BJ & Jamie: Amazon trunk drop and Treasure truck dissapointment. 4/24

Tuesday, April 24th

Amazon now wants to put a box in your trunk.  There is a new option for delivery, if you have a nice car they will put the package in your trunk. They will get the code of your cars alarm system and when you order a package the driver will deliver them to where ever your car is parked. Woman say this is the best thing ever because they can hide their packages from their husbands. Treasure Truck is a bit disappointing.          


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Vijay and Jamie are Amazon. Amazon wants to state packages in your program. Previous story they just really says yesterday this new app. How's this gonna work. Is laid. You download their Amazon that. Cam OK it's some special. And it's four Chevy owners Buick owners GMC Cadillac and mobile morally pick the best cars out there in the Chevy Buick GMC talent mobile and down and it's an app and then they somehow you say OK Amazon when my package comes. Am I can unlock the drug it's like on star whatever yet. All those cars that you just named it if you watch any of the commercial for car commercials those pretty picture American made cars. Are called American may. They have these up onboard systems. That hawks to act. More so than most cars that. And so and then I guess the Amazon guy comes up there and I go and all every and then he ambush is a coating. And Samuel coating the new push you go to some like that name and put your. And so like we're sitting here at the radio station by the way. And let's say that we're expecting a package today your vehicles out the parking lot Jamie you you could get at Texas boarded a boat they can put your trump. And a lot of people especially women are saying this the best invention ever because they can hide their packages from their husbands. Race jazz who write a funny little let me tell you I here's the way I see it though with these. You don't look Amazon coming out with the app now they can open your tow truck and they can put your packages in there or the one where they have the door and lock thing where they can send to go you can code blah blah blah. And they go in your house. And literally there's a camera attached to we can see this person indoor or else when you're not there to drop off the packages if you need either one of those you've got to Amazon prime. My name is Jamie yes I might have a name is up. I'm right and yeah I certainly do I do this and keep them I asked my neighbor about it I said listen to the because he goes oh yeah package I needed a door and said I know it's just water. Pick these like. I'm like I'll bring in a little badges so heavy but it just water. And I go is not crazy I'd stub this package out on the front door and it's just because I'm too lazy breathing because so having. And he said don't worry we do that all the time too plus the excitement. Gone is no question in its life and it's just water in if they had been something you know maybe Europe and speaker that's coming the I. I got the gecko wouldn't leave that out there I did several I did. I know I get is water just water hit the and it steals is going to be mighty discipline him. Really I did that risk and I got water noon. I didn't is supported with a few packages of command have you. Yeah well I have a tendency to go to Amazon. It sometimes I'll buy from from like a third party yet you did Cadillac and I don't buy some times brand new lucky that's a golf club club pretty ample. Up by it'll be second hand it'll be half price but when I get it it doesn't look like the picture. It's all beaten up and stuff but but a lot of people have that problem people ordering clothes for example would come from China remember those. I gagged remember the story I also did that he's. And the word close so I. I've learned to roll about tonight I have tried it but they say when their heads cut off on the model Kia don't buy it why. That's they say the roof hole incident. That's. They told me this would be see their heads I don't know this worked but if you see their heads cut off and that. The models they don't have permission to the rights to use that models. In ages is all that's done likeness yes yes so it's out of China but I'll put. Stewart apple all these stories are circulating in pictures certain people posted on FaceBook of what it was supposed to look I've gone to what they received so awful it is so a lot of people do it. It disappointed with some of these packages would you open them up. I got a medium a nice shirt. From China and I think Chinese people are very tiny you know. Because it basically could fit my son if he would clarity while the Chinese people are more. Our is that just a known fact yeah he went out of the most. They're medium is actually small in America guys because we're fact that you take that into account. It was me him. I'm I'm I'm Don Chinese media yes you are good American medium the and they say he'll look at her and her cookbook with the you know disappointment. Then I'm actually disappointed then blush the treasure true or on the treasury drug yeah yeah I did yesterday. Yesterday Schoen made a purchase are on the Amazon treasure truck we don't know about treasure truck constructed goes around town they promoted DOE combined to deal with your app. Did you meet that truck at a certain location to become pure item that you already purchased Shaun bought flowers for his wife yesterday I do. I have you faced the budget which had very much enjoyed because. I've never done that treasured tracks so I felt like I was part oh cool I really fishy it was very fun it's got lights all over it kind of looks like a circus drug really on their name in news being. They really got a goal in the all cranked up as much as it could the I feel like