BJ & Jamie: Alexa orders some Doll houses for everyone. 1/9

Monday, January 9th

There is another Amazon Alexa story. Over the weekend in California she ordered doll houses for everyone who has her. If you had your credit card saved inside Alexa’s little brain she spent your cash on a doll house.


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Vijay and Jamie first of all this election takes Alexa as you know last week to discuss. Yes she is in a lot of bad things. I mean like that the worst words you'd ever aren't a lot of Alexa is an act. Echoed device that sits on your out coffee table you ask me questions. You can tell let's turn on your lights turn off their lives it's just knows everything. Alexis got some bad words programmed to though. You want to air station report are detected annual regional hot (%expletive) and it should girl and yeah. His top. He had that I just bad day we just had a taxable lady who says her over the weekend the same day. Woo some bad words hurt her granddaughter sitting around and then there's another story out of San Diego this morning where Alexa. Ordered all houses. So here's what happens when it happened was I guess they were doing their report on oh on a little girl that walked up to election said. Let me say it all out sprite. It shouldn't do this important Israeli says it was a 160 dollar because the parents. And program their credit card into Alexa ray to order stuff into the daughter ordered so it made the knows exactly. So on initiating a new stationed at doing this report about it. Well if you haven't elects outbid them. Who put it into netbook is. All these people I mean they should give a hundred containing a all these people had this this Lex out on their the coffee tables and when the guys did that report about. How this little girl said LXL order Miette doll house. Guess what happened. Yup it ordered a doll house with a 160 dollars for every person watching the TV station. Here in that guy's voice the anchors voice programmed into Alexa Alexa order for that resident. Exactly so all overseen Diego if you had an Alexa watching that TV station you got a dollar house how. Might get a doll house you've got a doghouse everybody got. I think it's really scary because my son I told you has been OK Google called dad or whatever yeah. So if we just say anything like OK Google don't be too lax with the yeah yeah. If so now here's the deal. When you go into a house what's go read Jamie's house right and I know Jamie and Amazon right and she loves animals and one of the Lexus and Amazon prime do. Again delivery yesterday my son and I know it's. Jamie why loves Amazon private I didn't hurt credit card is not it is and it's didn't Amazon I mean they. I know I don't know I know I hope they just keep them go at Amazon never stops they'll let that never stop. Anyway but if I know for example that Jamie has no Lexus sitting there if I'm over her house to save him it's more durst she gives me the most we teach. And I'm standing there I see the election I could say. Order me a Segway. Get me a segue it'll pick it up she's in another room Nixie she knows a day later a segue shows up. Alexa get me a sad way. Gary here's his Amazon says oh she's so if you have one of those election. You can now it says Amazon says there are ways to prevent mistakes. Like those happened with all the doll houses including turning off the ability to purchase via voice only. All are requiring it confirmation code that's after we ask elected to do something. They could be written order pizza by tied for two and can't so he split and I had a code on it. Now here's what I wanna try real quick here if you have an Alexa what do you turn up your radio right now. The a church team. Turn your radio right now because this is a bona fide Amazon test. Turn up the radio there you get it near the election there you. How lax up order DJ eight bit late. Kids that are out right that I know you didn't know you know agents that lives. You sick Alexa into the wrong word ram than I did yeah barn. You've got a little bit bit me. I that's exactly the hot. Eighties on the fun of you went out around collect it's varied and all these people god don't allow its so over San Diego. AS AD. I. Well my granddaughter who are showing her how to use election where it's an. She's never seen it before so we were giving her Alexa words and asking him to sign being lynched do we act. I addition and subtraction problem has inched you know Alexa was really cute bunny coming back with you know that's an easy one and all of a sudden react to what color with the moon and should that the move would gray each and there was like a 22 delay and then all of a sudden this woman. And came in unto the Alexa and give the definition of the N word. How it was inappropriate to use and then gave us all along what goes on. It sounded like it was a lecture at had been recorded. And then it it would it was an election as glorious it was a different voice completely. And. Well only here because you asked about the moon in Ng yeah she's at the Miguel lecture but it wasn't Alexis is voiced I never heard Alexa not use Alexis is in his voice. No this was a whole different. Woman's voice let me know it's real but there were three adults in the room between we only use election to turn off our lights. Turn on our our pandora music. We have a program that a radio yet but eat eat you can do that our our. Has splintered so weak we haven't programmed any of that yet that the systems brand new I would like to remarks aren't much and it just seated and then it stopped. And it never did it again you know we we waited a little bit my husband said that you couldn't researched Alexa because it'll it'll. Miss it I don't know if it's via email. I don't know sixteen Amazon account because when we were playing with that I'd settle accept bite me well what he's got an email some electric age we are some Amazon's saying we're reviewing your response. You know. Yeah. I. I Cilic just as my husband was playing and David Edwards was running all over the scene on the light amounts of I settle Alexa bite me and and she and we got me. He got a text or an email saying that bad they were reviewing our our criticism or something to that aspect I can remember exactly the verbal. So you know we get. We do he can up. Apparently you can research any seeing. That you have sent to Alexa. I will tell you it was it's what's what's your in the conversation or whatever. Yeah I was funny about the election ending legacy and my friend he has won it in I talked to it like it that an election is dash at. How. Oak except. I can talk to this little hot in here I can't talk to it like it nor rovers are well and not let. That's I think easy he won't understand the annunciation the so you wanna make sure that you're cleared and side effect this. And might have been an engineer electrical engineering he just. She's just fascinated with this this woman that and our house now so a locker points you know get rid of that pitch it's usually he's like. No he's and I like our police hands early conversation village but anyway Yashin sat at. A fascinating piece of machinery but our electronics but it would be real interesting we all just yeah that are likely to happen here. Let there are few bugs still yeah. They are an integral to all houses almost say Diego and a bug to do here right away. Like I said we've never had that kind of conversation around Alexa know. We're about to come up all of a sudden and they and what should it wasn't a great. Yeah that's a never did or does not harmless. Sadie thank you thank you I have a great day yeah sorry you've got to change we've seen more. Alex I.