BJ & Jamie: Amazon Wardrobe Prime new cloths store. 6/21

Thursday, June 21st

Amazon’s new deal is Try it before you buy it. This is the new Amazon Clothing department. You order whatever you want and these will be brand named clothing items you try them out and you have 7 days to return the cloths.

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CJ and Jamie Alice 059 BC Jimmy morning show. It's seven days witness saddling. Via our it's called pride and a wardrobe. Primus means what Amazon. Yeah I haven't heard I knew that they just very idea prescription thing because. CVS and Rite Aid in it and Walgreens is freaking out because the starting eight medical site with Amazon you know and sold or like wet in the hail. Amazon's that I dead ball that's the altitude when everybody out of businesses diesels guide me and and here though and I'll be the first to tell you Amazon's awesome. They're awesome they've got everything pretty good price is still and I see the hate to see some of these places go away but now they're going in the clothing line. And in offering up a deal with just can't be refuse. Solicited this it's called app well first felony read the headline Amazon declares war on clothing. Stores that means Macy's. Nordstrom's JC Penney all these stores Dillard's. Which it's it's a battle now try before you buy justice. Just has grown so you pick out outfits. It arrives in every syllable box with a prepaid label. That's kind of what you're doing anything you basically go to your front door grab this box trial on where everything gets in the box and keep what you want. Even dry on the latest styles before you buy him at no upfront charge. God yet in they don't even care if you Wear it to likening bet. So then you have seven days to decide what you like out of everything that you ordered. And paid for what you keep then whenever you don't like you put in the box with the recent global box and you put the label right on it. And then you take it to a UPS store and they shipped back. Sean let's say you need good button down to go over to the elks lodge for the Nextel crawfish boil and cannot can you could go to Amazon you can order five or six of these but announced. In you can Wear in trial law and even where one of them to the crab boil. And then send it back to Amazon no questions asked smell raw grab. Crawfish laugh all the yes I can no questions asked you get to keep what you wanna keep in sit in the rest back and there are they are willing to take the chance that people like you meet Jamie. Where I got a hose them we're not gonna do this repeatedly. And just continued to it to milk the system. They're they think that you know you possibly won't sit in the back so you pay forehead that they're willing to take to change. They're gonna have brand everything from Levi's which as you know super affordable to theory which is super expensive yet so they're gonna have everything in between Levi solely up to theory are the name brands. And then what they're doing is I guess which sticks I mean statistics are statistics is eaten those commercials be where they it's like you have your own personal. They're like I. Alice that you what to Taylor Ryan Grant you you have an AF that measures should write what I don't know that we just haven't gone on it. And and then there's big guy is one that they measure your abdomen but this ditch sticks it's like you do you tell my ear likes aren't you like its laurels are aggressive and and then this personal stylist a pudgy together a box and say hello to you. What any way I am so Amazon now let's see compete against them. And stitched fixed charges a styling fee of twenty bucks the dissuade you know obtaining. You just write yourself since and that back whenever you don't like I visited quite I never have to add. Her yes order any clothes on line never why because of the fear they won't fit. And it's a hassle. To get them return him every day India payment posted this is perfect for a guy like me. Reese illegal blocks and prepaid label. Any is perfect for gag you because you're kind of like a little swindler. So it yeah it's like you said about Sonja wherein we hit a bar they know have been ordered real nice out that are being and then just put it back on Saturday. It right yeah. It was perfect. You know what we could order which you know we're gonna be in the keep an island for five days we literally could get a box itself. Beach where take it down the pavement party for five days. Come back and mail it all backed him up with and then it would sing in the end of the scratch yeah that Lisa Sims who went. Did we could occur within this new policy they have. You could easily do that you probably EEB starts sitting clothes back to spell like crawfish. Or they smell like the ocean and seeing in the crotch and stuff after appeared a time if you've got you know like habit of doing is they might cut you off. Yes they might. Then why don't take a bit about flag is your take so here's the thing though do you think she has this to me does not telling the money maker. And it sounds like people will take advantage of it. But do you think they're telling them people like myself. Who are lazy and procrastinators. Like alma got again of talent I remember the return that get up about six days that I get back and ever got. You don't just reminds me of remember the CD club that we all signed up for for a pay any chance and we got like 28 CDs now do and then after that we never cancel the subscription. We had to take the rest of the CDs for like twenty dollars each. Yeah remember that day and they made a ton of money off of that Amazon knows what they're doing. So this is making it easier because we don't have to go to the putt I mean we do but. They have a label its pre paid every syllable but her biggest drop out of the UPS dark. I would ordered closed. Now I in fact I think I would choose Amazon this service. The prime wardrobe I think he would I would choose it over everything now so I they are pretty convinced me would you. Just having this story out somebody brings have a great point them but. Are they get a wash them and dry clean them before they sent him back out oh yeah. You think thought think you'll get brand new waiting till you get a box is somebody else is used clothes and Amazon didn't wash and so what this is just you know it's like they're running good good will out of this thing. Everything you get going to be bringing in new. Everything I'm just saying that that's a great point you hope that is what it. You have a better chance of going into a department store like a Macy's or whatever. In trying something on the somebody was there just thirty minutes before trying on that same piece of clothing is that your theories out there that's what I'm thinking am OK and because I think Amazon are gonna screw this up what what is Amazon screwed up not to. Amazon's latest dressed into fashion and could be another huge blow to the Bartlett stores like Macy's like you said there are ready struggling with weak sales growth. It's also a potential concern for Wal-Mart which has been snapping up online clothing brands including and bon bon A boasts a whenever. And them gases from. Oh boy you know I loved and I feel 22. I feel like there's a PC you in mean. Possibly Sean probably you would mean more. That wants to Haiti Amazon. I want to have after he gets they're too good so Smart so and I. I get these o's guy I hate him he's got way to witch buddy a 147. Billion dollars I don't wanna give him another headache but Cubans and. The thing is it is really all about the customer here it really is that making super convenient for me I can't beat. You can expect that if there's no way to be angry with the Amazon M I am a I don't like deep. But I'll look back up with all of this it's it weird how that's crazy and on each inch. And more on Alex. I.