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Friday, January 27th

BJ & Jaime Talks Superbowl LI and Tostitos


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Vijay and juniper. And days away from Super Bowl 51. Bit stable. And. OL I X and snuggled. Up Lee Baca had that failure to. There was just no doubt here there's no it isn't an innocent X Israel expects that bill is 50 am Roman numerals. Okay Els this evening at the guy so allies telling the all the excellence they're all gone there although I don't think I only L I get a lot less well. Just an Ellen yeah. L. Did you know connect at least super contributor. Then there are no I don't you know let me ask me and I know. That means is that the that. Please. Come to me because I feel like a no civilian that you guys don't know a gay guy abandoned them to two good enough and got tired teach you know. Last year were Super Bowl fifty which the Denver Broncos by the way there on well yeah. Did you know last year for Super Bowl fifty they dropped the Roman noodles yeah I didn't bail and went to 50. Yes I did know that the and hope the Pope always at the knowledge I didn't know. This year they've gone back to the Roman new. Do you know why they dropped. The last year's Roman doesn't of the fifty. Because it was and now. Do you know why they dropped one LLP and went to fifty. Because that was the intensity. No holding a big reason Bob hey number fifteen just stands out all of just glad he's here all the beautiful. They've always use Roman new products they went to the number 55 Mo that trophy in the middle of Super Bowl and we all have the logo does Broncos won we brought the merchandise. As the fifty standalone without the need to Roman new slot buddy boy but this year that instead of music net fifty year they went back to the LI. I wives find my. Loser. Bill. They didn't want the hill spinning the myself 'cause it looked like a big fat loser on the forehead really can't make sure it's that's what they dropped some people are gonna trade in their number one foam photographer Miguel rough welcome you wouldn't buy out. That we just announced. Well I. 50. Yeah yeah. Smart on their part that's pretty brilliant me how to know that yes the you can read the wanted to read a civil war era. Here's something else that happened yesterday with a suitable coming up next week and multi use on the audio from the commercials that there are coming for next Sunday. Next week. When you're closer but it released a lot of the commercials yesterday I don't get it. Yeah and they did it Tom Brady release last week and again. I thought that was what I would watch the Super Bowl and is such a good not involved in it at all 'cause we're not. I thought you watch it for the releasing of that you know oh my god what we're gonna cry the Budweiser commercial with a dog and some horses right. Especially. With people like you and I and we look forward to the dogs and horses who win you don't have a teammate your pulling Ford last year could care less about commercials because the Denver Broncos rated for a football game was everything the issue we don't give a flying you know. Oh my god. Look at it to the path yeah. A little bit yeah. Are they have a lot should tell the toasty Dallas. Apparently get to that out but what are the commercial and he's been released a lot of loans that ruled that a really do that when was your favorite soap box. I even watch him yet. I just saw where was released I'm gonna watch more than we do and we'll put part of America's really aren't toasty dose let me tell you of first of all the audio here from news to. LA is introducing a special bank for its toasty o's brand that knows when you've been drinking. And can help you get home. And be limited edition party safe in the bag has sensors in it that can detect small traces of alcohol on a person's breath if alcohol is detected. The front of the backboard turned red and users can then tap their Smartphones on the bag. The call and over. Here's the back. Here is back. At bay look at the logo on the front now when you first by the trustee goes. It's a black bag with the named Lucy goes on right. If you if you get too much alcohol and yet that bag is gonna have a flashy team that looks like a steering wheel. And it says do not drive call Guber and then also would that code that's who that's in this censored it's on this bag. You also get ten dollars off with the Cooper they're looking to take 25000. You have either the toasty before you blow in the back now. Beaten. He uses we need when you reach into the bag to get it shipped from what I understand yeah. Through your blood or through your sweat pours nose and onion breath condolences on to bulk then it did that's a little different of what I thought well let me read it chief just Tito's teamed up with Bloomberg mothers against and driving to make a high tech package. Or what they're calling it party shaped bag which features sensors. That can detect Trace amounts of alcohol on your breath she gonna blow in the magic. They don't without blowing and the casinos. Do you know. Our Maybelline dominant. I don't know I knew I know that is weird. In the in the bag lights up when you have to head to Mattel I'll I'll give you ten dollar coupon and a code. Very little up it will even pulled the app on your phone for Kubrick call ride. I will say this so. Even though I don't think. And if you're drunk you're gonna remember all us. With a list of your drug and a Super Bowl party. This right here change yeah teacher hands on one. That's going to be a couple of my dream was to you that thing's gonna go I agree what idea did you see what happened with the McDonald's a secret so as yesterday. No McDonald's. Bottled up their secret sauce roots he won't tell you anything that's said top secret that's like to tee it seemed recipe well. Have to have the ingredients on the back. No no ad does he laugh and laughter list ingredients you don't I don't think they put everything on it you have to. I'm just out of they gave away or sold. Like 101000 of these. They're now on eBay to date for over a thousand dollars a bottle really. Port state into this special sauce is is it limited run on bizarrely a Big Ten thousand and then they're done they're done. They still 101000 another dime. Done. And now there on eBay for like a thousand dollars bond as a bunch of crap in this thing it is that some talent. This yeah genome then you know it I don't know only doing 25000. That's it no doubt you separate me and ended Lehman about twenty so right so why not lazy and stupid ass twig geeks. When you're dealing in commodities like I am a twinkies. To steal back tags. Bob McDonnell special sauce if you're gonna look you guys now. I bought a piece of toast and Kermit the frogs face on it once it didn't turn out to work out some things work some things dollar million to what I do it but he thought no this is true I. Why should I find it it's a special I think it's either Scott or whiskey. It is 35000. Dollars and it's a bottle of and they put it in a special crystal canister. Eddie Cantor thing and and it's 35 green and it's like hundred years old and they basically promise you will let you. Then they'll go up the value mature for the first 35000. Dollar quickly T here's what I didn't do that. But if you two can't loan and they guarantee you they wouldn't go up. These are only four hours but she'll join four. It is an eloquent that I'm just and they basically say. You gotta by the state 5000 dollar Swiss skier wet Scotch or whatever and you make money. The last one that summit not Camilla make a limited edition yet they still live lab for thirty grand sold for sixty. We gotta get their hands on them that it's okay. Looking on the OK book but it's nowhere near OK let's that you bought the special sauce for two dollars. It's now worth over a thousand dollars look at that increase. Compared to just shoot 30000 dollar OK okay what about this outflow remain a nineteen whatever 68. Felt like that June whatever yeah sixteen million dollars in auction. He got me right new UN which is so you know what I would do. That did you considered by Tuesday due to back you know that Toyota Camry that you have him pull them pullback in your process. Hold that Toyota camera. In good shape it's in great shape and I do work like sixteen million dollars later when miles but my guess we're gonna say you never know what's gonna take on every month. You never know and Decker don't people get to steal his bag with The Who birdied the sensor in this alcohol how important money. For LA and introducing a special bankrupt casinos brand that knows when you've been drinking. Each inch and we see more on Alex.