BJ & Jamie: 5 year old hugs 132K statue and Insurance isn't covering it 6/18

Monday, June 18th

Bj says he may have a unicorn injury because while on the float he had to keep moving the head of the unicorn to keep from hitting cars and powerlines. It is Food Truck Monday, dozens of trucks in our parking lot. BJ has a story out of Overland Park in Kansas City. A 5 year old tries to hug sculpture and causes it to fall and break now the gallery wants the parents to pay $132.000. Jamie tells a story of a girl who has a bow and no arrows.     

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Vijay and Jamie pay our intent that the kid saying what you know more about it it is still living in tent city. Differently gotten into it in Overland Park right where the sap that you're getting no art so where did happen. You know the parking Kansas City what it was today he I'm. I was and CEO yes it of the museum and a little museum five year old kid. His family they're gonna go a new nose with a day's said that it does not know is a wedding it was a wedding is sweating yet wedding at the meeting I don't know enough about it. Tell you this sorry I have to do every advantage Seattle looked look the part I'll play the noise around you find a kid five year old. Breaks something very very valuable and now the parents. Are on the whole Sarah Goodman remembers the wedding reception at Telemar courage community center starting off with plenty of celebration. Think there's a few different. Parties going on bridal showers birthday party knees. A joyous occasion that in a moment turned and there's something much different surveillance video capturing Sarah's five year old son hugging a sculpture on display it before it topples over on top of federal law he struggles for a bit when suddenly it falls to the ground after rushing in to help Sarah soon learned the sculptures price tag. Amy this is like 800% thing we know it's a 132000. Dollars. I'm sorry. We're finished here. Damage set an insurance company said this family would be on the hook to pay for. Full moon. Eight seeing all this I could am I gonna switch to root this old thing. So did you hear the part where it fell on top of that child any struggled in my opinion. Then negligent because that little boy got hurt by the statute. That's we have to do actually gonna turn this around yet you got to cut you literally ran on got a little guy he's not only are you know I don't cut it. And I've been for a guy that you guys may not only and are you off the hook for 132000. You might even get money yeah. Yeah could you endangered his kid's life and exactly that's sad that that's where we take this cool is doing a wedding in Kansas City, Missouri. And you've got to a statue. That's worth a 132000. Dollars what kind of a wedding is this is Andrew glass or something that why is it just able to follow over on the little kid yeah why why is this thing anchored down in some way it doesn't seem very safe and yet. And it. The parents got to build a 132000. Dollars an accurately mentioned this in that they have to pay. How is that possible and we're gonna have lawyers to see when lawyers give him the ball and I know what's gonna happen Amy. They the lawyers are gonna get the money no matter where comes from. I don't know how this is a hundred to 32000 dollars that we opened at a wet so I could just pick up that care and are taking home. All heading up this yeah it gets some museum that's got you know Chrysler's sell art in there this. His wedding yeah they've got this as part of their Dick Cold War. That's crazy now. And he should CME is cool it's so beauties of Biden's old ages. It's like gets your blood Kevin stone until he goes up does grandpa and grandma follow. Breaks near the tip of the parents I have the same reaction they get OK you're away. So you gotta be thinking okay yeah. That's probably worth couple hundred dollars and they believe yeah do you believe McCain just broke it with do we we may have to pay for that. It's but you just say OK whatever. Then you find out days later you get this letter from the insurance companies say you'll 132000. Dollars this. Too. Who didn't huge and he is trying to do is grab box in his own Emmy it's adorable Angel but it got a loving little kid. Am I my friend they had the same thing that their son was right as. Might be any kid just great can't ride his bike any rain into the neighbor's BMW and I guess his neighbors and right yeah. And so the neighbors like. Sorry but Johnny is scratch and dent in my car. And my friend like you can rob you've got a rabbit out and he went to pitch in and wanted to give replaces. Linked 4300 dollars via. For a whole door pay. Now to match the paint. While I gotta say they'll OK let's say my car parked on the curb let's say some kid. 78 years all bicycle comes rolling down. This totally wipes out one in my rearview mirror or my outside mirrors or whatever I make them pay for it. Let the kid off the hook just 'cause he's just think and. It irate about and what. OK so my girlfriend she and I as a daughter had about right. But she never had an arrow on the island a little kid in the neighborhoods like Lehman Brothers got to narrow hostility for five bucks. Still my friend's daughter Sierra gnashing as a whole complete set a boat and there OK so that she could she had a Bo would know Errol the I know now it's it's Christie story. If this sounds like a story you've read on the Internet did you sit and so our daughter. This doesn't always know Errol could end it comes across another kid who only has an arrow JD cum off. Just like to please walk into a bar. Okay yeah this is that he would start out right. So she got an Arab from five but some guys that they issued a bag your act on this this doesn't I think about it. This you know a year has a bulb went nowhere. Near the getaway here's like yeah an arrow one know the boats. That's what this is like it's like a math problem that was sent home. It. As if that's it does not exist just got back is it good. Stores sheep and she adds the garage of the neighbors right in their grab we'll be able. Well it happens because there's a little girl running around with a deadly item you know like at a deadly weapon and so that perhaps come to the house. And they like scare the crap out of them will be in the neighbors like an entire new garage door because if they re paint where the arrow it hit. It will match the rest of the night of me that they paid. So labeling them by all the panels. Right. So I think if the answer to the question is there's a door cause 20000 dollars or beat it I don't that's I don't port city. It's project it's it's question for more on her kids' homework you might think she'd I have been so good I guess you don't see how that story and that's. I think. Powell a little girls who are on the are we just don't go back to the very creative spark that other little girl oh is a boat and we know they're heroes just. But a little piggy who lives a block away. Oh generic who live signal the low. Chrissie it. I'm calling you a liar. I do not buy this or I'm sorry. And more on Alex I.