BJ & Jamie: Bad Mic Twitter Uber thief Seans son. 11/8

Wednesday, November 8th

Shoot Bj keeps turning on Jamie’s bad mic so he is going to tape over it.. he had to tape his shower yesterday so he is ready for more taping. The boss told him his house is so old it may have asbestos. Yesterday Twitter changed the amount of characters you can post.. it was 140 but now it is 280. Twitter could go away after Trump gets out of office.      


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Vijay and Jamie. Morning show all there's the static sorry sorry. What do I need to do. Yeah I got from east and take your dog ate some electrical. Oh there he is there a year ago period that's going to be a problem yet so Sean we take out the other it is abuse tape. Okay there's some tape the tape and no one that you usually do because I know it's out of habit yeah bandanna. And then that we will turn now yeah I'm not gonna keep down one that amusing. And I would not cool but haven't. And take my shower last night so I'm I'm in he mode right now redeeming you take too far where I a guy come Olmert take a look at it sings doc. Yeah team over because of got Kyle that's coming out some mold getting in Iraq. I've got to get fixed right so he should Gartner which paid to do we need to push people for that. Here's read about it so I think this might got that seal whatever sealed well I haven't slept steals for example the that's my favorite yeah. That's it would really work over that I was so close to Biden so not long ago I wish I would have bought this yeah. Dyslexia taping you're Shalit front lived in real nice it will go down gentiles. Do you realize you can cut a boat and then you can use that tape you can seal up that boat you can use out of the water and it was a screen and act carried over taped and the floor. You know I have felt moratorium does that put the good to hear in the box number as yesterday and I done got this problem I got Tyler coming up in the shower I enrolled in there and did our buses what year was your house bill would you like in the eighties it. Our mosques like. You have is still all right. Any deputy was a very eclectic and up it. It makes me more give Emil. I was a really nice check out of that. Older now he gave let's let the. Amendments that it was you there is up and what it is here. Idea guys in there probably is 20 well probably. More than likely it's that someone somewhere deep and sat there while I'm on the road to getting it picks up again we're gonna be good read good and as for your microphone microphone I've got it to Alter the Sony is we run the static anymore know how. We're going to be that's a great to sign it yesterday. I'd like to call it they GB site. Twitter Cheney's side yesterday. What does that mean let me say doubled the characters. In 140 can now be 280 it's official it's Janie died I get that you can say hit but I just update. I 'cause Jenny Wright so is tax receipt yeah I dare write real context I will say and what are all I do is read tweets I don't read anything so send this they ruin Twitter. Because the beach in long yeah because so the beauty of Twitter was you see it in 140 characters or less it was use quicken in in you put it out there and if you want re tweet or read do another week AT&T but a 140 was why. Yes it doesn't really help me what they should do is we're taxing nations and more characters because I can't get enough for that. But dead Greeks and we had a bad Tweeter until I disagree tweet ever do is. And that real rigid. With the Twitter stuff when it comes to Twitter I antique ones and Donald Trump is out of office. They're in trouble agreeing so if you're holding stock with Twitter and you think that things could really take off at some point I don't think so everybody's moved to snap chat yet and everybody's got to understand champ car. Alison who has not and no technical GG yeah she's like you gotta get on snapped Jack I'm. Or even though humans more. And FaceBook so popular instant Graham and this becomes more popular than you realize that these re okay but I think twitters gonna go away after trump. Yeah I go to this go to galway for the for the average. Citizen. The average consumer I think the stars the news agency still still use it but it's not going to be where. We're we are yeah. What is that I. And I turned on Twitter account and it came on camera and I don't mean I don't know maybe got the periscope wants them where I Airese but the two to eighty yesterday who owns. Yellow so I'm looking at dad the Twitter feed and not a lot of people heard dar did. Posting we're not really learn things. And I'm just like and is nobody's nobody's post anything longer than like to sentence them. It's made that won't make a difference I mean I turned to save of the nothing's happened so far. Sure I thought a view yesterday did you see that video of the lady that stole from the amber a tip jar I shared did that was you have pal about US a victim rhyme Diaz in your car. Well I had a couple water sitting in that same spot in my cart is that a couple right there and death. When the lady got out on Saturday she stuck a five dollar bill right in my couple water. And I thought that was weird lights he do that now I'm thinking maybe a lot of drivers had little tip Jim I didn't think about that he had never seen one neither did she discuss upside dollar bill ram a couple water now as Aqua. Different I was gonna tell you maybe should make a pretty when you know I had to go to Michael's make arts and grab. It's a great yeah it was pretty prominent nominees try again on Friday should you should pay like us slogan on the light hit you cheap bastard. Look like. Well should not ask Jerry M Ray-J activity give you money. I get outcome eleven some little better than that the best typically is the answer singular authority and the desire. Are bad guys who get picked yeah yeah. There's no bad ideas here no happily score cards do work out perfect and a half buttoned up with a anyway I. Yeah I took pity cashed it totally acceptable and give cash sheds tents. Every time you know and again that was a brand never seen a jar I thought the tip. Was on the feet. None you can you add the tip that the into the right either on the app or you just give it cats are you gotta get a job I got it John you can't argue worked yesterday I did for about one minute yeah. Yeah that's what I from here at home cooked up I'm not turn on the captured on that and then I just aren't headed Holman and nobody did yeah yeah and the shot shows the driving privilege to the past couple days system makes history come and stay out of the house the most part right yup do you sticker on the back your cart I duke. You know I had not notice when you can't have it on there and list your app is on Senna as soon as I turn my app bop I take stickers off. Follow all the rules or gas. About yesterday because you know you're not getting a lot of rides never found that the people that have V. Rental cars there's again. The bottom of the barrel in the list were exactly right I am at the bottom of the Q so you get pinned glass so I was seeing it. We put you out where nobody is asking for rides normally legged friend in town or something. You know way out there and I listen daily. Sick Ilia yeah I'm you know differences weren't people though. Because where you are here at the bottom of the keel as you put that the lions they call I know and and yes the bottom of the line and end here you can never get me right because so many drivers around their so that's yeah yeah. Football either a lot of people in the booties that need to lift does the F collection you know Ottawa you sit out their prowess I'm not doing an. That's good opponent might get a rise by at least he's got freaked out. Hot ipad's beautiful list I can see in the fall foliage the ruling you know yes. Twenty minutes I'll turn it on our new way home yesterday you got no beings now. And now and so that I just went home and perhaps there hired her because what eight years. He's great get real good at that college duty. An hour as they get to be of professional player now Alina gist you know. Wasted time until he goes back to work yeah yeah so yeah. And the captain please call of duty I am a big old giant TV doesn't he go back toward actually supposedly is leaving Saturday and I can bounce this. And there she is she played with and there's a woman Clara only welt sometimes played together and sometimes displays. That's his growth was an Iranian government uses video planes keyboard and aides did she breaks jewelry on web site via video play in skateboarding buddies with that skateboarding and dignity in that capacity and that's they named Alicia always should last forever it's as if he definitely does it get kids toward a video game connection. You're at your goal they can colleagues relies together. I. Are you realize they're gonna have a duty call way out of these Somalis. Yeah massacre instructor they particularly. Cool running. And what Al soul Pacific that's an important on Alex. I.