Bj has been hacked 11/14

Monday, November 14th

Bj needs Jamie’s help. Someone in Chicago used Bj son’s debit card number to get 20 bucks for gas and 3 bucks at a parking meter. Then tried to get 20 bucks of cash at the counter. Cards can be physically made to use after someone steals someone’s information.

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BJ endgame on it I need your help on something. My energized everybody I want to well we'll take everybody but I got to tune you can figure this out. I don't know how this is great unless you need help with your wrestling knows no wonder he's helps when the roof windows kids. Remember as close and I think on that roof windows I don't know what they're called. Windows is somebody stuck in a row I don't know dumb idea but. It's just step was shot and I hit stunt and Palin Holloway or Friday yeah page Klinger roofs windows with a book. So I remain of honey I'm never going to. It was a real thing only he and I were laughing at you and pointing but it really Wendell. Did you say your lap was gonna make some some curtains for the run windows. Yes she said she's getting it to work on that could you don't want to be OK now right a clue what you're just jealous you don't have an. Oh yeah yeah you have roof went like they news lately the I don't have proof we should go broke windows on your chicken coop but. Well what they would enjoy that object is like looking at the mood it if it was. Anyway it happened we were making fun of Nevada Matt art I had a problem over the weekend and you tell me how this happens again. And I get this text drama my bank and they said. It was suspicious. Suspicious debit charge from what are your hearts. Well one of my sons in and in Los Angeles has a debit card. And it's we've all talked about a guy I've gotten are adding colonies for. And so the date no lose that if he's outside California we will call. In and let them know so they can play anything else because of Mary union never been hacked and I didn't wanna get hacked. But it sounds suspicious activity. Somebody in Chicago Illinois they used his number from his card. And bought twenty dollars worth the gas at a speedway. Gas station and you are sure he's not a Chicago I'm positive I called immediately you knew he was and he did he was based in Los Angeles. How does a person without physically having that card. Get twenty dollars in gas at a speedway. Did they have the option at the pump because I don't know distant inner your credit card number. Or is it I don't think so I don't know I never even elders and so I. And don't every time leisure debit card and you do go to go to credit they want to zip code. Isn't that Elise something you need and a witness yeah yeah I try it this well somebody had bought now get this. They bought twenty dollars in guesses speedway in Chicago. They then tried to use a card for three dollars and a parking meter. Well at least a million honestly pay for parking. As. Being honest we're using mine did number just say. And then they went back to another speedway and try to get twenty dollars cash. From the counter. That's when they got us. How did they get but let I don't get it so they said here's my pin number or my credit card didn't and that he got declined. So they made a cart. So they're busted because now according today they said well let's be ways gonna have a month surveillance camera so they're gonna be find out who this person this. But so they're gonna look into it according to them I don't know two or not but. Can't they make a car is Seve. So my favorite show American greeted. I love that so they didn't tweet series have you seen many didn't didn't counterfeiters they did tweezers they take Merle. When they make her throat and he did and that one guy he made hundreds of hundred he made millions of dollars of a ten dollar bills. This is his. So easy to folks I'm telling you I mean live under a rock. But this is a shocker to me that people are saying now textainer that the actually make cart that's a person Jamie said in every entered my mind. I thought the way people were being hacked was electronically. That you're getting hacked away Ohio well I know I know but I'm just saying I didn't think they were physically making a card yet. That they wouldn't go in and you listen swipe I didn't know I guess. So I guess they can make the magnetic strip American dream will teach you everything now clearly that magnetic strip that there may think they ads. Not only that this card has the pound champ now lord it does us AT and check card. From the that's 23 dollars I need back today when the American greetings episodes I saw it is like they will am brightly OK so for example Wells Fargo. They'll say hey Wells Fargo has businesses in this corner. And heat you think you're in the Wells Fargo site but you're not. You are on their site and take it all your money now it looks just like it. I'm getting hit and I had at Bank of America thing at Texas said. Aaron I should find it does I I don't get it says your bank American car that credit card from the from the lab make America. Never use Bank of America 01 of those huge yeah that's attend the entire county. Yeah but it was a Bank of America to give money did and I don't even have. My it was American Express. My was American Express and I was late for pay my guess so I like that email for I don't even have an American Express I didn't click on it. I need not be I didn't I didn't because I saw that now Mike Newton not going there are no I don't have more and so I'm not going there first of all I wouldn't give me 10 yeah and tries to get an authentic. Right and there's about trust is really about you but I wouldn't you want to call that I know that's the scale did. Tori Spelling close like a 123000. Dollars American Express your kitty no because she just didn't pay it pay it. That's a bad wood to go to. Yeah that's a really bad window and they're suing her they'll come after yeah they're suing her dad and they and they don't want. It in American Express because it's at the end of every month. They don't want to have pavement. They want to know Paul given the problems because that's what the way they operate right thing when. All. No idea that they win out and literally made physical cards once they steal your number now that scares me to death. Now online our I understand they can steal it they can cut and paste and use it to buy something on line. I get that but to have the courage to go out just starts typing in getting gas and and everything. That's scary. That last American green with this guy selling life insurance. And guess what nobody. Hurts. She just stuck. You've got to watch so it's fantastic. I see on MSNBC he got seeing every one of a new. Hope they have several Denver show extras on their to do yeah. There's a few shots you're hearing Colorado folks yeah no kidding and amazing art collections and our collections and then they were taken money for investment in that. It. I never been hacked to get have been meant. You've had your account back in gas they also bought gas did then yeah myself and my sentence I'm from California what do they it's the other side not the woman discard. The my son's in any key and I were sitting empty table on Saturday night and he said he's been hacked three times in the last six months. You're hitting three times. I also have a weird two dollars and 95 cents I am monthly credit card that charge that had for like five years edges noticed. I have no idea what I'm getting for two dollars ninety but since. Yes probably not. Think too many thought that's what they did to managing cable. Just a little bit each month and he all over the world surrogates so worked up for her and secretly fired up about it. Okay you Cokie looking into that to let anybody get back to him I was in August and they're kind of elevate surely just take a little bit from everybody said nobody noticed right nobody calls. And get used like oh that's my bank be so I'm not gonna Colin and I was like way that is a weird 1800 number of Karbala. Speaking of money matching greed makes him more and I. And just itself winner if that's good to I didn't watch it I am now I'm definitely you don't cable I know is on Netflix. Each inch weekday mornings. I.