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Monday, February 13th

BJ & Jaime Talks Dam Evacuations in California

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Each and Jamie is no overstating the real danger facing those near this failing dam system. The number of people under evacuation here tonight is staggering. At least 130000. People are being asked to flee the area for their safety. The jails or even being evacuated. If this emergency spillway fails people could die people to die moment. Serious homage. Our very own Jamie Darryl is in the end. Half of destruction he really wants. Cheney's feet I'd there's a did AM out in California is the tallest and you know among. In the US right in this saying is about to go this incident like a warning has been issued for this damp for twelve years. Yeah it really. Well at the government to the Hoover Dam. I have. It's amazing to me that there's a bigger day and the Hoover Dam there as a big day and it's a big damp and it's a big damn if that thing burst I will say this though. I've from the pictures I've seen of the day. In the Hoover Dam the Hoover Dam has nothing ever goes look out Nellie. It's about to get really ugly but I guess would this stand a we have another piece of audio here. This is supposed to explain. A little bit more detail of what could happen if this day and goes any day now. They wanna begin this morning with some big news out of northern California. Nearly 200000. People are under evacuation orders this morning a spillway at the nation's tallest Dan is in danger of failing. And releasing floodwaters into towns below. Water could be seen rushing over the spillway at the up or build damn. How it is used to regulate water levels and is being used for the first time in fifty years that's because the main spillway was damaged by erosion. During recent heavy rain there are helicopters will now try to drop rocks into the gaping hole to plug it. They're saying that if this stadium goes in California. You're looking at 100. Foot deep water. For forty miles. That's not good as you know to take this personal. Savior of the kids twelve or under. They shared your life has been in the news. They love it because they get to say damn lies and there's nothing as a parent you can do because I've not today I am. Now and then you stay away and then then lagged the other day have a room like you know funny and then Iowa. The new super annoying high rise against and that's number one and you know that it's likely entails they're so excited about the halo and I can say. I don't each is kids and then I have all around because this is a dam disaster. He had a hole let me tell you what I had and I got this bright idea. I was working in Florida to tie. And they put in charge of some radio stations in so I was gonna let the radio station you're in charge of radios to I was gonna flip a radio station they're renaming it and I was around when this little bit for about six months. And I called it dammit them. In Chicago Obama it was like 97 point nine damage them right thanks so much no idea was that we were the damn radio station. Are damned day and throughout the day comprises and I could say damn as many times I wanted to all the big guy. Yeah I didn't like each thing called the station was damn nice and so everything was how would you look at them T shirt how would you like a damn price a damn. They have a gag weekend it was great it was great that your tenure ten years all the lasted for about a day that's it yeah. Because this is like my kid in we got a funny anymore sold many complaints from parents. Because they're kids walk around see and hear about that new day embryos face I. You know I get afraid they'll listen to us did that person would be your damn break and imagine. Thanks so line. And it lasted for about that I've grown men never get out of being tenure old boys now ever that's fun yeah I think the. That was let him but I was I was young then I was still I'd like thirty. Yeah I. And then yeah weird thing I thought about this whole damn thing with did crack and then I'll accept. Did you see that little in loader where early listening a decent little little tractor. At the bottom of the DM now any explosion rocks up but I'm not is not enough money on this planet. To put me in a little bitty tractor is what I guess Tonka truck. A tiny time to judge at the bottom of the dam that's. Failing because of that thing pops he's dead yet he does have a chance via. It doesn't matter what Iran if you're on the backside and a damp and anything goes anytime soon you're and we're talking 100. Discriminate. Forty miles okay this past. What what. Castle rock right. Yeah oh yeah. NASA area led part so 100. Foot our feet of water from here to dire. What a mess and must be nice and spring's almost. It gets closer to sixty some miles an hour but yeah that's what you say and I mean I think we get the point across a hundred foot dished. Or forty us and that's the amazing and long well yeah. Deep and why I buy me but why there's a founder and blowing did that while I bought the teams and I. I gave them but there's a proud and blowing legalized. In an easy morning. I.