BJ And Jamie: Snake stories one bite and one dead 9/26

Tuesday, September 26th

Woman was bitten by a snake at a steak house. Distraught man in Russia kills himself on Face Book Live by letting a Poisonous Snake bite him.

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VGA and yeah all right let's get to the snake story. Album which if they're this Julia I guess the start with the one that jumped to a woman yeah hasn't this woman she was walking into the states. Staking stakes a state where longhorn is longhorn steakhouse. Rachel my Rick's stands hobbled above the restaurant up I 95 just south of Fredericksburg. Wear a copper head snake. Big conflict three tie my Eric went to longhorn steakhouse for dinner with family as she walked toward a second set and Doris inside the restaurant. She felt something stating her fun. Initially a five hour span I'd be here opponent or something and reached down and got my foot because in a lot of pain. And under my fingers felt they would. And yeah boom. I felt it legal that's inside a long happened to me this weekend. Keep track of stuff that's got to keep you go to a longhorn steakhouse. You know they have the most to set to go and they have that little area in the middle area there a snake jumps. Creeping wraps around your ankle that I yeah. The weird things you just don't expect ever happening in your lifetime from what I understand this lady went to the hospital and herb put it was like in really serious condition at one point thought she might lose. Really again we'll copper three times since copper and witnessed the range goes back it's it's a and I'd actually been really been snake. That's creepy I mean that's. Little weird stories like I think they go there. Glad. Deaths and it's been kind of one of those stories like IU used to play the game what are the odds when the aggregate amount that game Yasser elimination. Of one of the yards. Act you go to us taking us through. I mean you just don't determine at all not at all and was never mistake. The snake yeah for the state via. Am I meeting. I'm. Well I think so. Tyler yeah yeah yeah the cal low you don't think I don't think so although six pretty good. Mean I can't go long boards terrific at. Second stakes sort I teach him this kind of gross. Series like this when. It's fun. The copper hand around her ankles fund is more fun than this one is too dark. This is really are you know it's a snake story idea guy who's distraught know this is Jim Russia. So it's a little good to less sensitive I guess my only record for just a rat yeah. I. And then port disconnected because it's a further away Shaw and. Yeah you like to what I'd like Russians okay. They know Russian Ukrainian which was part of brush at one point. So I was actually at one point my life you bastard you and not rush and I. Trying to make teach real self to jump all over many look at those are some part of Poland for a little well too I'm just Lithuanian. But I was Russian. I apologize if this story is very serious and because guys Russian doesn't really mean he deserves to do I he doesn't deserve right but. But he did it himself it. But the way he did our here's take I don't. The guy has a break up with his wife. He's distraught I think he got caught TD there I think you saw an extraordinary static I think I saw that the the star is adding to make like he's a bad guys to what you just said seems like not to ban all wait a minute wait and anti personnel who can theater. All not at. Really. She obtained a divorce is on the grounds of domestic violence. During an argument he hit hurt is it just didn't get a domestic violence charge doesn't mean you hit dramatic. So this guy. As a black mama snaked. Now is that song. Mambo number five. Number five we financially yet is a great job this snake is it based on let's take. Now considering that song came out years ago in the states or just happened yesterday but I don't this afternoon and hearing related bent and any. In every way you're around him and this number one on the far. The mambo staged. In this case about the snake group. Added that. I'm ready. Where you repo who's leading but the question now remote. Lucas or come this series Sorenson and and whose brother. Nobody wins a week ago. And I'll stretch person. This is a serious. In my and in a bit dated may. So the mine right yeah. He has a breakup of his wife so he goes on FaceBook collide with the black bombed a snake yeah lets the snake bite him on FaceBook who lives in the and sits there until. This was way more fun. This guy is on pace this is the glut of life yet into the snake. Greg is genuine and any dissent there's like and dude. I don't know what do run. Your accent yeah campaign now that you needs okay. But he allowed all his viewers to CD this they can actually be human hand that the drug I sounds better. Be beaten god he dived right there on camera in just to show his wife I'll teach that we actually getting no because now. Are out of her life so she is like gets to move I always like to stay there and bug him. Brett that's the movie been better off Roy's mistake I heard well no I'm not saying I'm saying it always in my take your own life did you know did two shows to me gonna get back Adam feel is one bug. It was Lestock in the bug. Neverland would be anybody yet you have to see it in now once he normally apply via get bitten by your own snake that all the said you didn't know they can't he moves aren't exactly. So just take my nice college attack. Metal. John. You got mambo number five and got it now takes it very. Neat story. Finally pits again. I. Know when you can just right. BJ Jamie and we'll be right back where. Repo above everybody and that perhaps promote. From the makers are. Boys ready went in and infused each into the importance on now I.