BJ & Jamie: Asteroid and WhatsApp. 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th

This could be our last show because of a giant Asteroid that could swing by earth tonight that is the size of the Empire State Building.. later tonight or this morning the Asteroid will go by or went by Earth.. We all think the same thing that it’s just a matter of time before we are hit again. So People are worried about Elon Musks car could fall to Earth. WhatsApp is an app and BJ heard that there could be dirty things going on there.   


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Vijay and Jeremy Allison 1059 BJ NG new morning show. This might be. Our last show. We could all went to the UN it was a fun time don't you think it was good it doesn't. I was like I have no life for love or in the I ever now mode where he Liu. Blood yeah I had bad days but. I've mostly loved it too mostly mostly mostly mostly. Yeah Spain produced show on love yes and London. And thought. Not favor anybody cut but it. Who won the banks but they treatment of it looked fabulous life I would say is predicting darn excellent was good rounds where he defund. Tonight an asteroid. Will come close to earth mean in fact they're saying intentionally. Hazardous. I think we have some body element but we do now should did you get audio court it is not art of Philadelphia I think not just a second hour. It's set giant asteroid 22 seconds Wednesday march 7. Let's listen. NASA's Osiris Rex spacecraft is on a mission to and asked drew the spacecraft is on its way to the asteroid known as venue. I'll attempt to collect samples from surface to see that contains any molecular precursors for lightning Bennett and may someday make a closeup of sugar. It could even be on a collision course there are several centuries from now. Osiris Rex is expected to reach venue in August of 2018. August. Wait that's the story about a satellite that's going to a giant asteroid. Which is not I deal that is associated with these Empire State Building size. Asteroid that really destroy us and the other do you look for that hey thanks it's there's so many of them but that we're getting confused I guess that's wrong while and no we're not confused. But yet but we're not I'm this is awash in the end that is if there's any asteroids he didn't know which averaged one but the but chuck Peterson way it works for the Astra. Odd chug your thought it was me did I just fully explain how worst restaurant if this would hits tonight we don't have to worry about that when the when an odd. I don't know I am so you take the walk and that's the most it's important which is the one that's here now tonight. Or late tonight yet it's tonight what time let's say we need this. 515. Ari need. That 53 when this is this morning mainland. What says tonight once says this bone in right. This is wolf my past earth on Wednesday night as it not as does. Dowdy here it says expected to pass within 900000 miles at 753. Yeah. What. All my god they can't get their story. And you know hazard if things and I I I I AM on the same. Pages you. Which is one of these days. Warren savage dies not going to be that there has been attacked with our award of these nights you've got to figure what are the odds I mean you're firing bullets and hers. Right. That's getting an incident might at some point one of these have to make landfall. I don't under stadium like there's meteors sites you know meteor holes in Arizona. What's the difference in the meteor rolls an asteroid holes. The big guy they're bigger. Which one yes sure that's much bigger now can I guess this is assesses the empire state put an end that's kind of something that didn't just pretty that's the story don't. I used seeing that somebody is warning that Elon Musk car up there that's now space junk. That could wreck other satellite said that he would. We said that day water. That this car. You put a car in space a that's person driving the car is a Downey. That's our real person you know that right right OK what stops him from runny space red light. And ramming into something else. Like a satellite we said it. They warned that it adds the scientists are saying that was really dumb to put the him. Until then Tesla there because it space junk that is harm under. Things up there even astronaut when I don't know what the saints but I got another text a private message from somebody. Said that they work with Elon Musk since his since his brother and older you Annie is the sweetest guy on the planet. Yeah I'm sure he's a nice guy who Kimball news they said Campbell is the nicest guy in the trees nice guy is right. I remember when that the car up there with the space program would not eat them and now we sit and they want says hey what he might not let me tell you call. Us because Elon Musk if you think about this guy keep fighting it's all kinds environmental stuff but it brought space junk up there mixed docents. You're worried about the oceans we throw cards face when Digisette. Moon day one of the once. It is day two. Nobody was able to do I really do have heard of an app called what's happened yes. They're naughty things going on and then at how well I don't. I remember you woman yeah no I'm not on the and I think her shenanigans going on who I I would have you heard urges hurt me when I just heard this thing called watts yes. I might be dead rock and I don't know what to do what's that you know I again went up talking about the shenanigans of wetness shenanigans are being heard now. Since day one more conscious. Nudie pictures do all kinds what where he heard yeah rumors I've heard all kinds of stuff. Lots of app I'm just saying what's hap. Watts cap. Could then what is it what is it what's going on on the there is some is it is to drive their veils that as crazy. He's just you don't think everybody's on the minimum. John are you looking at what's happened. I Am Legend and it must now I'm not finding any of the shenanigans you've mentioned I'm. And seeing a changing it and you know the Eaton earned a sour forty priest got busted down there call them about that well well. Tired out Iraqi world if forty priest used to it ice it to be what apple and center of this. The guide the gay guy that since. The Vatican and the watch apt. Pages of these forty priest he busted it. All right Harry a gay escort. So 43 Scheyer dissembling again so floor and guys it's 43 is locked into a big. House that simulate what he talked about this guy's on what's happened. This the escort guy and he heard over his watch cap everything that's been going on their shenanigans I call it. He turned it over to the Pope. The game into the he gave it to the pulp and how that is one gives something to the Pope and the maturity issue. And well. Got some support here never gonna watch that of course the Pope did know can I tell you one thing I did see that it was crazy I saw none panties. None handy I and so. I was enrolled. At the data and island is little weird wind at the Vatican are getting weird window they should of what did. And over across the way there are none peonies hang in on line. Not. Thirty. You know what that those aren't the pain he's chosen bloomers unlike other so big yet you don't even call those pay any Dell but it was crazy into the picture of emptiness like. Police still have the picture yeah it's. Yes I don't know why it was not immediately you know I don't want to I don't want it. Forty priest 43 somebody knocked on the bulbs door you and said well it's it pays ABC what's at. He said no moon which talking about David Toobin and in the rectory forty. Our bust. I'm just saying OK did I saw that I saw another store with a what's and I just think it. That's that's an app that not look didn't do yet that I think some when he stops to win yeah. There appears that way that your like Joey you by the story. I did find a story that a hotel the apps name anywhere and at what CN. I can't connect. Unlike. Did you get into weekday mornings are now. I ice.