BJ & Jaime:Lisa Marie losses her children to CPS 02/17

Friday, February 17th

BJ & Jaime Talks about the controversry surrounding Lisa Marie's Children & husband


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Vijay and Jamie when you're doing that story no no you don't want to do work well but it's a new story can get out. When they hear bad story and there's no story. It's our duty. That puff up its are on duty to give out new stories. And that would Elvis Presley's. Grandchildren are in child protective custody this morning. Talks. You know Lisa Marie Presley they've taken akin to why. She found. Photos. Videos or something of that nature are our computer of their dance. Wait my niece. They share the kids because her in this bill and Michael Lockwood guys are all broken up right OK so the kids go to view her place Arenas for Hawaii. Well I guess she suspected something they searched his computers and they found stuffed well why wouldn't they be with a not. They've taken him away from both of them well that's something else happened and because caveats of announced his you don't take away from the moment it's only when cited this is dictating the king's daughter so somebody else Lisa Marie Presley breaking this morning. She says quote I am shocked and horrified and sit to my stomach. Twin daughters eight years old poll taken in the Child Protective Services yesterday. So somebody else is going on because something's Doria. This Lisa Marie Presley now granted he eat it looks like he's the bad guy here but it could be something else. But but beyond that story and it don't take away from both kids not our most parents live if it's only one sided with someone out and I agree that there's something else you do something a six. She's turned out to be very very weird as chief. She's totally weird did you ever meet her in California what was that life and this is this is a daughter because I would be blown away and it worked talk Elvis Presley. And this is the daughter but what was she high. Well you were allowed to look out her. Most is one of those yet you Wear your lender look at it won't remember when Shuster in India artist trying to Scioscia music says she came into the radio station. And we weren't allowed to look after. I hate to act. I hate that more than anything. That you think you're so important that I'm not allowed to look at you yeah so we just like it was so weird because we have to act like we didn't Zaire. We've we've had a couple of those here in the studio to tell me Chelsea handler was that way should it want anyone to talk her. Remember who who will. It was and remember the lady that came in with a husband. Kevin was his do you remember her name and if you remember is William William asks remember the answer is you that I he's lovely tube she would not even speak to us off the show. Hey we're allowed to ask Lisa Maria about her father her child and you're gonna last to ask raising doubt be in a Presley. And you could look pattern easily players music and doctor about a music would you buy. I weighed not a hit and it turned out to be one of the best interviews Jamie's ever diet rich in case it was so great cinemas. The move saying you know if it may or bad idea yet but Lisa Marie so I'm looking this up I find nothing in the news about the nearly you know. I really here's the story. Yes I'm searching her new and it's not rule an article that comes out. Lynch put the kibosh on in an hour. You mean after all she is the king's daughter. Which is weird she she's a very very weird and I guess growing up in an environment and there's a lot to do with that but remember she married charities and she meritage detainees was just think Cole. Call for what was is that she married that got his bid and May Day god be the best band ever. Actual wedding so here's why this is a problem it's because they weren't sure I'll. Pornography pictures right they found pictures aren't I didn't I thought it was just a regular you know I I don't know that Japan honeymoon sales are near the eight year old twin daughters Lisa Marie Presley are now testing of California child services after disturbing photos and videos of children. Where found on the computer ever husband and twins' father Michael Lockwood. The daughter of legendary rock star Ellis president said of what you said that she was sick to your stomach. And I am trying to find out why they Beverly hills police found a ED a block was devices home we here during a raid on Presley's home. Well. So low so the computers. That slack was at her house yeah. Dad they found CA I didn't know that parsing it I mean yeah there was something right so now when you find it inside her residence and she she possibly even knew they were there and just got mad at him in turn demand when she knew this was going on all along so are protected children need to 82 children from boat right because there at her house so that I have ever makes more sense now what a crazy story room earn their own yet and they say according to Lisa Marie and documents. She says that the 300 million dollar fortune delves grizzly. Is gone that's what she's saying. Try to label in currently out paying for two nannies and supervised visits and her and her husband. And she said in court documents 300 million dollars of wealth is now gone. Because she's asking for are. I forgot what it was like at like quarter billion dollars mark. He's asking for all this money for the divorce which is never there really finalized a guest. And that she's making the claim that no he there's no money there's no money to even guess. I she also accuses him of misappropriating. Her finds allegedly spent over a million dollars of her own money without her consent consent. That content. Content. To learn this time college. Term Lockwood who's Presley's fourth husband and she's gone through a bunch is contesting the post nuptial agreement he Empresa sign in 20070. Which should be laid to neither party can claim the absence of the other in the case of marriage collapsing. But he said she coerced him into signing that document. I'm tied to. Holy. Ranks and then did you see the story and I know it has nothing to do this the easiest and her mother's dating them though. Tom Jones. And Jones. Joey yeah the sexiest man on earth. He is dating police of what was happening personas for apple presently is dating Tom Jumbo. Our. I tell people that Priscilla seem normal kind of she did yes she sings at a normal doesn't seem. You know yes Maine what she went fishing married Elvis night yeah I'll yes I guess went crazy story though I know. Yeah Tia Lisa Marie she's really know he's out there oh I didn't see Albert didn't she mayor Nicolas Cage. Let's say there was any polar whatever his name is cold cold. It was him that was the first god. Nicholas K I yeah. And again and Michael Jackson and in this Lockwood guy because remember she had a million dollar diamond on her finger and her Nicolas Cage got a fight on the boat she threw it over my ashes through the rain. I would diving that they. But it atom and that's crazy and I don't know why he wacky person Lisa Marie is writes not. Well she was married to nick that's Kate yeah that was one of the four and four. Let's keep the story of all I'm each inch weekday mornings on Alex I.