BJ & Jamie: Amazon knows everything and its listening to Jamie. 1/30

Tuesday, January 30th

Jamie now thinks that Amazon is listening to your every conversation… Because Jamie and her son were talking about how he was on a cruise and he asked her if she would ever go on one...and she said no. She would rather charter a private yacht with her friends… and 4 hours later ads for Chartered yachts popped up on her Facebook.       

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Vijay and Jamie Amazon's ambulance are though and I did it on Amazon quite awhile hope there's deals I'm sure there and everyday I see every time I'll logon to anything on the web it pops up Amazon controls. OK so you know that's being at what happened. So remember that I talked about kiddy food or cat food or whatever that thing was and then all of a sudden I'm ads for cat food came up. This happened to me yesterday. Okay people let me did you hear the there was a story a few weeks ago. And it was all about how the web listen studio and Amazon is listening to you through your speaker on Europe PC or your laptop okay four or maybe even on your fellow. In this story was that this man and woman were talking about cat food. And the next thing they knew they they logged on to the era various web site. It was all these ads that cat food they were talking about they never searched it the only talked about. So this is the creepiest thing ever and I took a screen shot of to prove that then I'm not lying get to discourage under one hand so you know someone on a cruise right. You know so he and I were setting last say she she we both had our phones in front of a spray but we're over here. And they I you know I mean I wasn't on it or anything. And he said mom do you think you'd ever want to go on a cruise. And I said god don't ever ever wanted on a cruise just I'm I think Utley buff Fay is not like rapids and it's not an easily pitching really awesome because I've never been out. And get a whole discussion and like I. I said Ren gad chartered yeah that would be more my my thing with a bunch of friends and slip the cost of a chartered yacht now would be awesome. And we know you haven't search cruises and oh god no now right after it. Came up. And this is all in this FaceBook. And isn't that a charter dot Sirva specifications of your life chartered yacht. Is. Nokia. And news and picked up and got to be. They ought to charter yeah we live in Colorado. Hello this is not crazy. I took a screen shot of it I screamed it was it wasn't right then it was about I don't know. About four hours later yeah this popped up on my FaceBook is enough for food and forget about three or four hours later. Wow that's who. I'm going on today I am gonna take my laptop I'm putting tape over the speakers or via microphone and the camera. Do you OK I mean I believe it now the bad guy and it really only the cat because we tried it we dragged on about some and we put it to the test remember that morning used to seeing certain words over and India have a where we never got any feedback whatsoever from FaceBook or any website right. These super got a bit. Pops up HIV. Every time I listen up chartering yeah but. I just get some my son was like I wouldn't be fun to get a budget families together and get a charter yeah that would be way more fun than a humongous cruise ships have popped hedge your son. Hole up the election I got you not yet. Scared. The I was thinking maybe it was coming through there. Cause Alexa is listening and everything and not yet we have it it's sitting on the edge it's a good. Who closed his hook it up I tell for sure he'd be blown away about that illegal drug he's ever opened it. It look easy thing that's in the box since he has opened it and then I keep saying let's just wait it's me only have to do is put it but you know me I'm like just when he just an outlet. Yeah I. One at home I ever uses my friend if as on the solid yesterday and she was screaming at it. This. Mega weight and doesn't know that command to like nuggets not here. Yeah Alexis gets dumped sometimes I think I have a low IQ Alexa but the but yeah I think I think it gave me more money at the T get a Smart Smart Atlanta had I got on me that real yet Doug have a Ph.D. and he gave me the Ph.D. not. I am not really sure I don't know that you don't do you plug in the night it really doesn't matter of sitting in a box. I think that's a look at the really veteran basic guide. Yeah. Things to do list today and Julianne yeah inch and more on Alex I.