BJ & Jamie: 48 hour challenge on social media. 10/19

Thursday, October 19th

There is a new thing called the 48 hour challenge. This is where 12 to 14 year olds are being encouraged on social Media to go missing for 48 hours. 

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PGA and Jamie Kennedy bill public service announcement in your gun at him any hope for what I'm sure. I don't exercise. A guy make it. Just just there with a catch and ready to have you heard of the 48 hour challenge. On FaceBook. That's forty is at Dublin where kids go missing. Yes I heard we ended September this is not good okay this is Doug then it's only a one OK so don't don't attack me for trying to be negative or whatever I think parents should know about this so you've already had a sit down. Down with your child yes simply because you're a parent that's in the know I learned many parents that are listening to our show that simply aren't exactly in the same groove as you are with with their kids right. And maybe there's something missing but yours is staying in and I see you typing in and I think to to look at a pro quick because. I mean I was actually responding to some and was complaining about me. You are typing into nothingness thrown out to the show now we know Warren. No some lady was complaining about me and Sam Smith and net. That them. What I said was really bitchy about a beautiful song and I wrote back oh dear lord please. Well I think that person a picture. Of what I say yeah. Are you would you would you go pull it up because I had the article yesterday and we never got around to it but I don't have it here today but it just dawned on me. Because I signed this super super scary and I could certainly see. How 81213. Fourteen year old kid could fall into this FaceBook 48 hour Chal. Yet say wary let me just treated gee if you don't man named it's a worrying new game and it's a parent's nightmare it's called the 648 out challenge faced what game is encouraging kids to go messing. Children aged as young as fourteen have been taking part in the shocking challenge what with teens disappearing for days at a time. It's as the second challenge invites children to hide from their parents loved ones. For as long as possible with participants awarded a higher score every time they're mentioned on social media. So you go missing yet they start looking for yeah. These are spreading the word via social media and you score points for how long your garden and how many mentioned you get on social began scoring. Ironies I guess some. Secret society of other kids. Then art you know in on the hoax with the you've told all these people this is what I'm about to do it may be their support system I'm just guessing. And those they keep track your your way. Keeps track of how many points you got it in little Johnny tries the week after it in in they'd be tragic that we get to that. I don't know. And it says that these kids just think it's funny there's not even a moment of remorse when down. The child was taken into police custody in fact antics subsidies from the police car I think it was so hysterical. Earlier this year parents were warned that based on May never be able to fully protect users against exposure to horrific and violent acts being streamed on its live platform. This is just another thing. That FaceBook and all of us parents have to worry. Look the violence. That was on FaceBook to any seems to subside at some more. But that was just horrendous I couldn't believe people were doing what they were doing on FaceBook. This I don't know if it's as bad but it is too apparent who's got a kid that's missing for 48 hours it's as bad even though the little what person hampers are playing you know a game against your parents. Yeah I don't I mean I am I guess sometimes a feeling my son. Would never do that but I guess everybody it is apparent that things are Kidman never do that yeah you know I tell you disc here's something that's irritating to me. Shot Demi parents don't look at their kids tax source Nat jets are instant ramps. What is his little girl won't discount store you can. There's this little girl right in she wrote to my son and said you're not cool you don't say DR. But it she said the real word's the F word the athletic world to be where. And she said you're not cool weren't six grades all the kids should be an. And you need to be set and that and he wrote back and said. I don't wanna say that I gotta say that's not cool to me and so we showed me just look mom look what what's her name wrote to me that I need to be same be the next round and out. Mike is so stupid. So I know her not size and listen to your daughter is still my kid that he needs he's maybe an I have to Beagle in the sixth grade you know what she said. What's that not my daughter. Do you prove my daughter Hussein never say that I should look not jet it's gone you know that goes way you know she's like we should take a screen shot because our little Lauren would never saying that though -- this is Colin Newman subtle are. It's never got why haven't. What I wanted to do it recaps a mom into your kids don't like kids that's word. Which again is back to your point of it makes sense that. She's never ever checked her kids the media or text and mixing Nat. And fruits and making me look like the bad guy. And then I wrote back I said listen. Little Lauren is having some issues because she's writing my son saying that she has anger problems that she'd feel suicidal. And all this stuff I have to reach out as my you know my. Right not right my job to another mounting your daughters reaching out to my son. She said please stop texting me. She cut you along from the point and a in aids quite obvious because ucits snapped yet that the daughter. This little. Punk kid is is being looked deceiving tour owned parent because she's using a medium that disappears snot aren't. It'll blowing she would never do that and then I said she welcomed the really crazy and scary that she has anger and mental problems and all those stuff. And she went back but not our little Lauren please stop texting me. Based calculating. A little call that Laura. That policy. June need to cut your kid away at the Euro aegs she did you dare she run of the bad. And her parents are bad mouthing me. They are it's in connection. Now there's a lot of people and the others now look at her text and by the way is not really mourn her name's not learned that I changed arrangement. Like it and it's just being in a bubble and not wanting to know your kid is bad. They'll get better any other yeah don't get that I will say though there is something about when you go to for example when I go to my kids' website. My kids Earl for but I go to the kids. Not just web sites the social media. And I'm so disappointed I. I get so disappointed because sometimes they use some language that they. Put it abuse. And and and it just drives me nuts but I can't say anything there won't say any thing. It's there are you were lives there'll ever. But boy sometimes it sometimes I avoided for that reason I don't wanna know what I don't like to lower his mom pretty much nice little dough no no no but I. I wouldn't if you if I got a phone call from some let's say my kids were 156. Or even eleven elevenths. And I got a phone call from another pair this that your kid was doing this I wouldn't odd American legal defense and say hey. If you've got to be rog here lie because Mike it would ever do. I wouldn't go into that depends vote because I know my kids are fully capable. There folly I. Have to say I'm super am proud of my son for showing me that you know one look at what she's trying to so I did say this is my bad parent as a writer back. Now here I am right with the sixth grader I am in a fight with six grade as a bride back and say this. What they held that stuff not even cool but I tend to say and they both are right that come here you can write that to let's just come down to it she sets right. So he's like are you sure I'm fine I'm telling you to ride out Ike so I pegged it. And I wrote what they held that this isn't even cool new ensure that. She years so third grade those third grader words. It's what I didn't moderates they're the bones actor holy into. Our. Third grade to say well. Which serve but it was sixth graders yesterday. We feel like that that might be a topic in itself that JB white is fighting with a sixth grader. Coupled with the yen's worth. Up by an appeal optic like she won't miss you man if you change the importance on Alex.