BJ & Jamie - 12 Things That Make People Not Like You

Thursday, April 14th

Don't do any of these if you want to have friends.


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Do you ice and I was reading this article about. Things that you're doing that make people hate you you immediately and I think that he guys. Like what it well no I mean I'm not sure even mean what I just read it and it Miami has cleared just as slamming John mode to what's it called again. It's sad twelve innings clubbing and doing that make people dislike you immediately. What are we doing what is picking on settlement. Get on him I'm still new to slow down on the bottom grown and it. I want to riding home everytime you know what happens when I'm running a moment three has too much to drink your own show and just start seeing it I'm not Banja. All the way to the zaps and that thing. So go after him about Dick's open. They X sixty if you expect. I don't drink yeah that's underlined and let everybody both and a. But I hate being the designated driver every talent. The other one is acting like two happy. Of the perfect couple. On selling nine. I just not as funny as I'm not guilty there might not hope we'll know until. Know that Jonathan we're talking about either yeah yeah it says here it says that's another Linden that happy we're perfect cut gonna tell you your birthday we can get there recently with the the tactical over the top I'm sorry I. I just say let's just say. Yeah I was so happy when you got infected chicken to watermelon plant. Do you watch it hot tub who's getting old and as it was and lose. It was bubbling. Up yeah. I think it's nice that the person it's so nice and you an I had an amnesty that. That we afterwards and I'm not guilty there. And then they also studied this is kind of weird. Sweaty smelly people yeah. Who said they they studied the different kind of sweat that you let off where it was from working out when people don't mind that the other is from being nervous is wedding. An immediate. Later nothing while the nerves are nervous when he said I'm not a sweater. What Ari just I don't sweat east paint against. I don't I don't get all sweaty early if you haven't run an amendment but if your non active like me and let it. Yeah if you ever stick to the recliner. Rarely hit the reds got to be hot summer day 'cause in my hand your stuck doing now and they get off of it nearly. I used a Frenchman athletes sports comedies get treatment some people like profusely sweat you know I mean just. They couldn't walk out of the leaders they'll be dripping with sweat rice I'm just not degas. I'm another is hiding your emotions. It's as if you let your real feelings come through its as to better strategy for getting people to like you. And bottling Abdullah. Are we guilty we'll hear bottler for your Butler yes I think Ramallah. And and did you say you don't like terribly in LA I don't. I don't like conflict but I don't think I've bought want everything to get pretty much let him out. And let's hear another one is obviously the face of crap I am having too many FaceBook friends you're not that popular you don't even know him. Who is the only friends I ever FaceBook. That's an opinion I don't have any inference and because the window guy yesterday that you guys a taste of fact I did Cheney's trip that I Harwood renowned and Linda I don't evidently know what I did he said we were face to present to your ornament this frenzied. He could barely could collect. I'm the in his dressing up your pets. I. I didn't do. No release is guilty you payments fruitless I do not think that he spied for Israel because she had a phone call convenient but extending it. At the stroller once LB travelers flying via I'm okay I'm. It was I'm not okay I will do it I would do understand Sean I don't. Of course she would do anything she chuck ash chip on the phone rang Chiat day answering dead dog might have gone down the hill you know so what I had to hang on to lose the you know little push cart isolated daddy at that moment when I saw you put in that damn dog and a stellar I was like what happened to my partner. Look at sister may be. It was weird to chew on it wasn't my brightest moment it was but I admit it was. But he shouldn't be held over my head like it's being pushed for years now it seems. I'm as its own and went a little Aslan is on the humble bragging. It's where you're like works so hard I worked too hard it's like you're bragging but you try to do it like come believed. Now that the show doesn't know here we don't work at all yeah. The lazy is Shia and. You have to worry about that the shell group analysts are getting it on you're not gonna see us come on here brag about how much work we've done I had bragged to the new brand. Any staying with me think well. Hello Brad here waving my kid your kids dancing yeah he really you really are proud of her that I. So good. Let's see bragging bringing bragging. Just about her kid that's about this. I did Allah. And again that they think kidding it's really old if our eyes etc. but that's what does boast and brag you know I think he's the most awesome and Molly is and that means she knows him. You don't read write your kids at all no but I'm not drag you your kids and get it. Done. The right to fit TX the video I don't brag about it that will do the opposite with the video gamer. HTTP puts me video games. Did that that's the bottom line you know and that bothers me that Big Dig you get did you see where I guess Grand Theft Auto of that video game come another report came out on that thing about how this thing is destroying. Boyce. That they have no respect for what it afterward after duo wouldn't game for late two or three years they lose all respect because of that video game. And tell myself and the word hooker I told you from that game yeah game is back. Girlfriend Kristy she's at because I said I tell my son I said as long as you live my house would never have that won't ever yeah and never allowed clinic in an in my house. Is it affirmed what I am like I can't eat you can never play that game you can never be anybody else's house and play that game you are never allowed and my girlfriend Christie goes to really bad game has hookers and all this. My singles with a hooker. Era that's where he learned to you know when my kids that technically from Christie when my kids were your kids age nine or ten years old they wanted to game really badly okay. And I'd be that bad the passive guy that I am about it and not a very good parent or whatnot. I ice told them I told them I say did you don't want what's gonna hurt Monday they're gonna know about you know that that cop chases and all this thing and their kids we watched you know Bugs Bunny and an all these things they get whacked on the head handles on their head I. I Ers. I didn't realize it's time Jamie comes saying it was a bad parent. So I said yes they are mother my XY. They are mother was adamant she would not you not getting that game begged GT is indeed. GGA. Grand Theft Auto. You are not getting in there's that many more since then. But you're not getting again and now looking back on it was a great decision. Does that he missed nest. Is endlessly saw a study that added he now yesterday they did it said daily cause kids. Let's start playing this game around 1011 years old. Up until their in their late teens to disrespect. Women in it in deep clearly showed. And that's barely so. It's so. You know I don't exactly people combined a lot of parents get it for their kids so I'm not gonna judge says that's declared that is that it kind of put me in a pickle. When my singles or some a.'s house and they haven't done. Ernie yesterday the kid goes I'm sorry I can't be in this room. And they took and they took they come parity to a game. Like one of those like dungeons dragons or something. And they took a game where you had explosions. But you had like army. Personnel. And as your combat fighter strike had no effect. I had no that it was GGA that caused the problem. Yeah. We stood out woody viewing window you know you're kid is the one far be with other kids playing in the game. He's like modeling plan that woman until much of them feel bad form and Mike Brey did the right thing you know you can't play bad. GTA has its bad when I got this is kind of funny so he came. And I do it but they came downstairs he's crying. We got a ruling won't withdraw all right. Like clipped something nice job I saw people having sex of the computer as to what you've seen it. It was urgent care or so startled but it'd be busy at it. Who have sent out. I think he was clicking like to lose you he was watching funny videos he said he clicked on something you. You need to log out and the Whitney my count as he has his watching cartoon porn but we need a tough. Or it's not as kargil or did you ever have sex with. Tiger. Is. Well in your case she might wanna get your kid GT eight I think that is why I think I did board yeah output. In weekday mornings on Ellis I.