BJ & Jamie: Alexa is listening and recording your conversations 5/25

Friday, May 25th

Alexa is picking up people's conversations, one woman found pout that her conversation had been recorded and sent to her husbands employees.

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Vijay and Jamie I've got us Jamie one of these for Christmas. Because I knew she'd love it she loved it so much she would have bought four more every rumor arouse as I don't know lit a once you let me echo you bought in an ice well but the big what yeah you've got the little yeah little pods but still it's a ZLX everybody bought this thing at Christmas that did not I don't feel like I feel like half the homes out there right now have the I love it via. I'm absolutely love so yesterday a story breaks out of Portland Oregon where a couple and it's been confirmed by Amazon. That their conversation. Was hurt. Recorded it but I Alexa and then sent to a contact in their phone yeah the weirdest story on the planet. I don't get how happens fortunately the couple was only talking about hardwood floors. I don't mean the could think what you talk Matt inside your house to act. I know for me from the happy mood and imagine that going out to your boss. Neck as he's my contacts ex husband. And there are a lot of night. Whatever's in your contacts. In it this couple they get a phone call one nights in it's a guy that I think she works with. And and he says hey turn your legs off now testing and others may turn it off and she liked it. Yeah turn it off your Lexus is is taking your conversation right now and sending it to me and text. If you called me and said that like what he'd I would even comprehend what you were saying are listened to the plate I have the lady explaining. In this is happening in other places too we just don't have the audio nobody's come forward yet but he has happened according to to Amazon. Here's a lady explaining exactly what happ. It each. And until recently Daniel's home was completely wired up and every rule with the Amazon echo her family used the Alexa app to do everything from turn up the heat to turn off the life. Just like you every single room Jamie that's what you ask why at least I only have one. It could be out of range maybe if I'm in the kitchen bedroom and my view entry. It looks but doesn't know told us via Skype that two weeks ago their love for Alexa changed with an alarming phone call. And in line and I'm. Now that person was one of her husband's employees calling from Seattle we got around and on and on talents and it he had seen. Audio files recordings for what was going on how did. Hill says her Amazon divisive or Portland home recorded a private conversation and sent that recording to Orlando. Contact which happened to be the employee in Seattle. One. I only how big and I got around it what. It fixed it's an audio file so you'd literally hear the person in Oklahoma. Right it's in their home oh yeah this is coming out of their house visit a file that was guardian their computer they know. It listening inside your living room recording thing and creating a file binding contacting your thought because since teamed up with your phone with the -- into trying to contact in start sending out your audio file. Stare time. Here's more. Ers management like you didn't Andy let. Our horse and and I'll see you really enjoy it. Org about hardwood floors and he confirmed. These attorneys don't turn it off it's sitting out your audio files right now. Now I feel bad because I have a friend and he is like he has been on meet saint. Saying it paints and I am right it is saying you artist a paranoid freak it does not isn't. Does listen I feel like now to call him and apologize not only those that listen it goes beyond that. It records. And tell collects piles on you and keeps it in keeps it. It now both law I as it did Amazon comes out and they said yesterday go well. We are aware of this but it happens rarely. Rarely it happened. But really destroyed to make life. Yeah I mean that scans or some is like it veered talking smack about your boss and then and then it's a pilot collects it sends it to Glassman Mike here. It and not good man not good night get at all. Oh it's not happened. Which actual playing is am I. I employed bond yesterday did but he didn't need to put out and we knew when you that's a great question here here's why I say that is because when we all heard about the FaceBook. Everybody was talking about how everybody's gonna drop leaves out nobody dropped taste nobody got collect our people big date movie with big if you subscribe to a story we didn't. I think this one goes beyond FaceBook. I think this goes way beyond that makes me very comfortable Nikola. IC unplug. If you don't if you're lightly I have it but I don't use. I feel like a no more than like so you don't. Lecture. Yeah there's just Google stuff. Frightened evident that what's great about our judge you should visit Morgan is you're a debater. Until when you and a muddy answer when you know you have a disagreement about it. That's not when that happens you just asked collects and she solves a problem it right it's a right. Yeah but I don't like Caster beat. Well we'll look. At what that public doubt at that point you know I was like whoa you go. But you guys think about this this is goes beyond FaceBook. This is something that bit the capture your audio recording two GO they know what to incentive to contact it just randomly picks a contact. And are sure we don't wanna hear what's going on in John and Jane is out oh how you feel sexy time but. I imagine I'll. I hate coming whatever name. I don't want that no hug you better Letterman name yeah I Yogi Bear and already there but the feedback have you ever thought yeah it's it's an. The dogs is boo boo. I am happy with that. Any of that graph what little heavy off a horrible thing called Hollywood's and I went in my bedroom. I have a bedroom in a bathroom and so when I get ready and I am dead kitchen and the living. Remnants. I heard the file from two nights ago. I act act act and act act. Yeah Alexis. She did that sleep whatever bad that we all want to know what was okay but a may be got a new ball and I hit it a it could fit in god that's awful man blood all blacks are located in working against. Each inch anymore. I.