BJ and Jamie: Sean's Shoe-val 5/22

Monday, May 22nd

Sean has a great Shark Tank Idea. Check it out!

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Vijay and gene and my god if I had slaves of their second verse. Let me just talking I'd tell you get leverage on abbey did I hear any Al. Adult family emergency seal prayer for his mom and that's what's going on he will be backed up but we're just talked about I was plunge on off the air that happen golf in my opinion is like. The most amazing invention of all time like it I love that place I haven't been yet you know I really is in an ego looks really thought. Not even sure how to swing a golf. That's why I wanna go so fun I mean we just had such a blast. And it's not just casual it's fun ended whenever and people there are awesome and so we're just talk about great ideas and then I said oh my god. The deal is shark tank is coming to town now if you don't put charging his. It's with Mark Cuban and mr. wonderful problem of people out and all these people get that rotating is it different yes sometimes it is yeah there's a new guy on the this year it's a diet and ended go throw. He's. It's so you go in and you you'd like tell what your idea is and then they. They bicker back and forth and then I guess one company here in Denver it's called tech dry. It says that he doesn't. Read it status and memorize they make a device used to dry out wet Smartphones and electronics. Arena Indians. And so they got a little four and a half million dollars and a 5%. And Kevin O'Leary as a type person donor to a wet like it rises they're coming to town for auditions. The first 500 people in line this happened to me to a fourth with. As to that today's toll second all right so may 24 so that's on Wednesday. And the first 500 people get tip pitch there cast that their idea to the casting directors. Now another batch actual judges will be there by the casting director that makes the decision for you on the show will be there. So you get like sixty seconds. To come up her you know you have your idea to pitch to casting directors be on the show. And so again let's just posted again on at least a page and it all the details has talent but it's may 24 and it's not the Comcast door and Centennial. And you get the the first 500 people get to this idea to be on the show so we're -- think of the idea strikes mean obviously my jacket either way. That's brilliant and so Smart ass premiere issue and and I I really am I know I'd give them leaving by jagged their bet. If you live in apartment and you add links some flowers or cinder. You want that big bad can Israel have eaten and it singing just you open up but it just goes everywhere to if you have like a tide Jad dirt. Each. Ranked them gender super Smart right I like it. Hey let's get a do you have any ideas. I actually am working on one for my school but I can't. Hullabaloo. I am and where are you going when I wanna go. I really do wanna go to a song. I break into song of that. But yeah I mean you have an idea what Wen also going to be a bid to pinch hit the problem is I have ask is so it's like. If you're I would be used to understate the true true. I think mind. It's shined in the united I'd go for sure because I had a great idea that no one is not about what's that. And now everyone here in Colorado is gonna want them it's called. Shoot shovel. Yeah this you jumble just imagine in your mind your favorite excuse and you can attach a little snow shoveled to the toe because she knew he could just walk up around and down a sidewalk just kick that snow right out of it. Is it yeah. This isn't a similar. Makes it should show. And it would be great for like it's heated panel arms. I still sell about that he had injury like a back injury and boom just usual problem. I. Success in the lobby organized for awhile and I. You just got to ask you a break off a couple of amiga yeah to have a prototype right via. So you get the kids doubles yep I think a big shovel snow that's about a six it shovels so it would come off like like a Tonka truck the plow right break doze off. Just kind of hate around the front of the shoot. I mean it's really you know unity in this my dad's in its infancy but I think that when I go there with the tapes shovels you I think they're gonna seed Kyle. That we're gonna have many sexist thing about it. Nike and couldn't put it Nike umbrella under oath. So get. And it we're not deep down on their dear lord of the yeah. Easy to do that remote control car with the job on the front yes I did a pretty good idea and he that management should. Shout questions that we just yes no no way. I. I have like that we Asian hugged U I. I super spy. Real vested and instead of speech in the importance on Alex I.