world's largest and retirement community oil in the that and I. Yeah I had laser what are the pay back our. Colorado gonna win more than one out trailers I'd say that. At this Cooper if you look at from Spain he's asked to pick it as they're ten and they're more or if there. That's leisure welcome. That's my goal and the. I've I think what what you're looking at right there ashore on. Is the entire state of Florida. That's all right there really is no no no what you can't leisure world. Florida the whole state leads the world via post op. And no they have a stadium even. I hate when California now always win always when they all you know powerball PT collects or bunny around here in those who buys your tickets. Next time he gets his day he's going to California. We're Americans and you can go to California to get Arctic. And let's yeah. I bet money on it even that last what in the name David he'll get in and you. Because I put ten dollars into the first I'm not an app and I was like I'm done and then you lock out or eat with your life. What you know the play again. That's forced to pay another ten dollars Jamie ten dollars Gabon. That's enough that you they go every day it's ten dollar now I don't fortunately. But what if I did. Yeah it was twenty dollars to do not. Even the powerball so I just feel like that we have a good genes in a pool. That you know if we're in a pool we've got many chances one day we're gonna. Scratch ticket scratched to get wit yeah how about. I just eat away. And. And a plane anymore. Man now that's your date go. Beside him. We just have to he just talked about the day. Buddies didn't look good but as we get. Yeah golf tournament yet to win finished third that's not finished third and not really shine on and its first or nothing with me how you're first or last February 1 or last as when he was. Yeah pretty much yeah pretty much feed us your laughs it was so hot this week at all we got some bad news so so week we are gonna go to Mexico right yeah and Sean and myself were Rolen to Mexico. And we check the forecast yesterday hurricane season. I 90%. Chance or rain every day where there. Yeah out in good part is it's clicked. It moves in now it's super click OK Ian yeah it's going to be draped. Sure yeah I was and it's going to be very you know they just came they are because showing now been crying all morning on American. Doesn't make it's like summer and showers even excel but it's is like I'm glad I was. When you feel bad for at least I hope is there hurt hey if there's hurt. In my nose at our game but it's doesn't look good doesn't show on now. Not alone doesn't look wonderful yeah but I don't know it could be it also does say 89 degrees around the same time rise it makes me feel like it's probably gonna be okay. But went 80% chance or every day yet every day every single that there's like a 10% chance to the day will arrive. And an 80% chance to the day we leave for I square Maria I wish I swear. Iron. And get that what chance give me some advice which means you're gonna have more fun because you're at it swingers place. You know everybody can ATV is going to be mighty yeah yeah the mud bog yes that do that. You should earn a hidden in there and each inch we see more on Alex I.