BJ & Jamie - Amazon & UPS Hiring 9/15

Thursday, September 15th

Amazon is having a job fair today, and UPS is hiring 100,000 workers for the holiday season.


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Vijay and Jamie I'd get a public service announcement for so yeah. Vitamin. I remember yesterday you mentioned the Amazon. Tech. Center or whatever it's called a little earlier net did a job there they're doing the job their net job to Aries today okay so look it up. They find it sure did you get that information while we as a so nothing no none nuggets something else no no no I'm just rehashing what you talked about yesterday. And day before yesterday. And at UPS. Gearing up for the holidays. 100000. Jobs. And if you can get a job with UBS can I just recommend it my mom worked there for EPS forever. She loved to achieve and are benefits were amazing. They seem happy yeah every UPS person you see when they're here in our lobby hardy short in my house they treat patients they're happy. And they'd gotten over the shock thing. Yeah they hated their ground Sox for a long time but now they they embrace a Branson right and embraces uniform the boots yeah and the truck you have. Next to the test for a while there like that browns shocked the other leg ligament brown saw there's like who cares and my god yeah. They figure there's more things to worry about the world and Brant brown saw actually they're hiring 100000. That the senate yesterday. 100000. People in did you know from last year when they did this same thing. 30%. Of that 100000. People got to stay on for full time job. Amazon's best thing that's ever happened to them. The the only dagger right yes that's the deal now right to Amazon is FedEx and UPS and even the Postal Service that's pretty good. Yeah and like Jason my mom worked there for ever and she loved it and they pay well she got paid well and it was personally I got. Well if you're UPS Trevor what he make an Arctic I wanna know what's how much money making to call us 3032225423. 30322 Alison might have how much are you close down here like Limbaugh muscling part time. I know I wanna know what he's full contract as a guess in part time is partly to. He's in full time this I was gonna guess around when he for full time. I don't know I'm just making stuff up and I just remember my mama's Leyland when he and my dad was a professor. And that my mom's benefits are better than my dad's at the university here and a numbing my dad happy at all here at all. Will win you know you're the man lousy or professor in the university and an actually tell you benefits that you PS. Move move this some some guys just can't handle that cry because submits it's it's it's a strike to the ego. You know you're you you've been providing all this time and now she goes on she gets a great week. She's taking care of them Judy GO. Let us cellular company actually anymore. I have done my job now but says she did is that so you know the semi trucks. That way down that drive from that airport to the distribution thing yeah she claimed a she did yes she cleaned all the tracks. After they get back from dime from Saint Louis from the airport down and aryan she would clean out their cabs and wipe them down and clean them up and then she'd leave little present in their. She worked there got like seven years really that those who knew PS was like in its infancy lesson I mean it was the yeah I think English should be more about our drinking. First National League ball drivers will present at all. You claim their cab a sweetheart I don't own. Nice and then the I think is she did some bad because there'd be broken packages and then thrown out back. And she kinda wanna go through them because of be like asking an apology most appear apology was good yeah like three were broken but they'd have to turn in their insurance rent and they let him touch any of that broken stuff. We wouldn't know why because can't salvage it for insurance. Oh against him yet he's got. Yet you worked for UPS. Do you yeah okay well that's that's been I didn't think anybody who works there now would do would tell us how much they make but what was literally an amateur they make it. Yes. Art and wage starting wage or driver right now around one dollar an hour Urquhart Stewart got hurt the union jobs and after every year you get a pay raise the NAFTA or year Jamaica equals golf balls you don't union wage currently about thirty or 36. And ball if all of your benefits paid for and that split amid the outlook over time. Overtime if you dollar an hour though oh no doubt are included in eighty close to sixty hour week. Well holy. If his sometimes it. That much exactly sometimes at you know Christmas he'll deliver a package 8 PM. I know you when it was delivered to me he had a smile as. At 11 PM or on. Yeah yeah. I got tired of the brown. Now you were terrible drive from where he got in trouble absolutely no out there it got a job there are your body. Is too. Broken like that yet. You know I I did think about that because special and that that guy had it Carrie at my TV ER I was like I. I had you forget that heavy crap they have to bring to your door it's dead and he is it's got. Let's get beat back it is as yet so 150 you're expected to get it to the dollar. You're whatever snow up whatever spared. The body get there. I think about apartment complexes. Run an up and down tunnel and it's you're never thought about it I just always picture these little BD boxes that they bring out of the actual job Anthony boxes and about these are not not here you go here you go you go from adored adored adored him 35 dollars an hour I thought is a cushy gig yeah. Well if that's not so bad for the guy with my huge TV I delete justly that the driveway and then I had my neighbor help me bring an end to the front door quality you should stop them yeah kidney donation is hanging. It didn't look happy eight. Scott thanks while. Well that's great money they're hiring a 100000 ebooks he can top out at 34 dollars an hour or fifty B do overtime if you do overtime yet determined if bring home some serious adult that's called making it. Sean or no you wanna side gig if that's a college c'mon now in the afternoons it's brown socks didn't it. Side view of the feeling and he I've not hung Brad Saxon squish him down and you're like yeah you're combat boots let's exposed decent. Until now. A big gap does it and did you find out what is happening with the imminent thing. Yeah it's that the grand Hyatt today. I've put up Vietnamese I get they spoke cool all right go to our FaceBook page can check it out right there at night beating the gig man. You got Amazon hiring he got UPS hiring know pretty well so. Image we see more on Alex I.