BJ & Jamie: Are we working on MLK or not. 1/12

Friday, January 12th

BJ & Jamie are trying to get to the bottom of MLK day.. Sean says he did speak to the boss about taking Monday off and he said yes take it off it is a company holiday. BJ really wants to work and Jamie does not, She want to go to the mountains. Bj feels guilt.     


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Vijay endgame in charge of we brought something up here just few minutes ago you know earlier this morning before Jimmy got here you and I were talking we're talking about Monday being Martin Luther King Day. As far as from the worker night. She is something by me while you where else eligible for food. You were out there of looking around which she wrote for really good point it would like its bottom yet. OK so here's my question you Sean because I have not talked to the boss about Monday okay about Martin liquor king day but it appears as if you have. Well we had a very quick brief conversation about I need earlier deals out I need to know details. How'd it go what was said what was the body language I need to know how win. It's in here's why I'm okay because in the past their peak years that we work I mean they're big years in it was asked that we worked. And then there's been years that we have been. Not to work yet. That we haven't caught on to. Sell him on the fence like he can come here to commemorate the place of Martin's routine drops probably you could make great. All are you kidding. Observe and take the day off and which feels more respectful in my opinion well. I'll ask don't get right it's right to see the extent that's what you're worried about with it seems like take a leg up seems far more respectful to the king. OK Jamie yeah Gary regularly Erica yes I seem and just are it's how did I so take just that moment where he's on the box. OK so that's what happened and I was here Tuesday to our home exercise that we played some best lives and I was here. And we've gone through some lists we were talking and I said. As far as Monday in the list in the that. Music yeah just normal. That was it we just kind of glaze over just like that you are and a good. Two to but the least you said none of us. Here's our fear. They fear. Yes he did not with the I after they came. What is in the perception to the applause and to the people higher up here wouldn't that be changing rules suit on any given to into their out the apple adults don't like to work and glad of that you know look at it around the place the people you want to wreck each you know that part mark. Either coming. Let's. I feel like I have an advantage to that was picked for the innovation team. So I stay later during the days. To an inmate you know right side like I Marty perceived as a at one hell of a worker aren't getting any younger you pick it up. So we just a lot like we ought to know like you piecing courage to think so they brought it up for certain we get due to get to it again I said that I go ahead and put together a list for Monday for MLK and the yet he's okay by Seattle it's a no no no no but you missing it. Sean you said it did lose Johnson would've brought it up I did I hear you let him you'd let him to believe the genie had already come to you exit port a Workman. He's the best way comes arsonists when he came and asked yes wicked now when I shall. Let's see I would didn't excellence don't jawed so what we want rage is golf gods they really want to work on Monday here's what agents and producers. They've really want to work on Monday but I know it would be respectful if they did yes well yes I set lied to him what you have are the pop pop pop out it's not like. I just truthful it's. How can. Sometimes he I don't these isolated I should have done it more like hey. The BJ Jamie is such hard workers they are probably gonna wanna work on Monday out of respect to the king but should I go ahead and put together and that's exactly opposite what I said yeah yeah. She fits it. The skinny little me the worked so hard yeah they're planning on being here too we encourage them to take the day off to out of respect out of respect for the team right and you put Dingell and Jeanne Gail rat like he cared about him he would not want them here right right if you love the king and then. Not the right. So I. If you believe what you live there rational cost you can always. His access. And I don't feel like your statement with him had our backs him and he makes it feel like they were crucial so how do you wish apps with the. Well. I believe since we had taken last year off we bold kind of funds you know with an unspoken between two of the accident assumed it would be the same answer. I think that's a good idea and I saw really should just go with tradition. And I thought and that I just figured you guys are so traditional. And give me actually in the mountains yes I think ultimately mountains it's Goldman or they don't. We're going to stimulant and them. She doesn't do do we got to acquire. I think it's going to be Mike I feel like I said he's going to be a mess Monday no I think though is if we have that I did it and summer is working in the breaking in the mountains. A feeling him in the business of printing in the. Not only that because of the weather too because we had no self again now they're getting snow so this is a weakened to go get to board on yen extra you know yeah so I think Dick coming back on Monday's going to be a man. I mean. I was appeared on the go just few weeks ago in it again natsios a bit up through the easier. But or over the past a season and the traffic coming back is a mad house yeah you know kid if he makes the trip not even worth the. I Nadal I know because you descending there is awful now here's the thing I feel like you're a little kid about school. A cure that can. I go back smartly picking day I feel like you really really really wanna work. Monday. I didn't because I feel like you have work guilt. I do get where you shouldn't I really do that you shouldn't I really didn't pierce I'm familiar serious and now I'm seriously I would much rather be here right. I really would and I wouldn't and so I'll tell. I doubt it though you have to get over your grown and now you have to realize life is more than just your duck. Yeah you know you have to really thought it was more than that do not but so you have to take those like DEQ. School guilt. That weird thing like even in if you're sick. And knew this day at work you'll gladiator ask has it Igor is Clinton's day yeah I know isn't your brain that will allow you did I feel like. Actually write a program that way that I just in my head I feel like that cheating some. Yeah I'm cheating the company who writes and I got to beat every four bit and I'd I'd do have painted. That's that mental health days and they want you to eagle and have a life. They do they did and they what you did I don't think our people don't think anyone is here. I understand. It going to have a light don't have this guilt about the death may and in the job like gold and let's do something together menial. I'm gonna work a ha ha ha ha well I'll. I hope it don't take our broad policy. An article. Oh I'd. Be happy. Having to look but also it it's a free day in Dallas celebrate the keen eye you know. You. Did right. I knew how to swing a golf club let's go to the rain on my way so we are gonna teach you not eat sushi. Makes me happier to work out. I would be happy to. The change we see more on Alex I.