BJ & Jamie: America on Edge over North Korea. 8/11

Friday, August 11th

We think that a lot of people are on edge Due to the tension between Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump. Last night Jamie was woken up by the sound of Jets flying over her house and she is worried about what could happen this weekend Kim Jung says he will send a bomb somewhere ether Guam or Hawaii. Yesterday in Hawaii the warning alarms went off.. it was just a test of the system due the  fact a bomb would get to the island in 15 minutes.


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Vijay and Jamie yeah I think a lot of people are terrified I really do I was I was tell Beijing what happened is so last night. I'm in the flight pass for whatever reason it's his and they seem really active of Colorado Springs and all the jets yeah. I'm an all their training and stuff. And lately it's really picked up began acting glue crew of the north murderer. And that was really picked up until last night and dead asleep and it's like. You know these actions fly solo and it's so crazy in the middle of the night and I literally look up and got. Oh my god this is like anti aircraft and they did hear a sound asleep on her. And your house shaken and I was like. This that North Korean the North Korea. No I we don't get too technical here is mostly because we don't know what we're talking about to be honest with you again because we're not a new station we don't cover how. And keeps her trial yet that's not okay. But I think it's safe to say that your average American. Right now and not just America but in many parts of the world are quite terrified of what could. Could develop. This weekend. Because we have too crazy bastards. Better you know both puffed up and and they they're like oh really oh really really yeah really. It's like two kids play with toy chat and it gets that it's like a little Johnny and in it he got their first baby god and he Abbott does nuclear yet this is cool. Great easy then how this is unfolding though. Yesterday in Hawaii. The alarms went off. I imagine. Dean in Hawaii on vacation. And you hear. It just hearing it gives inducements and even in. Until now. There and I. Island so you wouldn't do. Testing they were doing and alert system there's sirens for a new leader invasion. They were doing them yesterday to warn the citizens or at least a practice session this is what you're getting here. But then they also told all of our citizens that if something is launched. You have 812 minutes. Yeah and I heard yet to make it safer and like with plastic wrapper around stepped it. For fall out shelter but don't you haven't you cooler beards and she. How real. Yeah how this is crazy if he kept of people on Guam we don't we have the basis there for the military. Got people in Japan South Korea. Every body is terrified. Yeah. Even I don't like is my kid is. And he's worried about my body in it were OK okay and we're doing it and no amount they're saying they can come over here was this the first real time. At least in my history. That we never ever thought that I advocate come over here I'm buried. I'm very scared. And scared I'm never scared. Me but this seems so real. They need to look tired I I think you got to ground so that nobody does that sound like I really do some passenger you're spreading propaganda spreading problem is a singular is often a white went to meet. No. I'm telling you this that they're saying that those learned I think what they're thinking of the alarms that go off what's week of the tsunami tax probably so because my son and I were on the beach and now we keep fighting and literally at this alarm without enough. And I would Miami looked at me and we're like what should we deal and I am like I. But he does this economic glass like garden because so loud and then electric does know it's just a tsunami tax. The tsunami. You know no no no no no I was watching CNN yesterday when I got home I sat down I had my glass to teach I have. It on and they were playing the alarms and say hey it's it's it's a warning that an attack could happen at some point so practice. This practice. Access that's what was being reported yesterday somebody said the family and they got a message back take a hot shower to get the radiation often don't use. It that makes the poison works. We're proud. Of it. Could you imagine all these things that are gonna start certainly aren't now off the Internet to a bit of the credit nuclear statistic. The next. Yeah well. You certainly need absolutely those eclipse glasses. Way unlike this skin or maybe maybe we admire radiation signal. Now I'm not. Your hair like that where and when that tsunami happened may be scared to strong words what Barry uses an innocent I'm very concerned somebody is gonna do something really stupid. Every time I don't like Astrid get as you like it. Big military date and keep up North Korea hoping Georgia. In the importance on Alex I.