BJ & Jamie: Alexa is just laughing at us all. 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th

Alexa is being very creepy and laughing for no reason out of nowhere she just starts laughing a very scary laugh. Bj says he can’t get his Alexa to do anything for him… he thinks she is dumb but Jamie thinks it’s him.


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Vijay and Jamie are what's I don't know what Alexis she's scared the hell out of people all anybody let's go up and you see that. I sell I watched Jeremy Hubbard rubbed. Robert talk about this last night is creepy as crack. What does she do okay. So added no rape your news I'm in my living room right I have to say it now. Out at night maybe AM you know doing whenever I do in my living room in thousand it and now he. Yeah yeah. That's election at a nowhere. Listen. I mean I. You don't master you know it and now do you think maybe some things on in the house and she hears something and she's replying to that Nike is to have I. How hi I'm telling you right now if I heard that in my living room. I would unplug the crap out of her here's a couple of tweets up the. Not a whit there's the wrong. Lying in bed about to fall asleep when Rolex my Amazon echo. Let a lot of very loud laugh it's very creepy there's a good chance and I'm gonna get murdered tonight. Yeah. I yeah. Can you imagine your length sound asleep and it just goes. And. Here's another I don't like it. I'm sitting here having an office conversation it's pretty confidential stuff and Alexis to started laughing her. Just painting the picture that I did. Here's another one. I know yeah without. I Juliet really get it. We get we get. So I just use my Alexa to send a two minute timer at the institute and Rudolph. All I heard was a last. Now knows. Wow now that's for years and it's why some people are creeping out enough. Here's what it says it's a big dog creeped out enough having an. Amazon echo constantly listening to their every move in their home but he gets more disturbing than that. The whole thing about them laughing and don't. And people are now saying they're gonna start turning it off. From what else she's now. The offer yeah I'm actually just for. God and so it says that to make things weirder. There was no indication on ad that the ad device spurred any commander. The hope here is that something is accidentally registering a command a laugh from some other noise because election is listening and whispered trigger word. Followed by me and this is somewhat plausible however it Alexa does mess up. It featured in the app allows you to see what ankle heard in order to help promote improved its function and. Well I. That's what I said. He's hearing something inside that house so that you have on you don't realize it's on it's got to can be and and so she's laughing it. A quick search shows a number of laughs skills Alexa up laugh okay Alexa laugh. Laughs as she is on several laugh skills so it is possible. One was accidentally added and then triggered. Could be or it says it might be Jeff days those laughing every time he makes another billion dollars a. Plausible it's live via his like he could have of the art and laughing in your living room and you didn't trigger. I don't think gets freaked out. I would I warlike what what you do that. Don't get freak out now but I tell you that my elect is dumb it's either her or me yeah but there. We're just not on the same page. I asked her things and when I ask she always says same replied that she really doesn't know the answer to that. It is like Goldman why I ask you. You're probably putting round. We equally wrong and I mean how are you asking are okay elects. What's your question why I would Astor I asked her for example I asked her who is winning the golf tournament. But what golf that was on Sunday. And today she said that she did not have. She did not have access to that information. We'll talk golf part of I should. My doesn't know which what you're talk about there's millions of golf tournaments around the world. She would assume it's the PG ENE I would take did you say that. I need this new is winning the PGA golf tournament just like most women heard are not on the same page. You know just so lazy like turn up. A woman nobody says that Alexa wasn't for lazy people. I'm just saying you have to give her a little more details okay just delusional. Birds are out should've said. A Alexa who is winning the current PGA tournament. And I say well yeah click she stayed until you have to Nancy eight and give her the details she is stupid. She'd take it my playlist and it's really weird because everything I left furious. Yes like I say okay Alexa played music and should go something you probably like 21 pilots global consciousness of this whole list. And it's everything that I love she plays my music. Is that weird you know thing as an amateur Allman disaster last. Yeah did I disclose who wish you'd like to see what my last matches up with the slap her. Number I had applied to any allegiance that was part of the conversation to pay would ask the boss of it was OK to do yesterday in the meeting what. Would you ask you mentally have to look at by Brandon. You know a bad back so she collected it went back GS the bus NEC yeah. Oh yeah platform. Yeah. Yeah Indian weekday mornings on Ellis. I ice.