there was some more in their hiding maybe I have really gotten going but. It was lackluster piano every. Unaudited and are trying to build it up you're the only car in the parking lot a few wedding I'm. Art and so in with John driving it not as a girl and yet another battle Haiti. I was kind of hoping it would be Domino's yeah just exposing more of a party. I think I thought to yet. It was really got to be something going on like the music was just going to be super loud and there's going to be. Spinning wheels and present stubble. Yes let's go ball. Dance and something some apps also lessons I don't know it's like when we stand mountains and friends like at jiffy lube in with a card table here on the Diebler just boy. You know I. Amazon you expect to be in a whole different level via. And our card table but he all but it's not nice they are our car into a car debut I mean I mean that truck looks like some tied the game show to me yeah it was a typical. But meet the people there were no pickles and nobody knows you. There I was and then as I was leave and someone else go to to get their powers but I hate to be expected a large crowd. Encompassing all. I our colors by the flour and it it should check yesterday was. A bouquet of flowers for twenty dollars that was that they and so shot and I agree we all that everybody is gonna come and of course and. Because when we saw the picture the flowers you guys were raving about the plowing down the flower experts like I held back with the Bible but you guys were raving about her Afflalo slap that you're expecting for twenty dollars this looks like a sixty dollar each put in okay yeah I thought it was going to be heightened masks and they usually say due to it she handed it to me I thought. Which brought the wrong one. Yet that was going to be bigger let they've they had a mound in a real real I that's what I told myself let's. The opposite then so we got a moment they're beautiful flowers a very nice but it is they were a little lackluster they looked a little beat up. Yeah they had been through rough day in the truck. He got ripped off but now now I would you got. Right off listen I would go to you wouldn't exist or would it do to get you would not fined twenty dollars for what you received yesterday would. I tell the true OK you got ripped off the single from what we saw the picture guys are just being honest what we saw a picture. What he lost I think it was equal value I think I think for twenty dollars and that's way out. That brought to only just like I would have gone T negro yeah got a pretty much got the same size than. He didn't it is an amazing deal with amazing flat or send an accident it's. Which is what you respect I was I'm. So it's tough yeah now the ball at all I was glad. It ripped off Wheeler and even the but the two don't put unsatisfied I don't think with what you're expected. A couple of I mean they're expecting a super deal and not only that may be a dancer too with a good time and none of it. It materializes. It well. Actually sent Andy and I did the same thing I was limit my dollars again on that either. I thought I wonder I wonder if when they go well with meet the where there are is our people as disappointed with the meat that you were with the flowers I almost bought the meat last week and I'm glad I got the flowers first. Just sitting there because I am wondering if this is kind of the equality of things you're gonna get out the truck like couple weeks ago was granola bars. Yeah you know what I mean and so I'm just curious I may never participate in the treasury truck and that I eighty. Like. Yeah I. Some and then I think we can do maybe is split screen what they offered on their commercial thing. And then you look you know take a picture of what you got yeah let's see what people think that they feel like it was the same badly. Because we have to be fair nor Kevin opened up yet we put. And agreed yet. All the flowers in their promotional photo it's all they open the rose to open them the lilies are wide owned in west highland these girls did. Original make slot you know mild. It was hey did you wait so late in the treasured threatened day and point to those flowers and Ari stock deported replaces other Ray Allen around now. Round and I thought the same and you know right now what do you hello it is little wonder if nothing OK I'm not opt. What if those of those double on those of flowers what do they never open of that. I'll recognize there's a guarantee that these no guarantee well it is yeah. In the end. The Phillies need gradually jet Flores and you say wow these look to the next day they'll come back and get them and giving you flower exactly I don't know how you're in a. I can see you out there that you try to run doesn't deter it. She extra. I want now on Greg like I. But at warehouse at the treasure that planners don't. Splat of ethnic in the track you have to I want to be at the into the ride to Detroit drug just Lawler old flowers in the front where they parked at truck and I and I commerce city somewhere but you're talking about breaking into the truck. Dumpster right yeah go check the dumpster adjacent to the truck you gonna dig of course got a lot of that's gotten under Millard they're gonna. Anyway sitting there at the bottom line BJ. Yeah what I ate and Lear rob. It was disappointing right yeah I did while I you didn't jump on C you thought it was a good deal you did. I think you'd think it was a good deals what they shot jump article. Put but it. Harangody wasn't what you expected. And I get a feeling you're never gonna participate again I think once burned you'd you'd just not gonna do it and blew toward any books you'd LL I got to get my wife some. An element to it just picked him up at like a green or something script. That's not a good. It's an important.