BJ & Jamie: Amazon Email Scam 12/13

Tuesday, December 13th

BJ and Jamie want to let you know about the latest Holiday email scam!!! BEWARE!!

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Vijay and Jamie you know I was just thinking about that a story that each is dead about Pia Amazon's scam yeah. Can you imagine. Let me remember just a few days ago we'd revealed that they do like five million packages every hour of the regrets of the price is just crazy number I don't remember exactly what was. Can you imagine. With the that so many people they go to Amazon how many people fell for that. I know. That was he didn't I mean it's less considered the words here are their words it says customers are invited to an ad click on the link that looks like the absolute company's website Amazon but the link actually takes users to a fake authentic looking around Phishing site. And it looks just like the Amazon page yeah and they said that when they look dead they couldn't tell the difference. You can certainly see. Why here at the holiday season people are buying an Amazon like all right easy are you not know I thought on her yesterday. Hand you're on the air to. And you're like okay well you know what it's Amazon I trust Amazon they've always delivered next babe in fact they deliver I'm a prime customers there's no way this is a scam and you go in and you literally make a couple of clicks in you given all your banking information. Yeah to some Fisher. So it says that lesson if you RD has put your bank account in the system of Amazon's we're never gonna send you an email saying hey we need Dan Rea. Reissued new bank accounts and whatever ball by your your cap wasn't good to. You can't get into the site it says go to go to And then check and that what. Don't don't follow any. What I'm clicking on I want to click on. I mean I have been a lot of us are conditioned that way I really didn't even those of us that aren't so Smart. We we still know enough to know. We should mourn enough with viruses and everything don't go there was something that was leaked out yesterday for your phone. And are now yeah I saw an email yesterday it was like OK if you get this doom not open this it was on your mobile device it wasn't already a PC he was your mobile device. That he would completely wipe out your phone. Remember about you and I am ashamed they got texts from supposedly and it wasn't. Bank of America and they need to update now on our information and neither levs have been from America again a year at the now I don't they find out yeah like I just think America text and I I'm and they count you go if you looked and you let the same ten day via. There are always out their fishing. And I I just you know I've seen so many different once Bank of America you know that didn't Nigeria you know always what you put money into an account but I can tell you. I think the scariest thing I've heard in a long time resembles our. And because sold many people and you got to figure people that are somewhat elderly years to stop paying attention and it's a holiday. I got a feeling a lot of people fell for this. I think you're right Hulu let's well I'll get a guy is so funny I can't believe that you make him as a thank. Is this it's funny it's just fun. Because I feel like it's going to be like Corel down. Member when he robbed a winch that tumor whatever what was happening there was nothing in that tomb that they team for that debt rabble to. I never we don't know really really little girl and watch it would my parents and we were so excited and an open it and there was nothing. There's a good chance that we could be. Quite disappointed but this there's no doubt about that Vijay has a locker he has an open at ten years here at radio regularly get issued blockers here we used to when I first got here thirteen years ago I used to for the first couple three years. But since then I've yet to here's how awesome combination never pit open pit stop it open in ten years. It is just sitting back there. And so we came up one day it was thought maybe we should openness and that we thought maybe we don't FaceBook life let's see what's in there could be embarrassing for me. Could be quite embarrassing fact and. Am just like it has some things happened ten years ago and well I was very ear that year commitment but it really was Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got married at the newest star studded wedding. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has had little Shiloh. Being who is seen. But look at. I don't think there's anything in that locker that has to do with any of the breaking new use of 2000 it's I know there might be there might be some old magazines I don't know for sure I mean this a make you feel really old. Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus aired its first episode. In 2000 sent him 110 yeah Miley Cyrus never happened so Nike's Sam feel crazy. Nolan ever heard of the Kardashian never ever blows with a good times right slower donuts. Those good times I think about my life I was an LA and I'm still in 2006 yeah I was stone junior yeah I was then that but do you spend was pregnant again really cause you were a look. There you know there could be now that you mention and I take it aquavit timeline thing yet there could be a poster premiere of Hannah Montana. I like there John well you did ten years god that was super excited ten years ago this month actually is when I broke my today. And so my life changed anti and that when he got shorter that's when he got shorter mom I've got a link shortening. Ten years ago music it isn't so he was the same hi I need to match. A lot of eyebrows leg and I don't want to say is 2006 in this during this month is when you wobble years started Yasser idea while. Ten years ago remember when you're straight with one here I'm Jeff didn't go the issue really is the same new diet and I and I love them. Well the good old days yeah. By the end of the so well well as we remember this this morning that I. In an importance on Alex I.