BJ & Jamie - Arianna Grande concert attacked 5/23

Tuesday, May 23rd

Tradgedy struck the UK last night when a lone bomber attacked an Arianna Grande concert.

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Vijay and Jamie. You crazy Jane Jane Norton Seattle AM and then produce the show on film and from BJ at and LT what is it like at the fifth. I let let's let's just had this so quickly because it's too depressing actually talk to them for a while. I am last night thinking she didn't know last night in Manchester England. I am an Ariane gotten grinding concert there was a bomb and explosion. And it appears to be I am not sure that you know because this happened in the evening last night they didn't have any information it to be one of those nail bombs. Because there are a lot of lower extremity injuries and so that they're saying that might have been when those nail bombs family is. As he left a ploy a guessing who call of the concert. We act have some audio from some it was filming the concert doing go to that one for. The app and so this is the audio from inside the Arianna grinding cancer by the way. Thus far they're reporting 22 people dead and over fifty injured parted. Well maybe yeah. So that was from inside. The concert was just. Awful because nobody knew what happened and then panic. Happened and so we have 20000 people in this stadium and so 20000 people are now pay an aching which you know you're worried about people traveling each other and then came an abundance speaker instead it was belittled stopping and not to panic which maybe that was the right thing to do I don't know because they all had those pink big pink balloons. And so they were telling people don't panic it's just a blue popping but I've reason whether it. Arianna grounding made the statement she she is she's fine yet. She said that they they rush up the stage she said I'm sorry marriages broke and she also has canceled the rest of her tour. Which you know are we salute the European tour just the whole thing in the confusion and here's what's the worst about the whole thing is that. All these parents were waiting for the kids to exit the shout yeah. It was a lot of unattended kids and their parents standing there waiting for their kids to come out so yeah of parents injured and then their kids can't find a man kids injured and then the parents can't random. Here's actual news the official news report about that whole deal. Breaking news out of Manchester England a deadly blast outside an air or ground they concert killing at least 22. Injuring at least 59. Police treating this as a terrorist incident the leading theory of suicide bomber. Around. I said he went to the gov is. His daughter. And he said he was thrown thirty feet by the explosion. He was going down the stairs and out of some annexing knows he was thrown thirty feet. He says their bodies everywhere and an island in the apartment. Anyway. And I guess this for your kind of spills out into the train station as well it's the second largest train station there the bright and so you've got just travelers to that were I think affected by this. I don't then they obviously shut down the trades enemies stand there but I will say that why did news let's do one good news about as even though there's nothing good about. It's as the people of Manchester England have opened up their homes to legal standard in the city and they flooded in under the hash tag room for Manchester. And it says people are offering rooms for the night rides home to people caught up in the attack continues to drain. Hotels offered free rooms and some cab drivers even turned up their meters while that's decent so that's yes that's what it is I don't know how many come. My son I actually do better off the air questionnaire watch I am like tears just coming down my eyes to what's what's round mum. You know I guess when you're little if it's not really happening to you can't have empathy when you're driving wreck because it's outside your world right and I am just like. It's okay it's you know it's gonna be all kids out on the menu there it's just awful just absolutely awful are right so anyway. That's going on in the world of refinance any more information anymore deet does Lou Latina speech in the importance. Alex I.