BJ & Jamie: 60th annual Grammy's Kesha's performance was touching. 1/29

Monday, January 29th

Kesha performed her song ‘Praying’ and it was very powerful. The song is about the abuse that she suffered at the hand of her producer. She did sue him but is still in contract with him so she has to make 2 more albums for him so we think she should do like an Easter album or a St. Patrick’s day.    

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Vijay and Jamie. All. Man. He's older he showed last time. All. Six grammys he helped by the way this is the PG JPMorgan Asia. And says it they'll be able to talk about Bruno of course they would tighten up Bruno they're excited about beyoncé in a big. And I should be evil had weighing the baby their tip blue I think we have adorable little girl girl so cute. And well behaved at night you know ravenous that there level playing yes and have your dad lose all. I don't like Jaycee pinscher a couple of nice and I don't like little rowdy he ventures but it can't into the audience and mounting legal and yes she can't leave the you know I think she looked good during if you can and can't write and then the other thing of course have been talking about is a performance by cash app and the song praying and then it was emotional is out late with their main energy or without. Yet he was a producer usually the same as doctor Luke this happened this team to lighten 2014. I don't know exactly when it occurred. But she claims she was physically abused mentally abused everything and and so she put together the praying saw him about I hope peace happy OP repented and I hope that you're wearing your on your knees. And so last touch performed it at the grammys it's it's very moving. I hate. Lawsuits have been flying back and forth with cash in this god doctor look in so he seemed to not get involved for some reason I don't know what the problem once it was over her contract she wanted out of it was Sony. And I guess he never letter letter out of it but does so she wrote disarm and when you watch the song last night. I think all of doubts. That she might be exaggerating or not telling the truth went away. I felt when the first song we even when the sun came out even before this performance yet because it's such a powerful song. Well if hearing the song on the radio. Did it movie enough to the powerful lists did it really you know could be she totally. Blew last night's performance big. It was that. Strong. Powerful moving people were crying in the ought. I tried to FaceBook to look like you said you posted but really posted Tuesday Nvidia and I have. FaceBook. A tactics are not really good number. Would hear this. Yeah it to our age a look at the whole video and it was Tim Zagat it's just broke shot I can't do your jobs entities you can't. Actually in the ass again aren't you right now. You cried when you watch it's I did give it a little the Clint and tell you everything because he said it made him a little emotional now this man is like a bagel ice cube bray in it is nothing phases him all day ice cube but for you to get a yeah I didn't cry don't go crazy and I don't think I cannot claim street about at the not claiming. Yeah I tiger is that you said it did move you a little bit. I. It was just listen to this is the actual performance. Lie from the grammys last night. Cash. Its. Head it's. Okay. Miss out you know. That's an everything's. Dead and it's the only. Slings and learn that in itself. No I'm sure it's. Safe distance so it was. So. Saying. Sing. Okay. Okay. So our kids who I am. It's. Completely didn't. It's. Any news and I was done. You know where mom and ask. Yeah. It's. Okay young. In weekday mornings. I nice.