BJ & Jamie: Apples buildings windows are too clear Air Drop problems. 3/5 (Audio)

Monday, March 5th

Apple is having trouble with the glass in their new building. There have to call 911 almost twice a week because the glass is so clean and clear that the employees keep walking into it. Jamie walked into a wall at the Monster Golf over the weekend. A little girl died after a mirror fell on her. Apple Air Drop got a woman in a scary situation with a stranger.     


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BJ changing teachers say the problem that Apple's having of that new buildings as they built didn't California. In Silicon Valley. The public complaint that glass of building. No I didn't know oh is it started fires now know. None Illinois. Do they keep having to call 911 almost on a weekly basis because everybody keeps walking into the glass a little it's a major problem. Then 91 what people say it. Apple keeps them busy weekly because there employees. The walking into the glass is so crystal clear yet. I want to do last. Old girl let me just tell you I did some of the worst yesterday. Yeah yeah well I was at monster golf. Yeah and they have their big people entranced her monster golf and then they have little monsters like the why did he was the light shining and a little monsters and I want dreaded today. You guys I knocked myself back out and should he do it hurt so bad and my glass in her on the rugged. Because he wanted his darkened that the dogs. I admit I don't think in little month. Her side no announced. Again if you monster. And large monitor and I love. It was painful I cried a little spot I had glass door once I turned it I didn't see it I swear it looked like you it was open. Don't go outside and I'd literally raining it was bunny and hit a glass door is it not be helped out. Well I mean. I was completely out but I was dazed enough I was lying on the floor I rain into this thing full speed the lucky it didn't break it cut my head off for zombie no he had. DC another little girl diet excited hi Debbie downer here another little girl died in by a a blend those dressing room glass things broken. You know items Amir I Amir. Nobody sees two years old and this is this happens a lot when just remind you when you take your kids you're dressing room or anywhere with those smears. There are only hung up by this for little things and they tossed the wall and then they it's. That. Well for the apple employees according to 911 their saying hey look it may be a little bit too hip for the room this building is so pristine the glass is so clear. And the entire buildings hit ABC in the building. The entire building his glass. I think is still catch up tired tonight. Or I'm applying. I don't know there but he got that big roof over the top of it to kinda keeps it shield and guess from the silent but nevertheless people walking into the last night when one vehicle. Are they are they want to make got some are did you see you creepy thing that's happened with those girls and I phone. About its aluminum and finally I creepy. Air drop at the airdrop danger you ever figure out my air drop. OK so listen here's a guy wants a hearing this a woman in Texas was chased by MA and all because of her I phone and she had the airdrops hang on. I guess a 45 year old woman was at a gas station. And dat when she left she really says some guy I was following air all of a sudden your phone Serb ring in and he's like yeah me. Any any knew her name. And he knew all the studies I. Slow Whitey pull low brow or talk to you was just freaking out. And then her daughter was with their her daughter found on her opponent police station they told injured police station the guy took cost. But they think because that. Air dropping was on Anna Mae and got within Bluetooth range of birth phone so her name in her photo popped up on his phone. And now all her information that's how I contact his or. This makes and so. Let's let me hitting don't sit no no no no no I'm not there as an SE or the story is going but it doesn't exist because I don't think. If I've got air drop on in I'm right next to somebody this year air dropped I think last stuff pops upon their phone I think you have descended to. It says while airdrops function is to receive photos and other files. It would allow anyone running air dropped near her to see what ever device name she had a ascent on her phone which might have include their name. I could never get it to work here and idling I can have an idea. And we're figure it out so what is it supposed to do. It's just a way to view sharing stuff without having to go through texting or anything else it just basically takes a large file an audio file an apple. You can just. Drop it down to somebody. And that no I'll email. No I that's what I'm saying instead of using email instead of using texting this is much faster. And more instituting I think I've. Tell each other people's phones yeah they're never to do that touchy touchy beg your your current estimate addicted. I guess I've heard you that you can't bait folks yeah even figure out how to get help see this is their dribble shoot discrete. That's airdrop well I don't know that just throws up on somebody else's fault. Yeah I don't have a problem need neither way either way it's terrifying because her phone is ringing she's even at gas station she's being so that's creepy. I leave the best. I. Like some dudes found and also my phone rings he Jamie. What do you do when I'm right behind Jack I saw the F gas station it's like I am little. Treat. I don't know I talked to us just an okay no I want the right to act the. And more on Alex I.