BJ & Jamie: Amazon Employees peeing in cups Avalanche playoffs 4/16

Monday, April 16th

BJ had something strange happen over the weekend. An Amazon package did NOT show up. He received an email saying it would be there on Saturday and it did not show up. Amazon Employees are having to pee in bottles because they are working so hard.  Avalanche are 0-2 and are back home tonight.


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Vijay and Jamie I have something happened yesterday that was a first what would you can relate to this I don't look at seven deal. And Amazon package did it show up. You bring that to happen me you know the day your problems now. Never happened. I was supposed to get in on Sunday they hit it never Rodney didn't Iran you know are you sure I did you did the tracking the. And try. I have attract. As a well I thought for sure that it would show up like last night a week of this morning you'd be up front door but it wasn't. Because I have had it where I I thought it should have been there but it was at the neighbors yes it might be your neighbors. Saying. GC would be Amazon employees haven't opium bottles I did not see this now I you know I read the story of that group the working too hard we can't make it to the bathroom I guess. These those working in the deaths over their eyes like house guests like is sweat shop and see anything about this there's a story. Up out employees. That the bathroom so far away and they're so scared of losing their jobs it's still busy that they are having to whiz. It's been a bottle as it. And again to mania as intended. That that adults and they're aware of their butts all and I never side I that I saw the trucks in the neighborhood yesterday as I was doing my yard. And I thought for sure that was brought package it didn't show up. And well I think it might be at a neighbor to neighbor's yeah maybe a little rat trap they didn't make in the Al. Track there's a little truck got. And I'll show you where the drug can I just haven't gone there yeah I get because I like I said I thought I would get up this morning it would be there. And so I since have been here are just not had to choose to go look for. Okay okay and it does is it's a picture of the little track yet in and there's lined up and check and it shows different too it's a hard. Are doing right now the ads are back in town but it's not good either a wouldn't say who they're playing Nashville at. The Pepsi Center tonight the Arlington and there oh into in the playoffs. Not early two day the lost two games eroded Nashville but their backing of at home to die at home ice they gotta win that data away guy that it's the best of Le. It's set up to him that I. And it come on ask don't they use this document right now. Is not a don't. Get. You know I don't know it's been awhile but like they could. That's at W just pull out of my unit you know what. Acted like he is and I thought out well that would I don't know that I don't know. Name shown on his sports guy he's big occupant 2001. And oh it has been a while yeah yeah that's my problem. With the make it more yeah that's right. And I was it's when I'm reading a Stanley Cup play on. Ice on the act all the gal I never come enacted Hamburg and lived in LA you know I'm never coming back here for the celebration downtown. It's crazy really and it just doesn't want it's pretty short but you're right though yeah. Team won the cup in 1996. And 2001. That's when your favorite player Roy was here to play. And the clock I love the clock rule it. In. More on Alex I.