BJ & Jamie: Doorstep Thieves, BEWARE! 11/29

Tuesday, November 29th

BJ and Jamie are concerned about the upcoming holiday season. WHY? Because one of the biggest online retailers in the world has a small issue with delivery AND they have a new app that makes it worse.

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Vijay and Jamie does not done that good at. Up. You know I. I get in the presence near you you do what you do I really ever had a little bit of stress Asian or not and I and I don't feel like I have to admit. Mean I have the tree and stay in he. Only then. Two sections. That's it not depression that is Philip are listen to this this'll cheer you up. It is me. The dead boys. Cease is sitting there and I am for the third and in the saga that makes him in those slots you know that makes a lot of senate season yeah. Speaking of the holidays. Go porch package band aids are back. It's ugly folks they're stealing packages again GL I heard this. Iron and some people are getting their cameras out and even now people and are doing cameras in trees and so it shoots the license plates in each direction are in so many people are ordering on line. Amazon obviously number one. Militant. I've never ordered would boost dare you got what I need. I'm sure negative change up you don't know the southern. I thought you have what they need is called the credit card yes I execute Patrick. And tan yeah if there are got what you need it's going to grab my card number four you. So packages are showing up and the porch package pirates are back. Did you hear the new thing now there Dylan because it's been a problem what do you have to add a pilot now let the stock it's down a dollar seventeen A share offer Amazon you know which is weird because they did. Only to be far and I mean they shipped out so much not to even think Amazon especially right now I just being nothing but up. I saw the lockbox is how does that work he did deed isn't a combination or what is the key or. Here's a black and it looked into I don't know how they lock exactly I know how they work. So what happens is say you have a girlfriend OK behind Lisa's back. And let it I don't have a girlfriend of behind your back but I should let said. All right I'll pretend it's hard but. How little did I know it's stiff. His jacket from talking to hadn't learned used some in the movies now. OK I guess our I got a girlfriend. Virginia have a gay lover I lived here. Lover about I'd come back and that's not his. Cheat worthy ideas Greg doesn't hurt as bad in and courteous and get far so eerie yet the gay lover and by the way your. An outlet he's the flood of. And heavy book let me tell. I think that blog I guess I myself making me believe anyway and I. Yeah yes and I am unhappy about a joy I am pop pop pop pop pop pop. I think you even sure what a joke yeah yeah you get up anyway and so you have this gay lover let's Cullen. Jeremy dear Lou now wanna abide Jeremy a nice scarf. Rain or affixed and so you you can't get it at your house right right because that would mean now the weird but yeah right. And so what you do is you have it shipped to like circle K aware of these lockers are and then they're gonna be a gift wrapped ready for Jeremy. Circle K. Yeah it's there's three places they're testing it right now is that I. I have to go to circle K to get my your tax might shift the border the year candidate and her. Because you know it team you were driving home at your house yeah right right he can't get an at home. So anything that if you're trying to hide mail. It's our president or let's say you know back in the day we're trying to -- to get an endangering union who ordered what he could have eager to have it shipped to the locker while there. That's pretty amazing photo or. All right yeah that's that's probably good idea because these thieves are stealing the packages off the porch and it doesn't matter what's in the box they're taking their chances. They're just gonna yeah dealer little trigger an out later right. It that's not gonna stop. Now and especially your one ship I mean I don't buy jewelry online because I don't know what I'm new to get back I don't like people that I jewelry online because it's Bos it's way cheaper. But lets you have a necklace Serb diamonds are written set under it yeah. And highly dangerous. I don't think I would order something of a lot of value. I mean ordered any job. Via groups or was it some adapter a few days ago but it was like ten dollars. So don't worry about it but if if it's good to be something that's over let's say 300 dollars for me I'm I don't think I'm gonna have it in a package. Out on the porch beat. The Google not Google does Amazon pantry boxes. No and what's that it's a trap. So horrible trap we mean track it's a horrible track. Who what is the pension bond so we order and pay extra box and you start but things it like paper towels and toilet paper run and things he used all the time they like I Atlanta. Grab all that stuff and and now macaroni you know those that brain cheesy that my son Lance is that an assay. You can't toxin 99% pull you need one more item seep it Lamar item you think that great and then it. We're starting new smooth though I'm not in Poland that shouldn't have to certainly lots indexing you know sort of boxes go oh you know what Jeremy he's gonna have to start some pastry box I don't do that I want to pay me. You have all these boxes filled out this afternoon like that's like I have all these wipe me let's not all of ball in the other ones abroad see over there right. I've run off them from home because I didn't know a bottom and bounce. I heard a pin entry box a deal where if you ordering packages are and then the other thing you did what is you if you went tap somebody tie a string around it just to the data did that he tied Michelin brand India. And the guy ran off into backward Huff caught on tape up up up in a suit against them reach it yeah. That's got to be. Every mile stage for a crew of the this guy did he had Allison up because it happened before. Yet if they Amazon box and he loaded up and tied. To Britain's duke it that might help fish yeah chief like yeah. We got a sneak in Cheney's week day mornings on Ellis. I night.