BJ & Jamie: A 2000 Foot Asteroid is headed to Earth.. Today! 4/19

Wednesday, April 19th

There is another near Earth Asteroid that will wiz by us today!  Bj is not all all concerned and Jamie and Sean are a bit freaked out that this keeps happening. Is the government hiding the truth from us?


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Vijay and Jamie let's talk about the Astra all right there's an asteroid out there whereas the asteroid it's in space and what's going on Poughkeepsie. And what's good on days when it passed by coming today today we're getting an asteroid. With that like the mother lode asteroid 2000 feet wider across. Seven football fields. It's huge. Huge write big big asteroid guys you know in the past. Several months now. In a row Lou we seem to have had what they called the near miss. Which is an asteroid to slice through here between us in the moon and in I guess in space terms it's very close to earth. And we all know that at some point something years going to bash in earth it's gonna happen. But we don't know what it. Now others say a piece of asteroid out there that's bigger than anything we've seen in the past though few years I norm I mean it's 2000 seats a big but. By the date they're saying. If something like this. Actually hit earth. All humanity could be extinguished he'd be gone. And you know that the US can't entire globe as those chinook winds yeah I'm in outer space right she is gloat a little bit on the way. Man up before. It starts to seem like that were causing fear and panic throughout the city. People running harder we are enough different from cover. Well that's not the case who were not causing fear and panic because this asteroid is from way. Way way out the al-Qaeda. And probably. You know. When eight guys it's like four times the distance of the moon and here pretty close for big asteroid known on the size. He does what he did his laid it downplay yeah exactly you do the mice fighter and I did and like you don't even you know at eight. Goes back to that. Would you care that we are gonna die today. I knowing you only hear Joseph out at how. Would you like chime in here. John thought about your series. Yeah I'm definitely concerned me. Are these near earth asteroids that were happening and they're not even tell us about it until like right on eggs so when admitted to so maybe that this land is not is that close but it's still alarming that they're not warning us that this kind of stuff is possible until if he isn't right on top heavy or thought they're not warning you because you're not in danger. No I think they're not warning us because it Dylan lines and a and a panic yet HP did if they do it when they finally do it's and we're gonna get struck by an asteroid here in the next 24 hours then I think that made him will just. I can they are lying and I think it is gonna strike the world eventually. Excuse me I'm so I haven't gotten. My throat but I'll leave my. You awful. You know how is it hero uncle you understand what I know I said something I just don't Jenna. Sure and I interest. And Linda listen sinners and that. Dina how they get the local forecast wrong all the time. I'm home know how do they advocate Ralph Wilson and like flurries and then we'll get a blizzard write some articles say you know blizzard that we enough of the Clinton. Imagine kind of forecast an asteroid passed. To the world to the country to into the whole atmosphere you know. It's extent possible that forecasts. Mean Mardy clinically that gets it rolled all the not yes he does yeah and I didn't work for Bryant. The saying so don't you think that they're going to be in Italy and accurate then and you tell me once. He said they're never gonna jealous if an asteroids can hit us a big like right. And like I eat meat in the morning I guess I'm just trying to be the reason why I like most people that. Arriving to work this morning. And fear of their lives or. Know what problem is here you ensure our and you guys you go off on those little lunch breaks with Richard Murphy the conspiracy got in he's got a great washes. Cut short. There are busy doing it because I it is your your your big guy you know me I'm surprised you. You're. Very intelligent Wahlberg. And the reason at all. Look at how you're acting. It's just does shame JD wide eyed man can minority many years ago that you check. It is because these conspiracy people in this building slamming into earth in a few hours woody didn't do want. The juicy burger. But we did play a solid. Yeah we play how that would play a smash hit by what people are mad because the kids are in the current ya I guess were terrifying. Nearly find news did I just say it easier to. I guess Dave so are you causing terror yeah I guess kids are crying in their cars the way to go guys feel now you've made that kids cry. I hope you're happy. It. Into the importance on Alex I.