BJ & Jamie: 60th annual Grammy's last night. 1/29

Monday, January 29th

 60th  annual Grammy’s were last night and it was not the best. Bruno mars won a bunch.. Song and Album of the year. Kesha gave an amazing performance of Praying and what is going on with PINK? And JayZ went 0 for 9. No Taylor or Justin Bieber.


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Vijay and Jamie at the grammys last night you're right Bruno Mars is passed I you know what I love about his dance he's not counting in his head. But you see a lot of performers but even jailer you can't this year like him to turn you. So like. He did so it's only the it is so cool. Eight years how cool it is I see. In your sons one of them Jamie but I know a couple of kids that have proof then have. And participated in talent shows everybody looks emulate him. Bruno Mars they wanted to get done like get the other people that are they're counting you know it. What you're talking about all orchestrated. He knocks it out he just makes it look so natural. Kids love that it's amazing he's so did it he won six grammys last that I let my mind I have a mask on kind of no I struck the Sierra what is did have the flu now. Hopefully like you have the surgeon's mask but they made it like cool well. Like you had like a snake on it again. I don't know what that was only. I kept stopping the TV to try to figure it out I couldn't figure out that it does that and again the flip he had the flu and at. It up but I've got to go to the grand easy to get the flu I the F two have met a mask but accidentally jazzy it's gonna be interesting to see what the ratings are for this for the grammys because you know the grammys like the Oscars and every awards show no so political that bit you know a lot of people just don't to answer we'll see what happens. I wouldn't I tuned in and out and I went in and out of Whitman. You're traveling you got back it was already on right out as it came on at 530 I was way on. And I'd been an hour into it yet much that was funny you expect is that this is like. So you to write it's that being new to perform kinda underneath on a barge or whatever they were on hundreds statue of liberty. But I think it's and they zoom into it with that lead singer's name Bono bottom and I sun's light. Com my body soul all holds. Out I am just look at a. I know you two assists highly successful with the with. But there are so respected all around the world of music industry loves. I'm not a big fan and I think there what are the most overrated rock band ever. I really never songs on the same idea is they'll get it to quote get the YouTube thing. People were tweeting glanced out oh my god viewed two would say they showed you though it did a very very well bars say they show folks if you. Bruno Mars last night spirit the toilet. As is all too serious. I mean art cash and killed. I'll give it to her she killed that was awesome. What a performance by cash that was one of the most amazing things I've seen in if you watched that last time you saw cachet to doing praying. Would that. On to Raj of ladies behind her. It was moving enough that you'd truly believed this woman was of that there's no doubt about. And I would see I haven't seen it yet and I'll bet. Use it for you to be moved them nomads yeah it's not it or leave and guys are tough cookie kick up and. And her up and yet not cry and should continue to see you would cry to. Can you. A lot of people cried and you have unfazed but that performance Ari did the did you know it took. I got clarity tried yep yep yep it is is that Kennedy it's going to be yeah it's it's it's by far it was the most moving moment of the night but. They really screwed it up her right after that they give us some kind of a comedies get Hillary Clinton. So if you haven't seen it does nothing that made it BJ almost week. You know hole well almost as I can. You know moment. Security then it's on our FaceBook page and BG gene and then string because I know a lot of people didn't see the cream is so it's always like. We never know if how part of going to because how many peoples not urgency it. With pink filling with Switzerland I don't know. What you should do and then she Schuker she is not alone there are kind of my mental. She's honest and she's in a pit cycle right now. To being she's and finish the grammys everybody remembers the bird twisting in the air. He had been dipped in water every bit brighter after that performance as it was so amazing that grieving performance with her in the white dress since that dipped in the water and is fun above every batting a bad way. Where countless time if you didn't see it was paying stand there on the stage. And then as time language gala Stiller right in hand and then paying bills island bigger and grown there. And it would advocate due entirely to throwing up as. I think it is either. You know watch in it was worthwhile you know she used to be so in a totally hand and I don't know why she's just got moved students are at a library and then a day is something else that I thought was embarrassing nobody's talking about this morning but but I feel like because. The grammys were held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Most of the time it's a new Los Angeles but they had at New York in the ambassadors. All week flowing into especially on Friday and Saturday was Jaycee. Jaycee was like front row he was the mainly lives in New York he owns New York. And eight beating the music icon he he went over nine. Shut out and every time they checked again and. The call and be an anchor and is he. Do you angry doesn't mean it's your hometown. Your fraught Roddick give them time I. I'm putting it putting like one and one together in my head thinking he's gonna win everything we know I didn't win you want nothing you know I didn't link. Because his wife were stupid that no way did he over. We're a small owners and another reason. I'm gonna fight when trouble weekend they called stroke curse not that. I. That's what Twitter is sensed that. He got hit with the drug curse the day you know for the idea and we had together big Twitter war over the weekend was. Yeah I witnessed a baby sitting behind her I don't care she nor I. Like and I am so glad I was behind. That you're like oh you had your. Did see earlier in the show though that meter the putter umbrella down at. At at. Mystique. We're gonna play you doubt what play you the cash so I think we play it from the grammys. Instead of playing what we have news so you lose the recording I think we do actually the grammys performance because it was dead good like. It was solid no doubt about it. Are you winner would play in less brutal Maher stuff around 7 o'clock. Can we just played sooner than that so I didn't hear it no. It's. Happening soon. Miss out you know. That's an everything's. Dead and it's. It's wrong I'm happy. Flames and learn that in itself. No I'm sure tonight it's. Safe distance so we see they'll let us. His son. Name. Saying. She pain soon. Time. Okay. So our kids who I am. So. The game. Any news net. I was telling them. You know where mom and NASA. Yeah. We need to. And zionism and if you don't know. Each and every morning. Nice nice.