BJ & Jaime: Girl Scout Cookies! 02/17

Friday, February 17th

Girl Scout Aniyah brought in cookies


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Vijay and Jeanne you're going to be Jane Jane Moore showed that Oscar. And I am not. And I. We have turn on your and it shouldn't get turned up here and on the wrong with doing it. Ari are you nervous now a perfectly valid until the end and won. They have all the confidence in the world Lynette and welcome to our studio. Yeah. And you can girls scout cookie. Yeah. You I just. A hundred dollars on girls definitely yeah yeah yeah now is seeing me your biggest customer so far yes yeah yeah. And that like he's the only guy. Are you doing OK was your sales right now yeah you know thanks to Jamie is a good. I really I'm glad you're probably the front of the class now adding it it was it helps it helps you out a hundred I'm really hungry. It lets you know what what kind of cookies did she die. Should not at all. That figure out on the bigger yeah. Hey you are so many kinds of varieties you have how many varieties I have. Eight kind of McCain's affairs chief fire us tackle long. Talking points and some is the new small hours of content one million and then Doocy dozens of and which is your favorite. Somalis he had his back in my day when I was grossed gotten unionized negroes got right. Yeah well you have to order am and then you have to wait for weeks and weeks to get him but now they just have a you know it's gonna we hear if you have. I. Yeah right yeah but now I just have a right Californians so you brought him in this morning long way that you. Eight is live and they could begin to. There's no cap on cafe here you were coming from like Ohio yeah did say that yeah. I hate that it landed mental abuse. Currently only not supported throughout its other five bucks a box correct yeah well no new. Yeah like this morning isn't in addition. Five dollars but ends of the cookies for. Officials and Angela are top due to end. Get rid. The competing to it to win something he tried to reach your goals what are you shooting for British China reachable together. Does it presents for each. Each could keep pricing gets there. Yes sure how many boxes get Selena competing you just trying to get. Cookies. Right thinking at different price TSE's everybody so you're not competing against other girls you're just trying to get what's on the board there yeah right and where we are the prize list you what do you have. Have liked him and a piece talented here. Yes that's on animal well yeah yeah. And all the help I don't know how they couldn't just could not have gotten well cool what are you shooting for what what's the goal here. Exiting the and change it over to Fox News. Yeah yeah a pungent. Maybe we don't ask me you know what I heard bush she told me as the big prize the grand prize and Build-A-Bear did it build an air field there. Just felt. I. Didn't yeah fouls and box is the Eagles there. Usually enemy can infect an agreement when it boxers to go into the. Thousand. Can assure you when you grow older if you manage yours the stuffed animals need it the argue that build a worm. No immunity and yeah and I know a little bug. Brad reason you guys just automatically Girl Scouts yes. Especially if no brownie all of the other isn't this. I depending on age I just switched in a gallon yes. Yeah and it was set out for constant. Because you don't think it's it's one of those numbers like three dollar senior curb her true number Chandler trusts that's a true number. Until elections are always like three dollars each felt and your mom has to learn how to show OK it is a big pain in the butt so what did Clinton. Yeah of Rangers something I had this for switching to say to attend other browser bridge. Yeah yeah actually slotted crossed a bridge all in the did that for Brian's back lash steamy and went on. Now we we wiwa. And there's a Girl Scouts and yes it. Think Korea drilling in eighty years don't let it. Is that what you're hearing the background just not her Alter ego that's a mother again. That is currently coaching here in new videotaping as we didn't you have been at radio city before now. Hey you should get a bachelor list. For this I don't think they notice I don't think you know. Absolutely do now penny everybody's and he wanted to do lashing out at cheered troop number yes let. An honest so 3937. Thanks to make ends catching the stone element she. Helping me do things I. Actually go to Stover elementary and what's your teachers in scored in but my troop leader is missed that being missed. Very nice thing and interconnect Iceland and you know do you ever see like and grumpy old man while conducting sabres while you're trying to sell. Growth contribute actually in the anchor of facts then there's some cookies. A Manson there asking if they would like I don't think accusing Steve and that's OK I. And it's stupid. Even forty came in the studio you know when you work so adorable analyses like you. I'm on my dad does cost aspect and seeing my. That's an. There's two wawa in this particular financial. And I'm making me uncomfortable. He is so dumb it's nice something we have to do is do the sad face okay I'd be right. It only applies to the arrow. Yankees and Vijay said that they Serb Parliament and. This was a couple of didn't end and the girls around there and and you know walk by and you use the same blind people are lying to you all the time and teach don't know that it would they tell you they already have the couples that are. I know because I do it. And can I kind of know because the girls are busy but one follows the follow me to get my best. Okay holes in the cookie data. And it doesn't cooking as a I'm and they thought the star I could just tell it like acting like you're homeless like this change lives like anti American visas or me. Typically these are two of them. Yeah. He's so great and they come in and I appreciate it in my EU are awesome and gorges. Little. Pain good luck with a look at link to congratulations on you're on your cross the bridge there into. It suddenly you know how does it. The bill he graduated right. The other Girl Scout Cookies we're gonna be marginal point you know my hundred dollars worth okay. India we did more drawn Ellis nice nice.