Bj & Jamie: Attention, attention everyone, Bj has a couple consumer alerts for us!! 4/4 (AUDIO)

Tuesday, April 4th

Bj tried the black mask and hated it!! Says that he will never do it again and urges consumers not to buy it!! After her tried the mask...he got a pimple. And he says his face feels scaly! Also warns us about the vibrator with built-in camera, easy hack!!!

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VG NG game a couple things I've got a a couple of consumer alerts for you to like here. I'm glad that you're Tennessee ended the mask company that is one yes yes he aware of the game is going off what you guys have listened edgy year and that that black mask. Charcoal masked slash whatever it is that we tried yesterday here on the show very successful as a PR stunt. Because we didn't like 191000. Years I think we reached over 600000. People so very successful but look at this what you told me yesterday remind you are and how big old fat steak in temple I. What it would blow up yeah I've seen as it amid bigger than my eyeball days. And in this out of my face it's gotten little steely. Appeal to augment my skins did or something. I decided to back to normal but decided here it's like. I don't know fish steals or something really yeah just from the Terkel Matt Drudge should be aware of that stuff so I'm have you had a break out. I know I've had no ill effects at all in my face Digital's new feels nice and sign the Hogan content guys that tackle mask from Taiwan like yeah yeah enjoyed. I sing hey there. I would harm washed up moisturize sided mobile game didn't do it again again does and he saved your bottle I gave mine away. Nominates an item number my life and are gonna do together and I am reimbursement would be great yeah oh yeah I gotcha well. There early twenty's Auburn back in Meehan. I'll bring him back in idle and it. I don't want it should yeah. Yeah analysts say analyzes they actually dollars here's the other the other consumer alert to resist adult. But. Boy you know there. That has a camera on it PM. There Ohio why. Why anybody would get yards and well in case one of video. Didn't take good video tape video watch. Is very disturbed at all is but okay. Good luck when. Not so are you like are are you get videotaping your cat and zealot we're doing here often. Yeah yeah yeah. I don't really need it seemed like. No I know you've gotten a bad idea and you know some people live from Yahoo! you know I guess there's a market out there because I don't you videotape when you get AM. Cool add cool Colin you're asking yeah they don't they didn't do that little camera yeah. You can either videos but what does he. Yeah by the picture out on the ground up not just simply with the endoscopy my body of the and to get on William Joseph to all your friends and things so that shouldn't well. This is the same thing I can get it it's high tech it's 250 dollars and here it is game in carrier picture would look out Wi-Fi is up to your TV normally hit now. Only watch it much can real download the app that you could you know Clinton be your card watch if you want to you know just go back and watch the video wasn't the only day the it's called the hello welcome most welcome twilight. The Volcom slime idea. Slowing my via a slime lie in student fifty dollars this'll get more camera on it will feel like I started this was consumer alert okay right. The experts say an edited experts are for the you know why put the camera on it because the camera. The way it was built means specifically to be hacked. There are people that developed this that are watching. They're sitting where they are invade tapped into Europe camera and Merrill were cheering me. They're watching my uterus yeah equipment out yet how this yeah it's good guys play well now. But they adult they put a warning out don't buy this high tech gadget. Because his high tech gadget is being hacked it was built that way because some people got her job is from that. You know sobered jolly he's. I don't know how else to describe it fits that. You can watch my uterus to cook. Now it's funny because I guess we're watching the news and there was that a man on I like I let me and I know to play drive over there somewhere. And that they said that he's exposed this sounds like several times in the area the FIA made a joke to myself that might not get the car and go to what I. If you did what I'm gonna see that things like gotta get it should look at the guys exposing himself and he's it would. Why would do that I listened to the pervert is disgusting he's gross but I think he gets in. She didn't let the word this activity is down. Gusting is the Berber. Write that down on your fingers pointed at Brigham jolly and they never got door didn't really want to do as well. If you bought this little war device or with a camera on it in order to get your own jolly easily within other people watching. I dollars in like the word waste a pick that you do it. The John is it just goes literally in a weird way I could tell it seems like a funny word to me yeah yeah just funny but it leaves saying okay. And I know that there are worse ways to restart with ticket I. Yeah just make it's a pretty. Decent galleries from the anymore. Each inch. And more on Alex I.