BJ & Jamie: The 16 8 Diet is a fasting diet. 6/19

Tuesday, June 19th

The 16/8 Diet. Experts say it is the best and guaranteed to help you lose weight. You eat as much and whatever you want during only 8 hours of the day, 10 am to 6 pm.    

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Vijay and Jamie sixteen aid is I don't 68 via. According to the experts it is the best. Diet are on the market and it does work. You will lose weight. And past and then here's the way it works if it's guaranteeing a man. Between the hours you might want to jot dispel a limit of the document in OK now between the hours of 10 AM. And 6 PM yeah the only manually tigers. Eat any type. Quantity of food that they desire. The kind that you know the remaining sixteen hours of the day. Net water. Order it may be. A beverage that has no calories whatsoever like ice tea would no sugar no. This was your most important meal that don't you just skip it I'm just trying to help us pick that. Breakfast that most important meal yeah I don't know why yes they do say that but this is I'm so I can go to about the day. Yeah like eight times as long as it between 10 AM and six via. When you're not gonna go eight types maybe a cup a year ago we could stop by the Golden Corral or something. You know like at 11 o'clock when he opened eat and then go back around old 330 or forty to get. But then after that the remaining sixteen hours of the day you don't eat at all. Massey basic. Usually we already do this and we're not we're not scanning. Whereas skinny and I'll know I cheap. You Bob drink a half a gallon of chocolate milk or go to bed yeah so I cheat problem peanut butter and jelly sandwich and. And I don't do it the way that a guy like Teddy did this not. That you don't EF sixty gotten. No beauty of sport and he or did they have some debris and stuff but usually don't need it Dino I don't easily named thing. Yeah and look at me I'm chunky. At the budget crap. I don't think it arts at the. According to the experts they say. This is a very effective tool to lose weight and lower blood pressure packed. The experts say war it works I don't know I have I have earned a prominent try to think. I don't think that anything works if you can eat what every one between 10 AM and 6 PM anything you want is a budget for. And let me just take over and over 10 AM to 6 PM you think going to be any. And them are you arguing with the experts at it. People arguing with the effort yes what what I'm currently doing is not working why not adapt to something that doesn't work as saying legally every one maybe they mean like it shaking oil and vegetables and I think they figure that you got to stay with the read reason you're not gonna eat so much you bro what party thing I. They and a I mean I think there there expect news stay within reason but if you wanna have veto some pride chicken need to not let you get it and try to works. Hasn't tried to get the job that Malcolm I'm not gonna start to July 1 is that who okay I'm going to get all crazy but I'm gonna take this. And then this up here in the studio OK I got to write July can Oceanic and I feel like you're missing something in the article to be on with the youthful mind but yeah. I can't do anything right and I just say after researchers looked at 23 obese volunteers in at least. Yeah yeah. Ed between r.s 10 AM sixty and the tires could be any type of any type and quantity of food they desired move into the remaining sixteen hours legally drink water or calorie free beverages. When I sent them. Then they can lead the host to the sixteen day diet to those regular diet without the fastest consume fewer calories last night. There's an end this. Look what I'm telling you if you wanna try something when you drive adore this moon. You wanna try something this might be mamiya now I know there are certain people out there that. Like Sean for example should or should you work with a different weight loss sub programs. That you know there have been clients of the radio station if you would never buy into this would you. No because I see from my body out of that would work I don't think that's healthy to just limit yourself just that small period of time you need to be eating on schedule. And you need to be eating the right boots yeah. I can just of new EU ever you want. I forgot on Thursday night I eat them past 6 PM. I am not active and healthy I think you said here and light up have a I. Exactly because you go you do golf the bigger and you guys sit. You have weighing some drinks up and go seek the drinks JP yeah he would have a drink after six. That's a bunch of crap Dan Cooper again. I put the and more on Alex.