BJ & Jamie: Amazon in home delivery 10/26

Thursday, October 26th

Amazon Key is coming to 38 states amazon will deliver a package inside of your house.

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Vijay endgame and Amazon key is coming oh my god did you see it's no Dem. Heard eight it's down 37 cities that it's ridiculous who's gonna do that nobody. There was done TV Amazon wants access to put your package inside your house when you're not home it's indicated they set up a system to do this roll this out or realizes the rolling this out in in less than two weeks I understand over Christmas and what was that money lost in Amazon stolen packages at all definitely. I'm was yeah. Amazon I understand that that that happens but this is not the answer nobody is gonna have access to my house and here's my question. Is this override not because I have the ADT eaten does that override ADT because of the opener cracked my dorm right now alarm goes off the police are called. I am not sure I'm not sure here's the way it's designed are not TP EDT OK because religious tell you how it's designed. They have the very special lock and a camera that's a part of a package and it's not cheap either I mean this things like. 250 dollar yourself but that you get a lot that goes on your door which means the other block will be locked you'll be using the Amazon lucky for expecting a package. To be delivered that day so that's a box they have access to. A one time code they will unlock it they won't block it and always there's a camera that shows it dropping up package and shutting the door. The eighteen go past that point or you'll get in on your video it's gonna be on your phone. Part of an act so you can monitor how far in the house ago. And when they leave your house and the code they can only use it put like five minutes and it just goes off right you just automatically locks. Amazon is coming into your house to drop the package because sports pirates have brought little. I just I don't know what you do about your regular security system now. I couldn't do that because of the hawks yeah I beat her dogs eat the immediate delivery guy yet and the package in the back. Package run its chip I didn't go so there are a lot of different hurdles here but I guess if you own lives in an area where you don't really have the ET system. Or you would don't have pets. Then maybe this is something that is yes and if you bit a victim. Of getting packages sold every week. You wouldn't just use a whole food system. Because a whole foods have a whole wall an entire wall where you can get your packages delivered in two dubbed little locker. Yeah I would just do that well but it takes away the convenience idea of him being at your house when you get some idea is different. Okay my ideas. We. Well blue monitored are those people are they they put that little cooler in front of your house and then they bring you fresh milk innings analysts have on the cooler. Listen. Acts. In burn your house is not very attractive on the side your house and has the code and they just put it in that big old pulled it in like three couples applied to me that would seem like the obvious thing but I hope that you that there are eight Joey hurdles on that. Now for Angela boxer perhaps plot box on the outside your house because it's not very appealing to the neighborhood so I'll bet you that some problem yet enjoy its cross country I would let them. Like do a coat on my good rods to. And easily that Mike rots that wave you know maybe. It is this camera. I guess are sitting not everybody has a garage announcement. You know Bobbie let not forgetting the six car garage like man but they've all they thought of all the singles and endurance that's the way you can. Three I have to. Rick yeah if I got to do good work ahead of me in life. One car ahead we'll go. Out. And he's got one yeah I think it's one cart rookie right yeah tiger three on the tube he's won and not only. That but. Amazon key is the new system and this is not something in this trial and error this thing's gonna be rolled out. 37 cities on November 8. And now that I have and what you brought the dog saying and you went to have a cat runs out front door or yeah I caddies are they responsible. Bottom line is what you said it is very began. I don't want somebody in my hours it would. Get what you say that fiscal ground. It feels like in you know we are probably 100% wrong here because Amazon's done lot of recent of course the largest general Arnold stupid so Jeannie are sitting here saying this is no this is not the it'll probably be a smash and down and be perfect in working out great but I guess I'd say from my dad my dad wouldn't care united. Any bright light off immediately. But I don't know. Mean not well but it's not and I get it because at me knows everybody and it's safe and it's fine and you know I don't know how that. Big cities. Ryo three apartment well actually just do on text in 051059. Do you think this is good idea it's called Amazon he comes out in November November 8. 37 cities across country Denver's one of them I think. And I'm pretty sure this. And they're gonna go etc. this is they actually can unlock go away and drop up a package shut your door locks back up you watch it on your phone you know exactly what it's arriving. If it alerts you so you can watch it all you know exactly what happened steel out this yellow the bigger hole. The snow for I don't care I would still look around I would do under the guys act like Abu Miriam ranges up and I'm gonna look Europe and judge Missouri judge yeah. And I don't see you might it doesn't you know they don't rolled the stuff out as a number I mean they've done tons of research on it you gotta figure they thought about the box is up front again you brought up which seems so obviously ranked. Like at black box death. This is clear that you don't like digital weird things where I live they gave it to my neighbor. They dropped him off but neighbors or you don't trust your neighbor Phillip to get a feeling that touch. It feel like you're limited to what you can order in the movement. People I think she got what they receive and that's the. Yeah and more on Alex I.