BJ & Jamie: 700 pound woman on diet to have kids. 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st

The lady who wanted to be the fattest woman on the planet had to go on a diet because she got pregnant.


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Vijay in June acting even body if you act as well of course. What I'd tell him in I'll accept that weighty story short did you steal the fat lady story for me try now are. I wish I had no idea I would just tell us that. What did he mean tell us what is much you know I'll remember that lady a few had a few months ago that what it did come the fattest woman ever in history. She was shooting to be a thousand pounds and remember she was drinking knows sheiks through funnel. Yeah her husband does feeding her throne funnel yeah. And it didn't need to be. Huge I mean you're talking into the 600 town life and death to Jews at 700. I mean I can't play yet but anyway it's happened with her leg yeah you have an updated. She she's not gonna become the heaviest woman on the planet anytime soon ocean and I haven't done that because she got right to. Own all she got. She got pregnant. I'm losing you are you okay. Give the mayor even though I don't know that yeah sorry Gilligan make it out if that happens I. Just I'm. Not pick up a lady have. I looked appeared doctor forced her to lose 200 pounds and then to have the baby Ali did on our amber. Drop down from like 600 to 400 Nelson which could have debate how good does that sound healthy dog should kick it back up again though well after they are. Let's average into the baby now as it's known that's really awful news. I watch my 600 pound life and it isn't saddest things to listen to how they do it then on six and about life. So in the little kids when I go to the park in the big 600 pound woman she is trying to add to the park the kids get out and she watches from her window over car. She figured out who. You can put that on the playground know David get out. Although he and then it's show and they show up or into the car or 600 pound body and that has been so over her he dish like Dan. If he'd have to injure something yeah I know right through. So plan around she goes down the slide. You don't slide yeah it to them total non kitten it. Yeah so but she has watches from the window of her card it's so sad and you felt awful for those kids. I thought it is to beat at the end of that played badly he had to lose she was forced to listen she did ROG agreed to do it because she knew it was for the health kit. So she dropped down to 400 to have an idea. That's the child and I tell you when the Georgetown nice that was crazy except still the woman you know the far right here. Who's the PG yeah while I feel terrible looking but yeah I got an adult who cheat right here right OK okay her food cheap. Still big. Al Baghdad again if they get hurt the G got so big. Isaacson about like eight grew so big that went between her legs she can't put legs together and it drags on the ground. Sushi like and she. It. And she. Jamie. In you can sit there were on the radio right you can. Episode you'll have to walk around and do in this Palestinians and everything you and your stomach ache when. So hard on its dragon on the ground behind you could almost drivel. Too heavy earlier in his Twitter I'd like this. I can't watch them you know god I just mentioned uttering watch that channel and you know brought up the fat lady but I can't watch. They eat so much when they go through Dresser it's crazy that are are they see the people that are on the show are they are. Are they glad they're that weights or. Their really sad because this woman happy. Followed this woman is not snot rag and a third by detail like that he your life like that dialogue. Platypus yeah no she's not happy and then they go to the drive through and a big it's not. And they order next week's big Texan and I have tripled for eyes and then shake. Yes again I have to go again I mean when you get to that size yes he'd defend him right. And it becomes like equator and it cuts itself off from that. The rest of the body. And solar system X cores show and is so great it don't know it's a great them distinctly three EC should integration because they change. I think people. I watch a double proper. Move now and I don't really care too but it's big for some reason man they just written note and now more episodes have been ordered more temple's department. I don't know likened his I don't know much in his grossed six and about life thing but I feel like there isn't. You know happy ending is devoted get better and stuff that doesn't happen I mean I know how this happens at. You know I don't know what the all in the same kind of like what's with Titanic over know exactly mean OK and what did they just land it does is I don't know I've never seen it on the date his punches poke it. Lancet I don't know yet. And in the urine of and that created outlived his best moment they just have run out yet and. In the and they just have pimples lined up. Just ended Roland another pimp and do it in. Is important on Alex.