BJ & Jamie: 420 Avalanche Earthday plans 4/20

Friday, April 20th

 Sean is or is not going to the 420 rally today Bj said he should go sell tyedye shirts. And the Avalanche play tonight and they have to win to stay in the playoffs. Sunday is Earth day and Jamie is going to plant a tree and BJ is going forest bathing. 


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Each yeah and yeah. Was gonna play a greater good yeah. That's not what it while I'm. Class and minutes song for the kids into it. The sport any port any sport guardian and everybody that likes that we do is go in downtown. Yeah and I don't feel like a lot of my suburbia and Nash sisters should do cat and enjoying the audible. Which there are many of them that are stay home on that yes the edible like an average of today. Well from what I hear edible people are not allowed. Oh it's only got to be a weed smoke again in order to attend today yeah you don't get see Lil Wayne if you're an animal looks. And look by the way there's too low Gammon will lay an old John deer hunt Brothers yes and then they've blown. And could a few little brother just simple. Credit. This is going to be crazy they're yeah they're expecting 45000. People at civic park starting at 10 o'clock this morning. But what started earlier but people that smoke weed the eighties don't get out of bed derelict. Meet the people that goes to be yeah I know and I am. Do you think that person is like that way you like and may well eight teens and 24 hour. T yeah I think it's probably 40% female. Now all I saw some of the videos this morning of last year and Jamie I think there are a lot of women Henry. In LA and mystery death. Yeah I think I am pretty sure sure you've been and you have you've got her several times there are a lot of females there there's a lot of families bring their kids out. Have a good day ninety day out of carnival ride in them the yeah newborn through yeah I'm zero you know for kids. I'm telling you what I've seen downer I've seen people down there with their 810 years old 120 cute stuff like that we should be arrested nationwide. Just say that. And oddly the. It's a festival you're not mean so people the Wrangler and there and knowing that I agree that's cigarette party downtown. I'm not. I think a little wind uses for. Yeah illegals don't know who runs. Yeah no I have gone I'm not going to date but I have attended the festival and it is and it's quite the scene. It's a lot of lot of what Tuesday eighteen to 22 year old kids. Younger people that are just down there to party and have fun a lot of homeless people and drifters and people dreadlocks there is not a those folks down there every woman dreadlocks will be down there today via and those are where those those sandals and I hate those Brady's sandals ever Birkins got this upper also Perkins stocks are well that'll be the footwear of the day. I saw some of the footage from last year and there are a lot of tied guys who are always there. Tied guys what were you other setting up shop. You know what you guys students still have to run none of Izzo is tied at blankets. I know the tapestries and yeah below I mean at this is this your biggest day of the year. That's where gore ticket down a hole load from the in the key man. We've got a plan that does the reacting there yet that you're always shared see what I'm not gonna go to the festival we're gonna kind of hang around on the fringes. I'm not doing his own making this up what just happened which is I'm going to the festival that you are. He does what you how. This is never read them. He said you should have done that and then you're like I should have been. You certainly Diana what I don't try to market. I had actually no I haven't thought about it you know units and it looked at since you mentioned it and I have a whole racket ties in my garage would be dumb not to. So dog gone yet Audi is going yoga or should he should load up clearly lies have heard load up the truck. You guys had down there I'm telling you I saw it looked like 50% of the people down there ahead on tie dyes the act it's brilliant I hadn't even thought about it. We can see it right on the corner and ours Carter who knew or Yunnan. Well now it is just wishy washy for well. There was lol but the road black had no intention of going down there until you mentioned that and I thought I. You had talked about I get bitten forever yeah yeah. Yeah well. It's at a picnic picnic today that I'm not go into him. I'm not gonna forget forget I'm not god he's not think I swear to tell every I. Already so I can hit ads play tonight this is dead it's either do org I. I feel like we're gonna win BJ and don't like. Those going to be nope no listen listen I talked to the boys. And we L Powell Michael you've got right we're this close we're just this close all I need and I need the goalie I need to goalie to lay out. Inside the goalie thing. And I need and put his. And get a check of webbing between his two where's my hand I'll pick you word got a predators and arm yeah yeah. The wind blew up and we're gonna Leo bloom. But we throw catfish on the ice oh you do back did you genome is suing. For what she got hit man with a can't they have. You're kidding now. She's mad you know Indy and we'll throw you catfish dinner can cash into the came from way up top you. And it theater in the head and I knocked her out. Wow yeah yeah it's the kind that both the pros have been picked up. How are well. What the ads play tonight it you know what. I like Nashville because I'm from their but if the Evans one and defund that I'm really what so either team so I'm in a no win no lose situation. I'm just Italian. The guys are ready they're ready the guy whose dad yep they're ready together and all your idea of the absent this year at this game they're Trenton new thing. And they're going with figure skates. Yeah they they it's not maybe they'll just change it up and do like Alcan Al you have an liked xxx no I just throw mall so they've tried the rugged hard nosed up to now for NASA yeah. Actually but NASA is the answer to beat Nash yeah because it just a shock them and find out giggle at the triple and then come out. Yet it's a busy weekend in you know us Sunday is Earth Day. What are you doing for Chris. I got an idea I'm going over to Josh morale is parents' house yeah implanting a treat all because remember his little treason when he was led all right. It pulled up and and broken does. Crisis there was that Josh is a friend of the show dose of cover artwork EC on some of the you know instead grammar or whatever a FaceBook and Josh. I guess he planted a tree when he was born when he was a by ABP they planted a trade to blue over. Rumored if it helps just 27. Yeah. Police say yes so the tree lasted 26 years it was a big tree and it just yet and the big wins that we got a couple of days ago all Josh life blew away. It was trying to go to the house and flannel tree you know birthday commitments under and some aren't you didn't tell me I'm gonna go up forced bathing. It's a new thing to see that I'm sorry I'm on top forest they bathing forest is that yeah and mama but as you walk through the woods. Boris baiting is walking through the woods with your hands out like this and you just absorb and treating the universe and it's cleansing you because church's thinking of nature. Felt forced they've. Not like do me some of that I'm really get over jet fielder somewhere you know what I lacked last night is made an administrative Fiat and the guy got it hit Biden is Weiner if. Okay. Maybe you won't go force enough. They go to stay home birthday. Others couldn't yarder and now narrowly limited before. Thanks a lot Jamie was just really low Earth Day sorry who's telling each inch and more on Alex I.