Bj & Jamie: This is amazing, a guy bowls perfect game in 90 seconds 4/27 (AUDIO)

Thursday, April 27th

Man bowls 300 game in less that 90 secs. Sean had a friend who he claimed said it was amazing. Bj and Jamie says Sean is a liar and his friend never said that.


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Vijay and Jamie did you see the video of the bowler eye chart put it on FaceBook says the 300 game I get he has got a real. I did Alia that. Met the guy holes. It. I just don't know why he tunes that night. That got holes splattered Imus listened to answer this is this is fascinating audio with. That was good Ollie goes on and on and you gotta say I'm. Now we've got a perfect game to bully that's only two right now. The guy Eagles a perfect game in less than many seconds here's the way does. They take an entire bowling Alley they set up all the and he starts at lingual on any rolls a ball he doesn't even see it hit the pants. Any run Joseph gets another book and Eagles all we don't realize how he did like that I didn't know he didn't like down here. Ayala he doesn't even see it that. That and Becky at the Rio we're past and John as friends Steagall glows the idea former intern here you know he added I do a Catholic it's. The number. And here's why don't think it's OK. He says that it's amazing and he act like these bowlers don't think it's possible but you can see the guy do it it's alive and there's no trickery. He says it's amazing Murray spoke to him this morning well no I haven't spoken to him but he does put us talking about that this is it's amazing he went to the video of one amazing. He and Brad is coming. I mean how like spoken to him personally that FaceBook is as personal as we get these days and he said Steve god. These honor these dot FaceBook Jesse and I. He's other comedy about this bowler on my page. You Colin could. I call to speed like goes out to Wear bullet. I am so I would think that Steve would be the first person and I get him on the line to get Bono I'm a former intern here Stevie. I would think Steve would be the first to be like being in sync ski and be real because if the guy was that good. If he'd be out there earning so much buddy on the pro bowler who love that's what I don't know is you know I think this guy Dave I. I ended up and I'm sure to more than one page but he rolls all the strikes Obama we have audio. He rose all the strikes lit lately race Johnny comet you tagged him. Who told you it was a lie and hit it it was just so out of the blue it was a lot I hit them. You drag Jim Shaw he didn't come you a liar. Now he's quiet that it that the outcome of except that you ever if if it. I did to agony and I bet he didn't come up big time on your I want to know what Steve has so I want him to see the video because. He is a bonafide. The I guess competitive. Bowler right Kate and I shot he's pretty intact he. She just did the three minutes ago. Exactly that's why I knew it was a lot the good they're delegate put it up on FaceBook. Does it shouldn't put that board thing up fool me over the don't think it does. They'll tell I was talking I think out of its feed bowl there's a video you're FaceBook page to BG GB fan page. And there's a bowler on there that literally just rolls down the entire bowling Alley throwing balls and everything's just right. Yeah stayed but hey let's. Spoken to Hewitt ages. Oh yeah yep yep about it they were calling about a Boley questions. Good to have you seen the video of the got the bulls 300. In less than ninety seconds. It dream and it's go dogs on. It will look better I edit edit in the morning talk. That this dog tags you've. It seems that it's amazing onstage. Greater management don't leave you now know Sean. I'm a liar. And yet I say again that's not possible let's edit. I don't know it's it's pretty bad luck you know you can only goes back the ball return we'll let it go do it. You baht to come back. No no no no no no he goes down the lane he starts in my number one he knew rolls a ball he doesn't even see it hit depends. I don't know for talking about the same video pal. And it goes down and I mean when he goes down on apparently ain't too. There was. Sure there isn't popped right where he hasn't can easily three minutes as he has John just posting it. At the sure we have the best expert on him. All right. Talking about the cables on each slain relative. Yeah I kidnapped in that in twelve strikes. In the IB second tour. Eighty and yes sir do you think that's real Steve. That's. Pretty hard to do. That's what John says they usually into. She's gonna tell us a few minutes ago let's just go here. Shaw told us that you need you being his great buddy on FaceBook you and I discussed it in us 'cause yeah and you said it was absolutely amazing and you sit it was for sure for real nothing fake about it. That's what he says that at an drill I mean what did you ever say any of that design. Sure we'd rhetorical would try to hit. You don't talk at all. But FaceBook post that an old journal op. Actually you know I'd I would still lay in bed and I got its own daughters. For me it's no I saw the lie. Try. Ride at least what Jamie and our our our disagreeing on something we both are telling the way we actually feel. The trip you backed it up with a just a blatant lie. Yeah. When it was yeah you're supposed to be the most trustworthy person on the shelf to be so there. John yeah but yeah. I doubt there. Why it why would you leave that go that direction wins that you have to bring Stephen do you like your good buddy and he said it was amazing it's absolutely true we need some credibility. Have you let alone its odds Augustine that side and you guys just. Only that the because it's an amazing video and the guys obviously does as many steps is ING the video of the baby they got picked up by the whole walk. Remember the sharks in Manhattan after sandy was well. The sharks are real the baby. Steve go to bed for arts tasty and paid a league embodied Steagall. And even win and I think. I don't let him know. I think this team quite often actually where he'll show up that a couple of then say it would that we do and Irene into like a Star Wars something the few months ago now that. I stink so amount about that time wedding and digitally to radio broadcast Coolidge as your mentor well yeah casting doing now. Are now on duty at NATO knew it it is and it really nice stone fireplaces and Brit wit and spent. I really listening the radio didn't have a. Yeah also I want to tell you it's brought out. Steve don't. Don't feel bad about it because again the record is intact and yeah. Shoney's yet to have one graduating in turn that actually don't agree that your idea. Your fine though so I'm just try yeah. I mean it took our yeah I think. She's a heckler. It's gonna need it yeah god is Johns internship programs supplies sold many dry you know Wohlers around. Intensity. And calm and construction people. I don't really need. Harrison and I had done a good a year out of your little broadcast networks and working not and you. Not one. Over five years. But is I don't know one in broadcast you managing to appear I do think yeah. I'd say I'd say just didn't do what you very consistent and a yeah. And the importance on Alex I.