BJ and Jamie: Whats going on at Parker Days 06/09

Friday, June 9th

Parker Days Festival this weekend. Join the fun. Carnival fun! June 9 - 11, 2017.


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Vijay and Jeanne what a beautiful beautiful Friday morning is yes it is Friday no weekend is all most years we'll be welcomed to the BJ Jimmy morning show it's 550 widen. Here on this Friday morning coming up to 7 o'clock this morning the big reset somebody's got to win money today that. At big money. And you hear the reset it's gonna be lost so you know only through here pretty exciting yeah excited so are showing John I'm so proud of you what happened because you get a ride fifty miles are on sun. Gadget of big biker act with some members from the hill like MS team team how is 15. Now it is this in preparation of the big race this is in preparation for biking amass yes 100% while. The app and so there's gonna be like 45 it was from the team which time to join if you wanna go to outs when a 59 dot com during the bye chemists know. The fifty miles it what is it to Kansas and back to back up now or know what we're gonna actually start out in some Dalia. And we're gonna we're gonna head south and ride to Palmer lake. And turn around and come back. Be about fifty miles Kubel act Kubel in the blazing suns could be hot Sunday morning that's good seat yes it's an Orlando fifty miles. Yet and it's a good rolling road you know I mean it's not flat but there's no major hills that there are some in Klein's some elevation yeah. Just a little bit anyway that's going to be congratulations three episodes like this weekend how are you you're gonna win a golf tournament round I am politically golf club and play tomorrow morning yeah it's gonna be a fun fun fun outing I think it's gonna be hot tomorrow. Hotter tomorrow than Sunday sunlight. These days 95 or not it was more someone that's no good pass it nice gesture you. Already in June yes that means it's going to be a hot what is it 8 June 1029 nights new night and eat eat off some reason. Because it's going so fast well I I have a blog watch. It's just that it's just too damn small cut cut cut off actually a deficit stood still hard to see on your god I've got it done. I got a big game no bonus. I've talked about my problem. I know. Traffic backed up. I I don't know Friday I I I thought I was about to know Sean that I'm about to go home. I thought not to work what you that topic so I liked it I'm done I I got a big golf tournament bar I don't either rattled or get. And I saw the kind of rattles on Sunday apparently into. And I syndrome. You do yeah. I diagnose myself I've got the opposite I got wet ice. Now that's means that you have dry out with us yes if your eyes water always at high and it hurt really isn't because I WebMD it. It's the weirdest thing pour a lot of the age of dry and you know that. I got out of a car this morning. AM but it's got to the elevators looked like it was cry or maybe it's just think his only happens when I walked in here yeah it was in the building a case enough that I got. I keep through the doors got to believe that means. It isn't about that he had and yeah a little worse and chemical warfare yeah who knows what the answer is I was fine all the way here and I locked in and then my eyes to start the agrees I swear I've got the elevator and I thought to myself I said. Can't wipe this out of my certificate team and cried this morning where he could you. At that it would at a mountain let's talk about it I was laid out I've tried in the car kinda what's that they can we say I wasn't grabbed it. On Friday as the cries and he's writing Nagorno. Yes for this week where you know well captain fantastic lives of Parker the Eagles Parker and hard day you our market. Hi it's fun it's like outdoor festival in its others can be little they'll be ride aid's it's a game. And those rides. And pull up the marketplace yet let's go through these tough. Let's go through it next time around the what do we get it's going to be I about died or an adjustment like equipment and yeah and an independent no not a big Hispanic I don't know where you are at all tied to I just I just married quick mention of I'm sure there's like pie eating contest. This is the carnival ride and walk just a diamond isn't quick mention RD mark space next. In importance on Alex.