BJ & Jamie: 30-Year-Old Won't More Out Of Parents Home (5/24)

Thursday, May 24th


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Vijay and Jamie are yesterday were talking about this kid it was everywhere where this kid being kicked out by his parents because he's thirty years old he's a deadbeat won't good job. Doesn't help with the chores around the house he does nothing. He just does not think yesterday I had really seen this kid. Saw pictures of him better and hurting he had to say it but yesterday he went on CNN for an interview and boy did he ball. It's uncomfortable. Getting this the beginning of the conversation the interviewer in this guy that he would say hi to each other without being happy. That aren't all that on Rick let's eight years of free room and Florida's long enough welcome I. Higher bank. I so let them. As soon as it gets worse where he. Eight years of free room and gore is long enough welcome back. I act. I. The high snow and now is so awkward. Your movement do you have art is supposedly audio or its analogue would tell me you want to write about your parents' house while I just about your parents' house like. Tomorrow. I don't have the means to do that tomorrow okay at all do you have a job. No. Are you trying to get a job. Working on. I have. I have plans to be able to provide myself. With the into my need to support myself but it's not something that's going to. Come together. Tomorrow. Hey all right well. Britain is gonna come together and I'm not sure. My understanding you've lived you know your parents' house rent free for eight years and I know you do your online dream you buy your own food. But they asked you five times. Please move out why could you guys resolve this without the court. I would consider. Much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks. And what I was for an assist you know was. Was trying to preserve. He just stops that they were attacks and then what happened well. Bought. But it doesn't really have a point I think with the mark posted again with. Out of the court. I would consider. Much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks. And what I was. Kind of just it was led. A couple of minutes after the. Think it's yeah it's an Arizona I don't know if it's now yeah. This audio does he would do it justice when you see the video you've got to go to our FaceBook page you look at this. Would you watch that kid he just start shaking its said he reached for some water she finally says hey. You know what. It Greek water but let's work this how. It's. Oh uncomfortable to watch it still awkward it's a weird enough. I think he's not okay. You know I'm feeling there might be and if current pollution treatment ring and I also feel like that if anyone out there. Then had a thought come to them about hiring this guy that interview I know killed his chances of getting a job. Learn how. Just maybe is nervous and you can hear that they kicked back in his ads as well I don't know. I sit there watch C yesterday I might mean I kind of felt so hard for the Dallas and same maybe he was nervous and that kicked back in his ear was thrown him off of talking. Spirits want him out he hates his parents Howell each so. He said he was being attacked by them just scraped its. This little thing we live. 2 AM thirty year old in your basement for eight years. In Timor on Alex I.