BJ & Jamie: Back Yard chickens are killing everyone. 10/20

Friday, October 20th

Chicken Danger!! 1,100 people in America have come down with salmonella due to holding and snuggling their chickens because they are not pets they are farm animals. Sean seems like he might be over his chickens and BJ says they should just go drop them off at KFC!

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Vijay and Jamey boy oh boy Shawna we talked about Roger back this morning let me start reading that senator ago. Bill Gabriel is a healthy fourteen year old football player in Pennsylvania. When he begin to fill soreness in his chest agreeing priestly painful. After his breathing became difficult doctors detected a massive appeared to be a tumor I don't know. It's up their cell is dying Intel tests identified the cause not cancer. No not cancer at all no tumor but Jenkins chickens. Champion's check and shaken she got chicken in his lungs. Eight dead chicken is prized as severe abscess in his lungs they say should continue backyard McGwire it's. Deadly Sean. It's deadly multi Warner. Heard trend of raising backyard chickens the United States of America and suburbs is bringing with thick as soaring number of elements is from poultry related diseases. Sean has had his chickens for how long how long should on gosh god my two years and that more how regular people in your neighborhood it's died. Because my tickets yeah I homicidal tickets. Yeah chickens are killers holy. Yeah race of the event in March Lieberman. Since January more than 1100. People have contract that have gotten. Salmonella from the chickens and in the backyard there you go they're nasty they're dirty because. And distraction. I don't know the warning showed up this morning it's from and the Associated Press the same. There are a lot. A large factor to the surge is from people like shot swallows who hunt and snuggle and kiss their their chickens. Like their pets these are not. Are not excellent awareness and they're not for snuggling up note to be eaten teenage attached of feathers and de. And brushed aside your shoes and your clothing. I suggest you round up those chickens today and you take a moral decay of seat drop them off so they'll take a good they'll take a delta and didn't just not only does not. And died in a drop off and clean up that backyard it's still contaminated I think about this you know I I I am I don't actually believe that people are dying from the chickens but I guess people could be but. I do think about the dust in there when I'm cleaning the coup and because there's a lot of mouse group in there is a lot of other stuff associated with it. The that I do worry about your cleaning up mouse put the catch at Tampa he gets. Snakes in the neighborhood because they love and you disarray and Whitney Klinger I don't Wear it even a dust mask and I think about it. This floating around but you don't believe. This story. Says so many people have she accused I I just yet they're saying because so many people who have chickens is a huge problem you know that's a problem he. He put. The popular. Henry Logan a popular trend and raising battered Michigan the United States American suburbs is. Bringing with it he's soaring number of illnesses. You have. But chickens have been around in the families for a thousand of them actually are yeah. Might hit. Had concentration have a client hedge against the weeding going to item level right now. Difference yes he did live in a neighborhood where you're a duplex he got a neighbor like four steps down and you know as I mean we're talking about chickens are you out on farms. Where you're on the middle of nowhere where it doesn't spread but now coming into the cities and when you get them into your backyard in the city that's the problem. In Paris you already killed a couple of neighbors are juror and I'm sure. And I live in only about a 150 fly from a day care here's the Fella I've got a truck. And all you know it's got what do those on liners on all of the cup over the top you have to work yet so we can stuff the chickens in their underwear to tailgate up move. Run of over a tipsy today a drop. Who lost her over anyway open Tilden little bill Xia my. One of those things that you get it and like this is a bad idea I haven't picked up a chicken in months I'll ask I haven't I got there and I felt some food and and if you're over on I haven't had eight in weeks so I don't know they're not laying or at I've got to rat probably in orbits a apostle. Going into the neighborhoods Heatley and Leon have that thing in life or like what was and Alia we have got into it got into deep. The yeah I remember everybody remember the day though when. When you would grab one of the chickens kisses on the beach taking it in the house that was on Azteca and up to sit on the part of it and then you take it to the house to blow dry tasks of and I do and then EG two video anybody would act now I'm don't have these chickens for years now. I don't know of the average against the idea and then losing feathers. They're sick animal and you sit halting they blame must mull a lot biggest. You always tell them all seems like one albums small thing all the time. Should these cells like these limited disease and the. Handle it just didn't. Is Salmonella and that yeah. Mario and you see today dropping those suckers are you Zimbabwe the truck I'm gonna save lives in your neighborhood to the picnic bag with the such an important. I.