BJ & Jamie: Animals in the news,snakes,gator,goose attacks 4/18 (AUDIO)

Tuesday, April 18th

Animals and reptiles gone wild!!!


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Vijay and Jeanne I've got a video it showed you this video up end did you see the snake that attacked the motorcyclist. She's seen this until well I guess there's a guy. I'm going down the road on a motorcycle. Audience and their stake in the middle ground. Or when this guy swerved left to miss the state. The snake. Jumps. Lou lunges. At his leg during the attacks. You have you ever seen a sneak attack. I say they wrote from the way they normally run well at the stakes normally scary view yet and you well know. Always against in this case. They attacked and never seen before he jumped a little bit legs. What's he sprained DD have you seen the video yet a market now all. That does what what. This Dayton put the video what are FaceBook page but this snake literally leaks leaks from the road well. At the motorcyclist. Pretty amazing amazing hair and snacks I've never seen estate jumped like that. Who'll no doubt watched a lot of snow encounter. Did you see the alligator that climbed up on a porch how'd he do that. What is alligator arms but with the kicked ball you can get out to the second story of the building which give paper better if it goes out of your arms that you could. I'm so this Adele is a big gala nine footer we had no idea that you guys because we can see how they climbed chain link fences you know put them. Well what are those called clippers would know what are those. Paws are all is Bosnia. No I think our that they got a cult and they beat. Their feet their elegance and alligator fate by the way. To put it. You know in that alligator. Was it that. I saw some of the weekend's summit of the alligator rivers a source. And the horse kicked alligators but the horse want to fall much because you would not think that you would think that the alligator would win because you see almost river crossings of the alligator it takes lever down to write flies. That's what I think I sunbeam over the weekend show that happen and then later in the picture in the mean. And a horse and it's her had alligator boots on. I. Us because he won't. When you win you get. Right they summed up in the back out of it right this time Deb Jessica's report. This is a nine foot alligator in South Carolina. A man and a woman are in their house on the second story is that that they hear a disturbance outside. They're thinking somebody's crawling up the side of the house drug a break and it could be a burden all right. They go to the screen or the porch area and there's a nine foot alligator on the second story how can there. A drug dropped. I mean think about and we're happy. How does an alligator get to a second story our house I don't know it's not as pretty delicate. Meditate talented you know what that means got to come out on that one of some alligators climbing you know you don't like going to the latter. You don't. How could you. Yeah CP he gets it means what you and I can get some notoriety from this could be really can't see how they got a horse without her shoes on another boots them justice alligator boots you know. You haven't it's like that's a playing well I know but it's not like valiant assumes little courses where she moves. But. Alligator she. Outlook. With the ports it don't it's. Then there's a Derrick can we put all three of these videos that showed but this shakeup he. As the motor and. Okay it's not I did and are now alligators I need a lord and I had no but Kane turned out into the back. No where to put that would have we don't need that much our regional together certainly listen to the third what. The goose that attacks the top. Guys in this has to be concerning for that says city. Because if the cops slows to a goose just imagine what criminals are gonna do. Ha lately which are being. Criminals are gonna run all the lip. If a goes wins. The disc and there's again a cup on his way to work of his briefcase down easy desktop are so it's not via uniformed he's a desk guy. So he's walking added that he could for these confronted by a good piece of the goose. Picks up after him and didn't finally opened the air flying it and knocks it. Or an actor and an even Clinton is on his back get knocked over the bush has come that images deuces and an the dullest most of their money. I mean they will do should do. But it means there I had when attacked he was terrible owner tells the story fail it would it didn't go very far I I took a swing at him. With a golf club them pinpointed this guy to me. Yeah this would do. Maurice Williams golf club at a dose could take struck take my at all. Matt and I yet they are mad at me. There's one golf course here is loaded on T center in so many and my friend frank and I we're golfing and he had a line drive an accident. In the news and it was an accident and you billion on the big goose fan. But he began fighting Bruce's is I am a far fan of fighting goose the excesses. Of but you don't want when push comes shelf you take off after my hit mr. good news I'm gonna take one Aaron it. And then they can swing and a trophy he had to defend yourself yet. Even have to kill. I did I miss didn't I was Greg do you want are made contact you would kill him only NBA yet that's what the guy said he's what are you don't know a few. I just don't think he was so hard that I didn't do today. All lines should look at how cute. Fall there it. Okay to death by Jews. In importance on Alex.