BJ & Jamie: In and Out no longer the number 1 burger in america. 5/17

Wednesday, May 17th

In & Out has fallen from the #1 Burger in the nation.  The new #1 is 5 Guys Burgers. Jamie reads the whole list and we are not sure we agree with it.  The daughter of the owners of In & Out has been laying low because over night she became a billionaire when they died.  

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Each and Jamie Jamie you're gonna hate this in and out burger is no longer America's favorite hamburger. I know how much you love in N out burgers but it's no longer number one well you know. It's fallen to number two. It's about time that and five guys. Median by the guys hamburgers takes over the number one slot in America. Yeah I've never had a five guys burger we have and I never have enough. I don't know of I have the other being on I Sheila captured again they have the top get if you will go through I don't. Everybody loves a good hamburger I think this is exciting well there's no there's no juicy burger there's no I love juicy burger I've never had a bug. It's but I love juice in our government sweatshirt on today it juicy burger all the way. Guess these certain national chain out OK so and so that's that's the difference I'm sure they're great hamburgers out there that that deserved to be on this. And number ten is they can take violent love the stake in JR I gotta agree of the state I think staking cheeks better than number ten. That is number two I said I think it's better than that should be the way to let us let Mike Alina nods yeah I get an. And number nine is smashed burger. Create a hamburger. Pretty good Amber's. I need to know it's good have been scrutinizing Griese hits didn't and number eight sonic I do sonics. Yeah numbers seven McDonald's so far we like all McCain got him without never let you down. Is there anyway I love the big Mac number six is what a burger. A move and nowhere is amazing and landed on the very east of the Mississippi aren't days. Yet it would be south Kazaa I I only experience and down in Texas movement that went on number five callers. You don't know what that what is there now don't know them. Number four windy. Move their my name CN. You know I'm not send him into union went and I bit into an Adam grassland in and it does. And the Caribbean island in notably Wendy Smith number three shakes. That's a brand new and I have that that's brand new when that that originated New York City I think and it's just starting to spread wasn't a word that's shakes check is coming here yes there remember there was a where a rumor floating around and I none of that spirit that's true or not. I heard that last one because there's a river that is now was still but it turned out that was falls now yeah I'm not but I think the shake shack and it's coming it's real. It is it is now yeah as you say it's gonna open up its first location there in the rhino area. Which isn't down like I said India I 25 that dead an area in certain. And I 75. Area he had a crow that little. That pocket there they built those newbies are. But the highlands. Not highlands is last night when he. Anyway all right it's coming he's got ten guys and never to five guys and never an it'd now know you've caddie. In N out burger has dropped. Who minute by guys who wins out will always beat them and give illegal while there's not on this list. Mean little local water per room and a. And now I'm as good as cheeseburger on the break implant. Feel like it's from I tell you if you ever have a bud burger you're going to be like this the best she's Bergen and juicy burger Rosenstiel. You. What do you think of it but I've never had an. Head in and out until you know until the vote in Latin. OK you did it wrong no idea that he did it rob you would we went out to Los Angeles and. We had in Alberta. I never had a poor and in Delhi many times but no never have the murder. And Jamie kept on coupon bonds finally we have the amber. It was god don't get me around it was a good he amber and he wasn't done best hamburger I've ever had they but it was gut. Did you have a special sauce on it no I didn't noted that special so I I I just got a regular cheeseburger he gets harder and what did you ask to put it. I hamburger meat and cheese you can run you did it rob but it was it was okay it was alright sure. EU led the burger what weather's like you know really good was it the best you've ever hear of life. I would say as best they ever had in my life but it was really good burger at eight what's your number and birth. My number one burger is the Wendy's I am a win these guys I like Wendy's burger it's my number one favorite burger every and then wins next. But we need the number one burger but went back buds as one location for me I grab a win these anywhere and I'm obsessed Euro win these guys and the wind. And now. Yeah and the report. William. It's a board seat at school. Did you see the story the lady that just took over the the ownership of the in N out burgers. The daughter you know Dick did the daughter didn't get their parents like passively or something it she just inherited or she reached a certain age Rasheed. Inherent in our there's let her parents are dead session all buy dot I think there's a sentiment she is like them. The lead in them. And it's. Publicly traded so it's all parks it's all Hirsch yes it in there was a story to keep up just I don't know maybe we can urged to go where we're finally she'd reached I think. Certainly each each he had to do to get to in order to receive this. Each got inherent in its. Millions of the hot. This lady can because the story was she just became an instant billionaire. What she is always be in hiding she never publicly spoken she was really. A recluse and then just now she's starting to it I'd be comfortable in early June. And she's starting to go out because she style ultimately people were gonna coming you know tries Taylor and I think I would to go yeah I think you can. It is that that fortunes so fast because like you said. From what I read she never had really anything to do with the didn't really want anything to do way I think she was just you know our parents had it all and then when she got to a certain agent I guess they pass like. It all the cubs' errors into overtime and she's a buoyant there I mean. Billions of dollars. Wherever I go somewhere and somewhere I don't know some islanders of the and it is this really drunk lawyer there. And it's here yeah it does the lawyer that at the beach bar and it's Ike. The Donner and an out G-8 or rob. And so we were all like McCain he's like yeah radler shot some. Journey of. Room and now ladies how. You were at a bar it hit a beach bar with a drug lawyer Adam I was I don't know who was no idea that the monopoly and a teacher brother yet at the click it. You get around. Don't beat me she get kicks. Circles she runs and it wasn't just a few months ago that she's hanging out they'll chop close girl. I had asked drunken. Shot. What are you. Scared that she's loyal chapels governor. The Niger yeah yeah you bolt it on privileged to have C started docket don't shop Roosevelt. His circle you run he's is the end. Me you know and thing is that you know Jeanie buss and lakers knew her and her brother are suing each. Crazy people with all the money it. Another circle. You know in my drinking days I'm sitting in a bar dog no doubt charges got repo the Dalai got. Like I say it. Into the importance on Alex.