BJ & Jamie: Anthony Weiner looking for a Pin Pal in Prison. 11/10

Friday, November 10th

Anthony Weiner is going to prison for texting a sending naked pictures to teenage girls has asked the world to be his Pin-Pals. He has left a note saying he will be lonely and could use some company in the form of letters. Bj and Jamie think that they should write him some letters. What do we write him?  


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PGA and I I think you're gonna have a better chance of getting a response here I'll write it like a girl with bubble letters as you know Anthony Weiner began the disgraced Anthony Weiner who sent Mobil's pictures. Sixteen yes. He would present yes he did for a couple of years earlier this week he went to prison but before that president. He's left a note saying he would love to have some pen pals is. Sweet you guys. And either way he's in federal prison for sexting a minor hit yeah but he says he says there is this where. Where all of these government people. As celebrities they have no sense of reality you listen to what he wrote these said starting November 6. I'll deal like I wait for a while but I got to stay in tax. We should here's the best way to be my pen pal and they gives us an address. With them what. That's so weird it's you're going to prison. Cause of this type activity only you did it with a cell phone use it we just market. But now since she's not gonna have a Smartphone the best way to stay in touch in get a little bit and Powell that you can swap some. What the you've decided to leave this note on the tee at the starting to do here was just to go away. Go to your eyes cover up that it in the everybody know that your rehabilitated. You're gonna be fine if you've changed your ways and everything would pretty tall white probably took place yeah. But to go the president. Begging for PayPal is is probably the wrong thing to do all. So yeah could you not think we write to lead. He went right to do you do yeah yeah. I'm not official letterhead Wowwiki makes we we do we get we do we we have letterhead we went with the we'll go to hell yeah yeah accurately officer Ali do. Yeah we're gonna get cheap. Now I've never seen letterhead who we do have some professionals in this building building you have to have a letterhead and as I know nobody even tens letters anymore so now it's olina does the email we have Anthony Weiner to address here so I think we write in what could put 26 C I think you're gonna have a better chance of getting response to me though. I think we do this it's just a month. What we do is we put on FaceBook OK and I'll start with dear Anthony and an everybody up based on what can add a sentence and I'll ride it -- yeah. A case Austin would dear Anthony and then if you FaceBook guessed that in the next line I'll write it all out I'll bothered to write every sentence out. And then I'll write yell out and send it to them but you have to villain like when every dollar in. Let's it's really OK okay here's my approach okay. So what we're gonna try to do your CC you need a response right right to immediately take more than one letter. I think I'm gonna do I think I'm gonna pose as a theme. And right. On compounds how the world Mississippi and not all crazy. And then I'll include the picture but the picture's gonna be that new picture of Khloe Kardashian. And then of the year and that hot girls yeah okay and ill Anthony Jack. Kathy Jo I live in Denver Colorado but because it's gonna little Littleton could have opposed him on me or be the postmark from the end so all he's Chloe knew hot picture picks you can get a reply. It's honest about Anthony in the picture but Wiener. That study uses real last name but that might not fly and your mind I think the open up the letters before you actually get some. Dina Anthony and that picture of a Weiner though it because Avery this Indian drugs or something that's going to be they go through all the meal. I watch a lot of crime just guys shared an easier to and created ice shot you write a letter to worried to slant and along. Well hi I am afraid ads on swallow but to send him correspondent. And maybe a first get a reply you get it up. In the first. That's all we're doing. Not I'm just a little worried about what my reply my belief yeah they don't drop me a picture that is what he had to follow through on any thing I don't have the newseum no easy games he's nice to meet. No home I so I'm gonna do we're gonna power up the PS address on our FaceBook page if you let it ride him merely tell you still free. And so will open up there and I can be Anthony would keep in mind I know this sounds like the final game but I remember this guy is gross okay is gross. And I know we're having fun with and he is a vial individual that has been sexting his Duaner to minors to have little girls and so he's gross. Tell us the fun is the sound keep that in the back here and they use this. Piece of crap that he had written and I have let my guys I. Is the fun out of and it is yeah. I list of people that write him letters and our aunts and sort of asked specifically a lot of Atlantic verbally is technically a between her life to us that we are right down doubt where involved the exact. Yeah I wanted to accomplish it according millionaire do you. Of an accomplice you here's a guy eat just eat it who thinks like this okay here's a guy that got busted. He eat. Got off the hook the first time around percent of for sexy right because it wasn't a minor it was somebody that was actually of age. So he couldn't get off the hook for that end it was running for mayor of New York City. Running for mayor ain't got popped it. Yeah yeah it that after getting thrown out as far as running for the mayor's office in New York. That's when he went with the fifty year old. And losing a key individuals are to point that out they really instant but. I know I took the fun out of breath. I don't think about it big grown man with that child. And he's able instead talked a fifteen year old loves. Hundreds about it. I'll write it's if we can get spartans OK just to see if maybe he'll do an interviewers and prisoner and you get one phone call yeah that one phone call and apply make it to Denver it the color shot LT bridle and not detract. He'll talk to. I put it into an exit possibly can get our own. Well what does not FaceBook give you want to write the waiter for the avid brass yeah it's weird. He's at medical city I do you think that so entitled sold he doesn't even feel any kind of remorse he thinks he still does normal guy he doesn't. Think how we think like you are a gross slime bucket. He thinks she's like. This and. I don't you don't beat eastern because all think that you know I'm going to be away for awhile it you know this is the best way to reach and blah blah blah. But in everybody's mind because of what he's done on your person comes to mind is just as well swap. That's what he's that's exactly what this is all about it you would think somebody around to mark his lawyer maybe or who look. I don't look whom ask somebody would step up somebody would step up and say to him like dude this is it. We don't need to be publishing it didn't tell because he'll get some mail anyway. But it's like if you looked at about I don't should be publishing this address I can hit a good bad and she didn't Kirby did and didn't act into the importance on Alex.