BJ & Jamie: 6 year old makes millions on YouTube. 12/12

Tuesday, December 12th

BJ and Jamie discuss the story of this amazing 6-year-old kid that makes millions a year on YouTube...all he does is play with toys and give his 6-year-old point of view!   

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Vijay and Ayman Al sort of cloud 9 BJ Jimmy morning show you know ask this story reminds me of how often we get duped and I feel like we've never really know the truth about anything. Yeah that would mean. Oh well liked this story for example yesterday I was feeling all like also set added in and just angry about this kid didn't now I don't know how to appeal I don't know how that family is thinking. What Dale's going to. I would just say here's how I'm gonna take it she is a bullied little boy and that's in a story. The mom might be and that's a mom I have grown she's a liar cheat no matter what I believe as a bully little boy. Well and if that's the case and it's gonna cost him in the long run cause if he was bullied at school for what what has happened in the past or how he looks or whatever. His mom being this way is only gonna make work NASA and that's only around now there's a lot of sports. Speaking of kids did you see the story of the kid that six years old earning eleven million dollars a year on YouTube. He's done action. What do show you something here. This kid to that kid doesn't cover credit cart you know who though he made eleven million dollar I think he's six where rented there. He does his name's Ryan he does Pauly reviews. They have boy he's dead heat plays to win in you see how a six year old. Plays for these toys if they work or dots in this kid is on the Forbes list he has over eight. Hundred million views. So can't do this for every age category I'm thinking about my. Eleven year old deployment ice this could be. A plus zero. That's day eleven million dollars in 27 team on YouTube. I'm used to account and he's got one video that has over 800 million views it's him opening to giant egg. Phil would Pixar car voice. And he goes through each and every toy and how it works and how to play with a. We. Brian what are the big one is to keep the accident the little boy. Is in the eighth position on the Forbes ranking this year. Of the ten highest paid Ian tumors are around the world 86 years old so how do you wish. I think he's going to be playing with until it yeah apparently it. Sister city got a. It's. Easy just a little it's gonna take a C I would never thought something like this I. With the answers that would take off thinks no no because our corporate guilt trip to be. Up act like I am I think so and so not only with the wrong kind of two ways it's still. And Himalayan toys because reread her yesterday were tad too lazy and don't. That's not going to be you're too is that we should do age groups and an eleven year old. Might work but six is so adorable that's why it's working yeah well I'm watching some of the videos right now got to rolling over here and he gets a like bouncy house and he. Flies around and if the toys bad. They show you that toll is bad he reviews every one of these stories. We split it's what. I think. I'll let you know would this kid doing so well this probably already eleven year old. I agree with reviewing something because I was gonna start doing something. I. Bush. It was a long time and I think they've read palms blue moon and the lines near palm I would get a read from the notes. Really. Yup you're I was thing is now Michael viral they think we only tried that for awhile. The future looks surprised the way from what I remember. Decided to breed call you out there got it right what went. Would the poultry and which can do why do you get when you work it out so that people put their palm against discreet. In that way you have read the home. Through the Internet granted he's isn't. Of course you don't know. But they don't know that it's like it like it it's sodium. So you don't block of people and it's you you have on a new new online are telling them hey do me a favor premiere preacher Paul Muller of depressive against the screen right. Now granted it does nothing and then I had so it's all a big skate I'm glad that we can did. Huge you spit out some things like you know like the astrology stuff does it another baby. I wouldn't get that specific what I would do things like you're gonna wake up tomorrow but Google you don't keep it to Erickson you're always writes I guess. But yeah what you do the whole pumping against the screen I'm never CNET. There. Them. But I think we can disc and that we can actually get the pulp and try to help but I think. Like modern day scamming and you guys realize you're gonna get so much more than palms. That was gonna read final line. She's got a little lower and I feel like Apollo like Raddatz courtside. And so I'm really wonder reads of the house to let that be good okay. Which again again yeah. And I can read but we really easy pulpits of code we're gonna have a short you know things like that. This conflict could it be a it up yeah kind of yeah. Or you like isn't enough port card yeah and united are through this yeah oh absolutely was. The party trick. And and those little hit those people that are willing to do that on the screen media are willing to pay far more than the home people and just. Sites and javy. That we received a leisurely yes yes yes the large. Think I could make him about it but I'm not even vested you know I wallet out and you know. Presented to shirk it. The jetBlue paid Lori here's an am thinking she's in Turkey and hit it and Mark Cuban. I feel like they did say no they wouldn't invest let me show you can't outer box yet but I think that I had to explain to adding that it's just we we. I tell that to get I mean even that's stupid I know. You know weird world that it is I can honestly make millions of dollars. When I first saw the sort of the securabit eleven million dollars us BS yeah it's got a one of those stories diskettes. Floated out there and a ball was what eleven years so our eleven million dollars for six year old. You know what the web site I actually what they are watching some of the videos right now and sure enough they've gotten millions upon millions of views. Look at it means that dimmed grumpy to rattle you haven't had just looks a little pissed off the next thing you know you make a hundred million dollars. But I am Dixie will not fair it's not there. We knew we do. One picks of doomed to balance. Cheney would drop takes on what we have to go there and it in your belly button or 44 or or the signal that Ali button when we do BJ Singh and belly button and would you like Netflix and be like yeah. There electronics will start with president heralds yeah yeah I had to let it start how well. We see more on Alex I.