BJ & Jamie: Anderson Cooper Mean text Trump. 12/14

Thursday, December 14th

Anderson Cooper shot out some pretty nasty tweets to Donald Trump at 6AM. He says that he left his phone unlocked on the bench at the gym and his assistant grabbed it and sent out the tweets. Jamie says he was on Ambien and doesn’t remember tweeting. BJ say it was booze.


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Vijay and Jane and Arlen you wanna explain the Anderson Cooper thing one theory is OK so here's the thing. The other day Anderson Cooper I am. He pleaded oh really. Let's see here in Europe pathetic loser to well all the stuff. Ted said Donald Trump he actually said this interest in coop Cooper. Yeah like 6 AM he said your pathetic loser at school. That was about now. I had Percival but at the real old Donald Trump at real Donald Trump this is a Twitter account. He set out at eight in which he does every eight weeks every day. I did Anderson Cooper since back this just as Sheikh. Truck yeah you don't have to agree with the cabinet I don't know why he would have something like that. Not Anderson Cooper style it's just not. I don't think do you yeah yeah I. Mean no matter what you think of Anderson Cooper he's not that that kinda guide right you tool pathetic loser it is not Anderson Cooper's. No way. To do business. In my. And telling JR great okay you discuss your computer does it mean now you are are you are very nice. So you're saying under the influence she would do that yeah people saying we're just aren't that the real person that they are comes out when Clinton aide. You know the Google. Anderson Cooper realize that what he CAA as Jamie said it doesn't really fit through a Anderson Cooper is what we perceive him as. It doesn't fit with what he being a professional journalists who as he has this TV show Anderson Cooper so he came up with the excuse. How this happened first and I think here's what I think happened. I think that aid to Canadian well let's save the excuse for it are. So this is valued at his dad his assistant posted that the bashing tweet this CNN says Anderson Cooper's show up bashing tweet came they forget little assistant lets list. When he had tweet Ed I am president I know gosh trump. Call them a tool pathetic losers CNN says the assistant who's been on the job for ten years. Not just so I'm not an unattended at the gym yet right. And grabbed it and it fired off the tweet he apparently is the only other person besides innocent with access to the account. Now I don't know about your phones. But if I take my phone incident dealt. Oh. Okay in a vice iPhone down within ten seconds that phone is locked. And ten seconds and it OK if your Anderson Cooper did this to your Anderson Cooper's assistant so we call a BS yeah that. As such BS there's no way that boat sat there and somebody grabbed it quickly got in there it it's it just. No well not it wouldn't open right up to the Twitter account now at me they wouldn't go straight to Donald Trump and now. Rice is finishing this of this story I mean I think most people have. Even my kidneys eleven everybody has a lock on their phone and everybody can use a thumbprint or fingerprint church required by C getting the and that's some say and then on top that you need extra security. And Anderson Cooper's assistant. Like it hit me in so he's saying. That's no he was an assistant he left the phone unlocked and then attended at the gym and someone grabbed it and fired after tweet. He's apparently the only person besides Anderson with access to the camp now will exact right there if I've never taken ambient. But the stories I hear from those of you have is that you don't commitment remember anything that you did. You're right you're right. But from someone who has taken Indian or because idea ticket there for awhile. In in liked it too much and had to quit. But. I don't you do this to me this sounds more like blues. Because of the one he wrote exhibited. 55 AM whose blues antics of depriving him booze and B and I don't entirely and go to an expert at George and. It's 6 AMR is it yeah of those and we're just saying oh by the way. I'm sure it's nothing I'm sure it is the assistant were just saying hypothetically just so he brought to so we're calling it the lie like god I'm not. I'm the goalie Jamie yeah on this and say that its Ambien good but I also going to throw in some boos begin and you've been all right thank you. Thank you. That's a way to. I think this big of a mistake is probably. A combination of things. Here now as someone who has a person takes Ambien it leaves in my house yeah mother. I we were gonna go there I'll just say honestly as someone who. Has interactions with the person on Ambien quite often. She remembers nothing of it you get asked a question that you've brought up the your household yeah. Could the brawl. Now all I don't think the general because. The general doesn't make you law this game and forgetful the united effort get apple and maybe bad. But you do in the community will be the reason I see blues is because apparently wanted it. General even come into the equation because it was all about all the stuff but it is it's all over the place and room weren't just like he just went in mentioning his mindset is usually limited and don't know I don't personal stories if I. So sure at a local let me hear you let me explain to you later age you can be the jury okay I've blow for JB and because I. We don't know who's right there I something happened I'd. Eating some tease Larry OK come the I hear it surprise. You guys haven't haven't seen the guy guarding Allen out. Right but. Here's why I think it's alcohol OK because alcohol. Makes you angry. Indian did you ever really make me angry so I think the anger in the tweet is adding to Iran alcohol makes me love people. And I shouldn't. Ha ha I I was on how odd that. And then you Dow Zandi is still act. He uses it today he is I've never taken Ambien I do you know my sister ticket and she'll remember anything well. Either way we're calling DS on the whole new story is the crazy. Thing left to right so let's go to the gym that's an independent. No we don't. And for and the other damp. And I got every gym bag a local local. And then you and I we're on our ads spin cycle things right Moore tweet name we're doing on adds up on her votes would really go to the locker room and I set my thumb yeah. And then I go get changed and they're just opened up to Donald Trump just weeks. Pretty. I could never do that I could never tweet because Twitter is so you worse or a universal. That. Everybody sees. If I could rush to present our states are givers Barack Obama it was ever write you lose here. And sitting out on names like gotten in this hour and left it out I'll play the Anderson Cooper said this. There's no doubt in my mind the pressure I hit. Easter on the cover extra. I agree with you and I think it was. You know of my sister was eaten fruit loops we had him in stories. I sister was filmed eating fruit loops in a closet and she never remember the movement. OK you weren't. I forgot about that story idea that you Wear it but I'll give up on my period. And more on Alex.