BJ & Jaime: Zodiac signs 03/31

Friday, March 31st

BJ & Jaime talks Zodiac Signs

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Vijay and Jamie what's going up. I went to Tampa. Throughout the microphone fell apart again. I don't know what happens in the studio but I think she is go rise from day to day. And I don't know 37 times I don't have to somebody who worked in China on the side to make us look ahead at a microphone fall all they sound different. Among the juice. Is indeed I did that as undue damage again did you do that yet you know. Yes and Derek. It could infect them up eggs in the I'm very good thinking Shaun thank god thank you for fixing my like about I thought we don't know that. Marketing note to yeah. I was and I we're gonna be out. About you know I am I feel bad. About what well I was glued to the Curtis hotel and I was staying in the classroom. Yes you know it's like it's like to kids' room is that. Does every hotel room is deemed yet did you say kids in the room yes. That's Jamie why. The word should be I wanna rock and roll would TVY. That Curtis a delicate all the rooms are teams different aims and I haven't seen that the kids sure don't move I had Mickey. You had to cancel yeah. Things have changed. What this had that talent that things have changed so that Marbury you know future. You get that argument tell us feel of wow yeah outings and canceled I just had he had spoken to you can't Sonya live on everybody right debut date planner and Jamie just can't. I just feel bad for the Curtis hotel they're so nice and everything right all of the above about about but don't worry. Trust me they'll rent out the kiss room. Have a good time too nice to be on. So come on that they would like 800 people that are already registered to go to place holds PL a thousand people saying it so that's going to be enough room really big we have a trip to give a wave for a Ed Shearer and in Las Vegas everything is free and not to drink and that's it. As far as playing bingo it's really for it. Jamie can every something TO. You don't golf. Every now and then these the services that we get to put out these things about the zodiac signs city gives you your good traits your bad traits and and things can only do them I don't like the ones really do the whole lot of horoscope saying. Because it's like boring and compare anyone or whatever. But I do like the ones that we get every now and and our audience seems some like the ones that really give our true personality. You don't like the good and good side have you win dating new award the bad side and he would dating new yeah we're talking about what is excellent. This what does seem very good in the very bad about being in love with you everything is just another little thing. Notes that it's not very read yours fixed. Now it's got to. And I've already read yours it's none all of us guys please daddy I'll let me it's totally I want to say hello our package says come on now it's relaxing. And it's fantastic and it's like it's almost boring and and so bowl ads like bordering. Everything but with the OK everything but our. You the good and bad about looking EU being in love you and we didn't Aaron it. I'm gonna start that would mean ensure on because of the saviors alas I didn't sign often no we're not the but also when you read these things and we see these things when you go would just Horace goes to what ever okay. Most studies it will let you play. Any one on that she's applies to any what these for some reason seem to be tailored. Perfectly for you. Support me mine is even keel Cong. I'm a calming deep throat will get there we'll what we'll get their outlooks are making yes I know you are you are way off. Vice. I'd polio normally aren't the good about loving me. Well Lisa loves about you yes I have a very strong sense of self. Gary so how could a Padilla. By being with me makes one feel better about themselves the pool and observe that you lift people up tier level. You allow them to soul our will view. Of course you're the leader but that's the good I here's the bad but consummate English just read the bat. Yeah I don't get our act are here's the bad for main. You must be the dominant one in the relationship. There's no negotiation. And it gives some threatens Syria there's something threatens your position as the alpha you Palin will fight tooth and Neil. That's you altimeter right in your UP on it and put a cookbook OPEC. Finally. You're the type that will reach a point you'll say. Don't need you old Adam do. You really are a locker away your immediate just like you you don't you're like honey badger I don't via email to show what is your son again Virgo. Your Virgo. Oh hole your real burden outdated and heading in the region gets him because we don't get about it when you hear amazing yet we don't care. Daniels intermingled Larry I'm. Now it says the public. It says says he's happy to help but anyway Q. Every saying it. Uses feel like somebody had all you always want to make somebody else feel like they have a purpose in life you talked him through it. He didn't like I here's the bad you have the bad for shown sparrows. For the Virgo. Which will post these for you if you wanna see your own. The that is you constantly complain about your own problems. Well it's your job I. Your exhausting. And yeah everything. Everything that goes bad poor pitiful me. But that's not my fault it only happens in my name. Well why they've made. You are why me movement and block you aren't that Carson where the light meaning and I don't understand like nothing go right. That's all I just days ago. If they're sick regularly and as sick as of them on the it's later remember he had good nor a virus and are you keep me here that morning news says thou there are on fire so I think my wife pat assortment of my favorite but reverse maverick back everybody's got older I got it worse than all alone and don't plan. Poor pitiful you I was shivering Aaron data that show on her Charlie's. To bring now now let's get to the queen bees. Aren't why he said. Experience wean. His head and I don't and there's everything great about the new encourage people idea continue to try new things I'd do you open up the world's for the mine forget about it for. The bat the F. You. Can be the fleet use of flex at at at. You saying he'll do something or be somewhere roof completely forget it. Or simply intentionally. Blow off. Even food. You the most least dependable person on the planet you. If you want Jamie to be somewhere or do something. In me but don't. And don't care rumors count on. Whom. I don't. Always heard top. All. Evaluate your oh so Tina poking at Charlotte in me this is his time. So. You gotta admit all three was pretty well nailed you immediately got his bid. That's a key for these things and we. I'm doing is not exactly and one target. I'm pretty dependable isn't important and important to me I'm not dependable. You know upset at the outset I think that. Pretty much proved it all right that are. In the importance on Alex.