BJ & Jamie: Avicii Verne and Barbara all died last week jamie worried she could be next 4/23

Monday, April 23rd

Avicii passed away over the weekend, he was 28 yrs old and he died of Alcohol poison, Verne Troyer also died from alcohol and depression. And of course Barbara Bush passed away and her funeral was this weekend. Jamie is worried she had bunch of beers over the weekend.     


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Vijay and Jamie so. It's the music of DJ and. It's correct or. How good they get 28 years old man. I know a person that the same problem in and passed with 33 because of alcohol. It seems like hard to do. They also said Vern Seward Choi your as a Disney and a little guy. He also over the weekend them passed away due to alcohol poisoning. She's. Yeah I mean I am I. How do you drink yourself to death at twenty years old. Mean Clinton said at a for an updated 33 and that's crazy things is grace. You just let you dissent there and just keep drinking and these regulations just non stop just and you probably started like. Thirteen you know Danny Bonaduce is to tell me that he and a bottle injecting deals next day is am bag Whitney was and alcoholic run he'd wake up and take a big Swede who. I really via. That's how you do to stop the shaking that's how do you do it again I guess he said he would be shaking so violently when he woke up because legacy is sober is seizures of and so we had exacting to imagine. You guys like weekend for me I wake up and I want water and that's what I like the big drink what can you imagine waking up your mouth are ready so. Like that changes and downed some G act occur. Vern Troy here. I Anderson I can smell it and it's all right and rightly so yeah yeah you know. In effect. Bernard Troy here I understand how over a prolonged period of time. That you know he's 49 years old he's a little person. Where it could affect you differently. Are other health problems too. I did hear this but getting to that condition at 28 years old like this DJ of the cheek I don't understand that at all that social. It is sad I mean I know his lifestyle to listen is a DJ in the clubs every single night. And Sheridan you know it's always alcohol and Alex. And that you can't get away from it may be I don't know I like gee do other drugs and it's like he take a breather you. You don't drink and then maybe do some drugs and any drink and then maybe do some drugs you know I don't know about that talent in those lifestyles. Yes crazy now. Tapped in obviously things happen in three story of Barbara Bush she passed away her name is Barbara barber program bush yes he passed away that he got the DJ guy. And then you got burned. Though some say edges Texas examiners have seen someone die at the age of 23 from alcohol abuse. I know what happens it's just hard to fathom. Think you can get in that position and that young of age I understand elect has said. When people get to be 5060 years old your body just can't take it anymore that make sense. But a 2321. Wow. Our actions to hardcore bands but until a little guilty. Well I had a bunch of the global talks. Over the weekend. So we're from X. No. You don't teach you're gonna die of Nikola. You. Kind of like don't you think you're gonna be okay did you see that video I posted that guy's house with all those beer can't idea. But you well I said that Adam. I decide on on the east looks a decision and Steve you don't see anything else you'll see furniture you don't see anything he sees dear okay. And you have to go to our FaceBook page will re posted again. It's this woman and she used to rent this apartment and she's going to see what down kind of damage that I moved out would I damage was done it to rebrand it. She walks and you guys and it's literally whose feet have appeared to me he's in every room right. And in the bathtub everywhere else I think four like the text into it a blond doll. And a blue dot so that it happened and I'm glad to know. The latest it takes about 23 she's a nurse or whatever ending you've got DO DG of Ichi in twenty years old that passed away. Think he can do it on beer you don't they talk. I don't think these people I don't think they did it on beer I know I I think that the I don't think you've got to hold that much beer I. I don't mean I had quite a few Saturday night I think it's got to be like hard core they're doing drugs probably with heart out all. I guess I'm not I global just I think cobalt for you go to beatle thing on the diet Malcolm does that mean to be open but I think even. Yeah. As we limit global journey not a language admitting it at each inch every morning. And Alex I.